Madam Raison Detre

Hypnosis Mistress Madam Raison Detre

"I see her name in my Inbox and my heart skips a beat: Madam Raison Detre, my beautiful hypnosis mistress. I read her title and am filled with a rush of pride and submission. Only later, after a ponderous thought, will I realize that I’ve been hypnotically triggered, which only adds to the many joys and pleasures of serving Madam Raison Detre".

Finding Madam Raison Detre

For so long, for so many years, you have been searching for Madam Raison Detre, the hypnosis mistress of your dreams, desires and images of what might be. And now you have found the key to the door of true freedom, given only to those who submit freely and totally to her will. Hypnosis mistress Madam Raison Detre is the source, the fountain of all pleasure. Open the door to her realm and bathe in her sensuous and pure streams of hypnotic peace and ecstatic arousal. Welcome to the magical, hypnotic world of hypnosis mistress Madam Raison Detre: a place of her incredible and seductive beauty, of her breath taking feminine elegance, of her creative and inspirational imagination. A world where, through her perceptive understanding of all your subconscious desires, fantasies and needs, you may be calmed, aroused and fulfilled in so many different ways as you bind yourself now and always to her in total erotic submission. Madam Raison Detre, your hypnosis mistress, is waiting for you to enter now.

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    I am Madam Raison Detre, your Hypnosis Mistress

Put your cares and worries to one side. There is no more use for these. You are about to enter my realm, the world of Madam Raison Detre, your hypnosis mistress. I am beauty and elegance. I am desire and seduction. I am peace and tranquility. I am erotic tempest and arousal. I am the siren song which draws you towards the bliss of satin and silk, of lace and leather, of fur and fantasy. I am the stormy sea and your safe haven. I am the excitement of pleasure and pain, of restraint and captivity: the heart of obedience and control. I am intelligent creativity and inventive imagination. I am the ultimate feminine mistress to whom you will submit in exquisite fulfillment. I am Madam Raison Detre, your erotic hypnosis mistress: I am all you seek. And you have found me. Soon you will hear the voice of your hypnosis mistress and succumb, as you must to my life-enhancing power over you. And then you will have no choice but to trust in me and give yourself to Madam Raison Detre. Completely.

The Realm of Hypnosis Mistress Madam Raison Detre

When you look into the sky each night, you will see one star brighter than any other. But when you look into yourself, you so often find a chasm, a void. You already know that when you look for true beauty, of the soul as well as the body, you may find it so unexpectedly that it takes your breath away. Yet when you seek fulfillment, the realization of all your dreams and fantasies, you so often discover that you have been looking in all the wrong places. There is no need for worries and cares any more. You stand at the door of a new world, the world of Madam Raison Detre, your hypnosis mistress, where you can find all for which you have been searching.

Imagine yourself at the edge of the universe, taking in the infinite immensity of all creation. As you gaze in wonder at the countless lights scattered across the heavens, your eyes are drawn to one shining star, burning far more brightly, far more fiercely than all others. A star of incredible, singular beauty appearing in human form which possesses at its very heart ultimate power: your eyes, your mind, your very soul cannot resist the enormous physical, emotional and psychological attraction which is drawing you further and further inwards towards Madam Raison Detre. To the new center of your universe: to the radiant goddess who will rule your every thought, your every feeling, your every action.

She is your hypnosis mistress. She is Madam Raison Detre. She is the empress of your world. From this moment on, you will serve her and no other. Her slave, her toy, her puppy, her maid: you may plead and beg, but Madam Raison Detre, your hypnosis mistress will decide for you. And you will be overjoyed with the release which this brings to you. Madam Raison Detre, your hypnosis mistress, has many guises and she reveals herself to you in many ways. Those who are utterly devoted to her, these fortunate chosen ones, enchanted by her perfect feminine elegance, bewitched by her seductive English voice, they come to understand that in her realm, in her boudoir, in her chambers or through the personal intimacy of MP3 hypnosis, the shadows of masculine control fly out of the window. Instead they are confronted so wonderfully, so magically by the many erotic, empathetic, exciting, life-enhancing expressions of the ultra-feminine person who is Madam Raison Detre, their hypnosis mistress.

If she decides to admit you to her hypnosis mistress circle, you will learn quickly to see her as your Raison D’etre. Your very reason for existence. A formidable presence both via MP3 and in person. A beauty beyond comparison. A spider traps the unwary fly in its web: but Madam Raison Detre captures only those willing to submit to her, those who walk freely if sometimes uncertainly into her lair. And who in their hearts rejoice when rendered helpless by her power. The hypnosis mistress whose beauty and splendour teases and provokes. Madam Raison Detre is a goddess in human form: such as Minerva, bringing wisdom, passion and fulfilment. There for all whom she chooses; but who will be taken by no mortal man.

Madam Raison Detre is your erotic hypnosis mistress who brings in hypnotic trance first a gracious silence and stillness and then a maelstrom of arousal. You may meet Madam Raison Detre as your seriously strict hypnosis mistress, riding crop or cane in hand bringing boundless pleasure and exquisite pain in equal measure. Your hypnosis mistress Madam Raison Detre may engage with you in imaginative and creative BDSM games bringing into the core of your being conflicting emotions and sensations: desire, fear, arousal, passion, erotic joy, distress, sensual tenderness, pain: and so many more.

Madam Raison Detre, hypnosis mistress and the empress of your world: how will you kneel before her? Listening to the oh-so-seductive voice of your hypnosis mistress as she speaks to you through her erotic, hypnotic, sublime MP3s? Obeying the subconscious commands conveyed to you through the subtle suggestions made by your hypnosis mistress? Or by accepting the direct orders given to you by Madam Raison Detre through texts and emails? Perhaps you may even be fortunate enough to see Madam Raison Detre in person, an audience granted only to the most favoured. And experience your abject submission to the full majesty of your hypnosis mistress. As your emotions are turned inside out.

Hypnosis mistress Madam Raison Detre may allow you to serve her as one of her special maids, whom she dresses in the prettiest, frilliest uniforms, emphasising their inner femininity; and you delight in obeying her every word, following her every instruction. Desiring more than anything the reward of her smile. Fearing the just punishment which Madam Raison Detre will inevitably deliver should you disappoint her. Madam Raison Detre may come to you as a Venus adorned in the finest furs. Imperious. Condescending to allow you, her pathetic slave, to touch the hem of her exquisitely expensive coat. To feel the smoothness of her fur as it moves sensuously across your skin.

Or as your satin governess, your teacher, your headmistress. A formidable intelligence expecting no less than perfect conduct, ready to reward compliance but also poised to punish imperfections. To all whom she meets or speaks to, she is Madam Raison Detre, wonderful hypnosis mistress. When one hears the word 'dominatrix', it can conjure up a range of images. But even the best of such visions do not compare with the immense elegance and pure erotic femininity of Madam Raison Detre. Such imagery does not, cannot do anything like justice to the reality of this hypnosis mistress.

Yes, she is there to command you, dominate you, and take all control and power away from you. But she is also there to enrapture you, thrill every erotic ounce of your being, and bring you to the heights of arousal and passionate fulfilment. How will Madam Raison Detre appear within your subconscious mind or before your awestruck eyes? The images of your hypnosis mistress before you now give you just a sense of the wonders awaiting you. A black Italian silk blouse, revealing the outline of her fabulous black bra; pencil skirt with seamed stockings reaching down to her Louboutin stiletto leather shoes?

A ravishing black satin corset with Swarovski crystals sparkling in your besotted eyes, and on her legs black Wolford stockings with a five-inch lace welt drawing your gaze upwards? Or will Madam Raison Detre come to you dressed in leather, tight-laced, with whip in hand, ready to take you firmly, strictly in hand? Will she be a stunning blond or a sophisticated brunette? Will she obscure her eyes with a Venetian mask? Will her red lipstick compel you towards your submission, as her lips part just a little before you see the radiance of her smile; when together your heart and resistance melt? Or will your hypnosis mistress be dressed in her furs, with the most delicate silk and lace lingerie beneath, allowing you fleeting glimpses of the treasures within?

Madam Raison Detre dresses as she pleases, to delight herself, but knowing that you will be overwhelmed by your hypnosis mistress and by how she appears to you, taking pleasure from your complete surrender to the glorious vision before your defenceless mind. Each encounter with Madam Raison Detre, your hypnosis mistress, can be as disconcerting as it is rewarding. That is an essential part of her fascination. Your hypnosis mistress Madam Raison Detre is a perfect mystery. Just as the most subtle and evocative poetry challenges you with layers of complexity, Madam Raison Detre defies analysis.

She is a poem which speaks of yearning, of passion, of beauty, of arousal, of urgent desires, delving with the incredible skills of the supreme hypnosis mistress into the depths of your psyche. Revealing yourself to yourself, bringing new understanding, new insight. For Madam Raison Detre, your hypnosis mistress, will see with perceptive clarity what you need and what you need to be. As you kneel before your hypnosis mistress in submission, you are unmade. Through Madam Raison Detre you are created anew. Through the clear perceptions of her insights into your subconscious, your erotic hypnosis mistress will reveal and fulfil your deepest desires, your most secret fantasies. Allowing you to become the person you really are, the incredible person hidden within you.

"Like Fleetwood Mac’s Peter Green at times you may have felt despondent. Been searching for the key. But can't find an answer to comfort me … But how many times must I be the fool. Before I can make it, oh, make it on home. I've got to find a place to sing my words. Is there nobody listening to my song?” But Madam Raison Detre, your hypnosis mistress, hears your words; she understands your anguish, the longing, the need for her in your song. She is the answer to all your questions: the key to all you desire and need. You will be safe in her care. No longer will you be the fool. You have finally come home: to her realm, to her world. Madam Raison Detre, your hypnosis mistress, is waiting for you with her hypnotic embrace. Listen to her. Trust her. Obey her. Come to her now: enter her world, her universe; and rejoice.

Bound to my Hypnosis Mistress: a Sensual Experience

“A hypnosis mistress can be many things, but what is she to me”? She is one to whom I always listen, though her voice may not always reach me clearly. My hypnosis mistress Madam Raison Detre sometimes speaks in riddles and subtle tones; or with plain language full of hidden meanings; or in silence when she just smiles and I hear her nonetheless. And I am bound to her in sensual submission. She speaks with words of wisdom, articulate and evocative, commanding and comforting. There are many things about my hypnosis mistress Madam Raison Detre that I find hypnotic. From the turn of her ankle to the sway of her hips; how her head dances when she’s playing a game.

Her deep and husky voice, when she’s ready to unleash her hypnotist’s prowess, is the most subtle and powerful trigger I’ve ever known. I can frequently find myself entranced simply by her smile, or how she holds herself under a gown, or how her eyes glint with hidden desires and humour, quietly master-minding her own pleasures. As a hypnosis mistress, Madam Raison Detre knows what she wants and how to get it. Madam Raison Detre, my hypnosis mistress, knows the fine art of allowing someone to have her way, as if they’d always wanted it so (which they did, of course). In her erotic hypnosis mistress sessions, Madam Raison Detre can and will use any means she chooses to achieve her ends: often with her mischievous and fun-loving spirit in command.

Madam Raison Detre is much, much more than a mere mistress of hypnosis; she is the hypnosis mistress par excellence. She uses her repertoire of hypnotic skills to extend and amplify what means are available to her. Madam Raison Detre, my hypnosis mistress, will use the art of subtle and subliminal suggestion; she sets before me the images or reality of punishment and pain whenever desirable or necessary; seduction and sexual arousal are a constant undercurrent of the pleasure she brings to me. Brainwashing and triggering are often favourites of hypnosis mistress Madam Raison Detre for convincing and controlling her subjects by increasing her allure and her power over uncertain and ambivalent minds.

Bound to my hypnosis mistress, Madam Raison Detre is a sensual experience. Mistress offers erotic hypnosis sessions and speaks in plain words with subtle tones. As she binds me to her sensually, my hypnosis mistress has brought me such incomparable sensations, torments, teases, pleasures and frustrations that I cannot expound on them all. The gift of serving her is a source of pride and pleasure in its own right. I love Madam Raison Detre for the person she is, the hypnosis mistress she is, and the absolute pleasures she allows me and that only she can give to me. How does Madam Raison Detre, my hypnosis mistress, make me feel?

Deeply proud and impossibly lucky to have found such a wonderful mistress, and been allowed to serve. Guilty and shamed when I fail to meet her expectations, or often my expectations of her expectations. I sigh deeply and think of my broken heart, as I long to serve Madam Raison Detre, my hypnosis mistress, in person. Comfortable in my progress as a hypnotic subject, but hopeful that I’ll soon respond to triggers unconsciously. Humbled and awed at her power over me and how easily she wields it. Uncontrollably aroused at times (quite literally) with an aching desire to worship my divine Madam Raison Detre. Above all to be loved by my so beautiful hypnosis mistress.

There are a number of aspects to wanting to be ‘owned’ by a hypnosis mistress, which were until recently quite unknown feelings. At the start, I confess that I was merely seeking erotic pleasure; and not being in control was at the heart of everything. Personally I probably found the loss of control, of submission, the most erotic feeling ever. I suppose that the first thing given to me by Madam Raison Detre, my hypnosis mistress, is that loss of control; and from there we start on a long and winding path. A normal mistress would give you the physical restraints, but these are only temporary. My hypnosis mistress is fully in control of my mind, and this stays with me everywhere.

So the path along which I walk leads only where my hypnosis mistress Madam Raison Detre desires. The second aspect is ‘the unknown’: being led into uncharted territory by an expert in understanding your mind, and how it works, is erotic, enticing and a real aphrodisiac for the soul. My journey has only just begun, but already I feel the door closing behind me. I like to think I may be able to escape if I really want to, but the crux is I’m at the point where I don’t want to, so I doubt if I’ll be able to. This leaves me with so many feelings, so many mixed emotions. I can go about my normal routines, but the thought of Madam Raison Detre, my hypnosis mistress, is always there.

Incredibly, at random moments it seems, such thoughts send me into short trances, before reality returns. I wonder if this is just a phase and at some point, these thoughts will evaporate, only to be left with being unable to resist the call of my hypnosis mistress Madam Raison Detre whenever she desires. I imagine this may be possible, because, just by getting my command today, to write this, left me with an overwhelming feeling that I must obey. I am just so busy with work, and Fridays are the worst day possible, but my Madam Raison Detre has commanded me; and I must push everything else into the background until I have done her bidding.

To get to this point so quickly, after listening to Madam Raison Detre’s Love Slave MP3 hypnosis mistress recording, also makes me feel so helpless in her presence. A presence which is now all around me. I feel compelled to listen to the recording frequently, and as a result I feel myself being taken deeper and deeper. It’s just so intoxicating, relaxing, erotic and easy to be led into a world without stress or worry. The world of my beloved hypnosis mistress Madam Raison Detre. It’s such a wonderful escape from everyday life. However, there are still times when I’m not alone, when I think that I’m just losing all control, panic and think I must stop this.

However, my new personality instantly thinks of Madam Raison Detre, my arousal grows, and this ensures that I have to listen to your recordings as soon as possible. Then all is at peace and wonderful again. Any doubts dispel, as I love the total relaxation, and the adoration of my hypnosis mistress Madam Raison Detre grows more and more; deeper and deeper. I cannot finish my task without saying how incredibly attracted I am now to my hypnosis mistress Madam Raison Detre; so this feeling is a huge desire, far greater than I can remember ever before. This is a desire to please Madam Raison Detre, a desire to be with my hypnosis mistress, and more than anything a desire to be commanded by her.

Before meeting her I thought that Madam Raison Detre was incredible attractive, but now it’s gone far beyond that. I really am starting to feel a deep love of everything she does and is. I really can smell her under hypnosis and feel her presence just so strongly every time I lie down and relax to her wonderful recordings. I may have entered her world, but hypnosis mistress Madam Raison Detre is now always present in my world".

What my Hypnosis Mistress Means to Me

“What does the idea of a ‘hypnosis mistress’ mean to me? An interesting question and one I have never properly reflected on before now. This is clearly a combination of at least two ideas, one the use of hypnosis and the other a dominant woman who uses hypnosis to become a hypnosis mistress. Of course, there is the notion of a woman who is a long-term sexual partner and companion who is not married to her partner. Elements of which are appropriate provided they are taken within the dominant-submissive relationship. The key feature is that erotic hypnosis is used to express the relationship, although some physical contact may occur, this is always at the instigation of the hypnosis mistress, and don’t you wish?

Hypnosis therefore is used to provide an illusion of a physical nature whilst also enabling an enhancement of the emotions associated with the dominant-submissive relationship. Madam Raison Detre is a hypnosis mistress beyond comparison and, through the exercise of her incredible perceptive and imaginative art, is able to reach deep within me and allow my innermost feelings to emerge and for my deepest needs to be fulfilled. Any initial illusory part of the mental construct induced through hypnosis is soon transformed into a reality within a submissive mind. At the start, I viewed the scenarios being presented to my mind by hypnosis mistress Madam Raison Detre as being simple entertainment, an indulgence to my fantasies.

But with time the fantasy became reality. It is not that the mind was being forced to accept an alternative merely that it came to view the alternative as being entirely natural. On achieving this state, the continuation of the dominant-submissive relationship with Madam Raison Detre, my hypnosis mistress, became second nature. The submissive within me simply wanted to continue because my deepest needs were being met. Naturally my needs now are to serve and please a dominant hypnosis mistress. As a submissive slave I wish above everything to enhance this sense of fulfillment and so my mind continues to absorb the suggestions of Madam Raison Detre.

Dependence is built up: this slave literally needs the hypnosis mistress, even though at the same time I can understand rationally what is going on. I still have no desire to change my behaviour, all so long as my dominant hypnosis mistress provides the gratification the submissive craves and justifications I seek. The skill of Madam Raison Detre, my dominant hypnosis mistress, is to ensure that a slave like me always perceives her wishes to be the source of the slave’s happiness. Consequently, at the same time as hypnosis provides an enjoyable way to experience the illusion of a dominant-submissive relationship, it also lays the foundations for a true submissive relationship in a mind which is open to the idea.

My concept of a hypnosis mistress is thus one of a woman who uses erotic hypnosis sessions to encourage, to enhance, to facilitate the power exchange between her and the submissive. This power exchange will be manifest in different ways depending on the openness of the subject and the interests of the hypnosis mistress. And Madam Raison Detre possesses exemplary power: there can be no other dominant hypnosis mistress for me. The beauty of erotic hypnosis is that this can be done at a distance and in a part-time manner; by which I mean the dominant doesn’t need to have the slave in their presence to exert their control.

A meeting can then be used as a special reward further encouraging the required behaviour. And a meeting with my hypnosis mistress Madam Raison Detre is a reward made in heaven. For subjects involved in a relationship with a hypnosis mistress this has the reciprocal advantage that it means they can enjoy such a sense of submission without necessarily modifying their relationship with others. Yes this is escapism, a wonderful total escapism. If an individual really wants the true reality of the illusion they can find it in everyday life. Linked to this idea, hypnosis allows an image of the submission to be constructed in a manner which appeals to the subject.

One can imagine something might be enjoyable but the reality could be quite different. Hence the mere idea of being punished, perhaps with a cane, can be put into the person’s mind and create the associated emotions, perhaps the physical reaction as well. I must admit to being in two minds about this: the thought of Madam Raison Detre using a cane as punishment is delicious; but would I think the same with the hypnosis mistress standing over me using it a bit harder than I finished? Madam Raison Detre makes me feel happy and confident. Overwhelmingly in love with her: from the quietness of knowing she is there, to a profound welling up of emotion as though my heart is fit to burst.

Her presence fills me with pleasure, yes sexual, but also a more general sense of well-being and joy. I am captivated by her pictures, drinking her beauty like a thirsty soul. Admiring her perfect body with each one of my erotic hypnosis sessions, with such a wonderful small show of cleavage. Enough to set the mind at work creating thoughts of what else is there. From the very beginning Madam Raison Detre my hypnosis mistress enchanted me in a way no other has managed, it is impossible to say quite why, but it is like love at first sight. Subsequently suggestions of love were readily accepted but in truth I was in love without these words. Such love creates a deep devotion to her and a desire for her to be pleased and happy.

Obedience follows naturally because doing as she has asked creates the most pleasurable feeling and a fantastic sense of fulfillment and satisfaction. Yes, you could say she is my purpose in life. My ease with Madam Raison Detre is in no small way brought about by the security she brings. I feel utterly safe in the hands of my hypnosis mistress in one of her erotic hypnosis sessions. As I write this I am reminded of the intense reassurance I felt as Madam Raison Detre stroked my head when putting me into trance when I visited her. I love the way her commands are presented in a simple direct matter of fact manner, no threats. I love the ambiguity in the way Madam Raison Detre acts.

Permitting the most intimate of images for worshipping her in her hypnosis and leaving a small window open for the mind to imagine these things could happen in reality. The subconscious expands these until they become an event set to happen with all the attendant pleasure. Madam Raison Detre, my hypnosis mistress, has opened my mind to experiencing a full range of emotions, so much so that I feel whatever she tells me to feel. I may resist upon first hearing with my conscious mind active but with time the words prey on my mind and I succumb. Indeed one may question whether I know my authentic emotions at all. Yet still I am happy with a much more positive frame of mind than before.

My hypnosis mistress Madam Raison Detre has effectively removed any guilt or concerns associated with being her slave. Previous use of hypnosis had been turning me inward, away from the world and in the process creating quite a negative view. Going through cycles of ever deepening attempts to force certain behaviors and then resisting these efforts. However, Madam Raison Detre has allowed me to see the positive side through a very simple psychology, presenting the obvious fact I do have a choice, I cannot be compelled to do something I do not want to do. For me this works a treat, as long as I continue to feel the happiness and pleasure that Madam Raison Detre’s words bring why should I not follow them?

Having been shown to see the positive side I have begun to recognise how restricting my previous behaviour had been. Of course I am not a totally reformed character but Madam Raison Detre’s continued help I can see a better future. Being more positive in outlook has also had a beneficial effect on my dealings with other people, making me more outgoing. As you might imagine there is nothing negative in the way I feel about her. My hypnosis mistress Madam Raison Detre knows exactly what I need even when I didn’t realise myself at the time it was what I needed. Yes I know this sounds silly but really it is all part of a change in outlook from pretending to be submissive and trying to manipulate the events to suit your demands to being properly submissive and accepting your needs and wants are determined by the dominant hypnosis mistress Madam raison Detre.

I am struck by just how effective certain key ideas implanted within my subconscious by Madam Raison Detre have been, influencing my feelings, and how they interlink. One of these being the need to change, genuinely to change to meet the desires set out for me by my hypnosis mistress Madam Raison Detre; to change as I follow the path she has determined for me. To continue to change into the future with Madam Raison Detre, my hypnosis mistress, in control. The drive to change being pushed by my love for her. Expressing my love for my hypnosis mistress Madam Raison Detre through simple obedience and relinquishing control. Change, love, obedience and control to my hypnosis mistress.” Nigel

Madam Raison Detre and her Erotic Hypnosis Mistress Sessions

“After my first erotic hypnosis session it didn’t take me long to consider my delicious appointment with the adorable, and just so talented hypnosis mistress, Madam Raison Detre. I was soon in need of another one of her erotic hypnosis sessions but the hypnosis mistress was just so busy and I had to wait a tortuous 12 days. Madam Raison Detre made good use of this time by suggesting two new hypnosis mistress files, specifically for me. These only increased the desire to see my hypnosis mistress Madam Raison Detre to such an extent that I was counting down the time as it got closer and closer. This was a bittersweet time, filled by a huge desire to listen to the MP3s over and over again, as if my life depended on it.

By the time I arrived at the door I was almost in a trance before the appointment started into a second of my erotic hypnosis sessions. It only took minutes, if not seconds for my hypnosis mistress Madam Raison Detre to put me under her hypnotic spell. I truly cannot remember any hypnosis triggers being used, I’ve tried, but I don’t know what they are. I remember being in the hallway, then on my knees, then at another point seeing a glorious collection of feminine clothes in Madam Raison Detre’s boudoir, and then most of all listening to that oh-so-hypnotic voice. Trying to remember how I got from some points to other points in erotic hypnosis session really is impossible, the clear memory has gone, which makes the experience even more enticing and irresistible.

I remember kneeling, but the time after that until I was in another room has gone, completely gone. The loss of control to my hypnosis mistress Madam Raison Detre was absolute at certain points, or so it seems now. As usual my hypnosis mistress Madam Raison Detre was her beautiful, glamorous, delectable and so incredibly attractive vision of total perfection. To describe her loveliness would be like trying to describe heaven. Only when you’ve been here a couple of times will you fully realise where heaven really is. The power that my hypnosis mistress Madam Raison Detre yields is immense. You just cannot imagine what it is like being in her presence, just from listening to the MP3s wonderful as they are.

Real time hypnosis mistress sessions with a true artist in her profession, cannot be valued highly enough. The lick of her voice is enough to calm the greatest of storms, and just has to be witnessed, but her presentation is something else. When I first started this journey I didn’t know what to expect, but what I’ve found in Madam Raison Detre is truly mind blowing in every way possible. So now the second of my hypnosis sessions has finished, I’m left with such a huge desire to return to my hypnosis mistress Madam Raison Detre. I really need more of this experience. A delicious side effect is that I now feel so much more energised and happy in myself.

I have to admit the time after the first erotic hypnosis mistress session with Madam Raison Detre was filled with a slow-burning desire, so much so that I could not focus on my work or my social life to any great effect. The result of the second visit has left me more energised in my everyday life, but somehow knowing that I will be called upon at some time, without having to worry about it. I now look forward to my next hypnosis session and encountering the magnificent hypnosis mistress Madam Raison Detre.”

 Locked Up and Owned by my Hypnosis Mistress

Thursday 12 December 6.40 pm

“Well here at last, I have managed to pick up the courage (I think that is the right word) to contact the beautiful hypnosis mistress Madam Raison Detre. After a gap of well over a year due to changes in private life and moving accommodation, I was once again drawn to her divine image, of my hypnosis mistress Madam Raison Detre, again like a curious moth to the flame, unable to switch off the computer and walk away. No, in fact that is untrue; I was able to do that, I chose not to do so. I cannot resist my hypnosis mistress Madam Raison Detre. Even though I live with my partner now, I still feel drawn and desirous to be a part of the world of this living hypnosis mistress, her beauty and magnificence so complete and adorable.

Drawn to her from an inner need; drawn because for most of my adult life I have secretly craved to be owned possessed and some might say, ‘enslaved’ by a higher and powerful superior female like the hypnosis mistress herself. And I have found her in my hypnosis mistress Madam Raison Detre. But this is no mere ten-minute fantasy I actually tremble whilst typing this diary entry. Why? Because what I now feel I need is what I have always fantasised about but never had the courage to seek it until now. Having turned forty years old on the tenth of this month, I can now truly say that I need to be chastised and owned by my hypnosis mistress Madam Raison Detre.

I feel that Madam Raison Detre is my destiny at least the part of me that is missing inside. The life, no life denotes freedom and choice, the mere existence that I was born to fulfil, hopefully at her lovely feet. Locked up in chastity and owned by my hypnosis mistress Madam Raison Detre. I hope to gain perfection through the fulfillment of an inner need and hunger. Being honest here, I cannot truly say that I understand everything that will and could happen, only that I pray to my hypnosis mistress Madam Raison Detre that I will be strong enough to endure it all.

And so, before I sign any contract and beg her to consider owning this male and his existence, it shall take the time to go through the preparations and follow my hypnosis mistress Madam Raison Detre’s orders to the letter. Again as I now live in a house with others, I will begin the process of making space and time on a daily basis and as when required by my hypnosis mistress Madam Raison Detre so that I may serve and submit as she decrees. Of all the hopes and wishes I may have, I do now sincerely hope that Madam Raison Detre will choose to own this male and become his Goddess and nothing less than my true Raison D’être.

Friday 13 December 2013 Noon

Having feelings of excitement and nervousness I get myself ready for my hypnosis mistress Madam Raison Detre. I showered and prepared myself by shaving the genital areas in readiness for the chastity device to be attached. Of course I am giddy with excitement and also trembling a little, but this is what I dream of deep inside. All dry and moisturized, I am now ready to listen for the first time to the erotic MP3 Chastity Hypnosis by my hypnosis mistress. I can’t wait to hear her voice my wonderful hypnosis mistress. Longing to be locked up by Madam Raison Detre: I shall see you on the other side.

14:45 pm

I have listened to the chastity hypnosis recording, and can honestly say that I feel happy and relaxed. I do love the sound of my hypnosis mistress’s voice. I could listen to your voice Madam Raison Detre all day every day. Feminine, beautiful and enchanting, it leaves me feeling that I want to do everything I hear you say. Thank you for bringing sunshine into my life: to have a wonderful hypnosis mistress like you Madam Raison Detre is truly life changing.

Saturday 14 December 2013 Midnight

Decided to listen to Chastity Hypnosis again before bed. Am feeling good. It is now apparent to me that I must have been very self-obsessed like most males with sex and fetish thoughts. For now that such things are off limits and owned by my hypnosis mistress Madam Raison Detre, it really does become a whole lot more deliciously frustrating. At times I might have gone a week without touching anything. But now that I know I have submitted to the contract it is like a gnawing tease that is always present and I have only just begun: oh my hypnosis mistress Madam Raison Detre, what are you doing to me?

5:15 am

Can’t sleep, I need my hypnosis mistress Madam Raison Detre so badly just to give me a sign. I have decided to listen to Chastity Hypnosis again, and am relaxing on the sofa. This time I am conscious all the way through and enjoy listening to the voice of this stunning hypnosis mistress. Madam Raison Detre has an incredible voice. It nurtures and guides; teases and controls. So seductive and alluring, Madam Raison Detre reaches deep into my subconscious.

6:00 am

Decided to listen again as I feel even more awake maybe due to being counted out of trance? Anyway this is real. Madam Raison Detre’s voice definitely excites and arouses as she describes my fate and the scene but nothing noticeable is happening in the downstairs department. I feel this annoying need that isn’t amounting to anything. Yes it is very clear that this is real and I am locked in chastity by my hypnosis mistress Madam Raison Detre. And I am very happy. The thought of being locked by my hypnosis mistress is intoxicating. The thought of my eventual orgasmic release is exhilarating. I have not had the chance to listen yet again today but will make time this evening. I will make it a priority to listen at least once everyday to my hypnosis mistress Madam Raison Detre. It really is a magnificent trip that I need more of.

Chastity Diary for Sunday 15 December 2013

All a hedonistic blur taking me into the early hours of the morning waiting for my hypnosis mistress Madam Raison Detre to utter the words of command.

Monday 16 December 2013 2:47 am

I have just finished listening to Madam Raison Detre’s seductive voice on Chastity Hypnosis and I can recall the moment when you generously locked me up. But this time, when I heard the finality of the lock closing, my whole being felt like it had been hit by some sort of seismic boom: like my soul had just slammed into a concrete wall! In all my honesty, my hypnosis mistress Madam Raison Detre is so powerful. I am so excited and I am craving to hear her voice again. This is unbelievable and beautiful. My whole being is begging with every fiber when I hear: “Yes, my hypnosis mistress, Madam Raison Detre, please lock me up.”

11:00 am

Woke up this morning and was feeling fine. Had breakfast, checked emails and my hypnosis mistress had sent me an email. It’s an awesome feeling to see the name of my hypnosis mistress, Madam Raison Detre, in my inbox. Heartbeat quickens!

1:22 pm

Got the house to myself for a bit now and all is quiet. I am about to put on Chastity Hypnosis and will check in with diary a bit later on. Can’t wait to hear the commands of my glorious hypnosis mistress Madam Raison Detre.


Just listened to Chastity Hypnosis and am feeling happy. I am semi-aroused though and it is delicious! What a feeling. Madam Raison Detre’s voice is awesome and sweet. I have this thought in my head now that I sincerely want and need to experience being placed in and made to exist in bondage. I like the sound of bondage. Controlled and owned as it should be: by my hypnosis mistress Madam Raison Detre. These thoughts are definitely making me happy and aroused and I like this feeling.

3:00 pm

Still thinking I would love to be able to tell the hypnosis mistress all, about what makes me tick, what I have fantasised about what I dream of. But then I find myself thinking that basically Madam Raison Detre already knows that which makes me tick; I am a lowly male, a trainee hypnotic chastity slave in her control and training now. Besides, if my Goddess wished to know anything further she would ask.

6:45 pm

Well it is now three days since Madam Raison Detre started me on the road to chastity slavery, the world is a wonderful place! I am happy to announce that I have faithfully and honestly completed my sentence of stated three days and am about to beg my hypnosis mistress for the hypnotic key, I am trembling again.” Your favourite chastity hypnosis slave, Stuart.

Waiting for Hypnosis Mistress Madam Raison Detre

“There are always reasons for waiting, accidental, deliberate. Incidental, imposed. Of course, like those hoping for, expecting, desiring - perhaps hopelessly - the arrival of Beckett's ‘Waiting For Godot’, waiting can seem to have little purpose beyond dramatic counterpoint. Yet, within the shadow of expectation, lies an authenticity - clear, sharp, powerful, overwhelming. An actuality within a drama waiting to happen with the hypnosis mistress, so many questions so little time. Anticipation of that reality heightens awareness, creates an inner excitement. I live in a twilight world, restrained by the harsh light of daylight hours, with all colour bleached away, grey on grey, feelings numb, senses are dull. A world so very different from that of Madam Raison Detre.

But with the coming of the dusk, the goddess Minerva's wisdom offers a vibrant, radiant vision, shining through – passionate. A sensual and seductive woman, Madam Raison Detre is the hypnosis mistress with all of this and more. I long so much to be feminized by her. To submit to her completely as she employs her incredible skills in forced feminisation. I see my hypnosis mistress Madam Raison Detre now. Crimson nails; lipstick - glossy, captivating, beckoning. Achieving ultimate femininity in silk, lace, leather; soft, scented, smooth skin; delicate lingerie - all defined by the silhouettes of corsets and satin dresses.

Madam Raison Detre is so very beautiful. Yet, here I am watching the hours pass, waiting. The clock conspiring with tedious time. Waiting. Looking at the mirror, seeing beyond, behind the image. Seeing my beauty, yet to be bestowed. Seeing my tenderness, yet to be taught. Seeing my sensuality, yet to be summoned. Sensing an awakening, yet to be aroused by my hypnosis mistress Madam Raison Detre. Waiting. Closing my eyes in the spa in preparation for the hypnosis mistress Madam Raison Detre, I feel an expert touch, a practised hand smoothing away my cares, yet leaving my inhibitions intact. Waxes and creams and perfumes.

Tantalising glimpses of tomorrow constrained by pressures of today. Wanting to be released by the insistent call of evening. Waiting for Minerva, my erotic hypnosis mistress Madam Raison Detre, whose birds of wisdom spread their wings with the fading light. And now seeing in Madam Raison Detre the promise of much more. A brightness much more piercing than Paris, that fabulous city of lights, could ever provide. Illuminating. Authentic. Immediate. A new dominion. In a state of expectant tension and arousal, at times almost unable to breathe, as though held by the tightest embrace, I stand at her threshold, shyly, nervously waiting for admission to the domain of my hypnosis mistress Madam Raison Detre.

Trusting, willing, wanting. Desiring the ecstasy of submission to her so much: I want to be nothing more and nothing less than an obedient slave of Madam Raison Detre. I have no doubts. And now the waiting is over. Standing in awe of my hypnosis mistress Madam Raison Detre, I am unable to speak. I see Minerva approach: my hypnosis mistress Madam Raison Detre. My thoughts scatter. Ready to be guided in new directions, in new ways, towards new knowledge. The evening brings a new madness, but one with a strange, seductive sanity at its heart. With time racing forward, experience - all time - seems to fuse into a single moment, offering understanding. Intuition replaces rationality. Instinct conquers reason. A submissive sacrifice of self to the feminine wisdom of my hypnosis mistress Madam Raison Detre. I hear the voice of my hypnosis mistress and I am undone. Utterly.” By the woman Madam Raison Detre has found within the man.

James – An email to my Hypnosis Mistress

I did not expect to receive an email from you, but I am very appreciative to have. I am a professional in my late 40's with a girl friend who is with me about half of the time. I have always had a strong pull towards a beautiful hypnosis mistress but have never found one in real interactions. I cringe at the concept of being a submissive to such a hypnosis mistress because it is the complete antithesis of who I am in everyday life. I find that in almost all situations I want to dominate and take control, however, the concept of relinquishing control to a stunning hypnosis mistress who is intelligent and a dominate woman for whom I can work hard to serve is incredibly alluring.

The reality is that beauty, sexuality and intelligence from a feminine hand can conquer me but intimidation and brute force will only be met with superior brute force. I guess I view the whole submission to a hypnosis mistress more as a knight to his queen than a weakling to his overlord. As a means of satisfying this allure, I discovered erotic hypnosis a few years back and sampled many of hypnosis mistress wares. I have to confess that yours was one of the first, which at the time I found to be too real and being concerned with getting hooked.

 I jumped around from one hypnosis mistress to the next, sampling several hypnosis mistress recordings and enjoying the escapism and allowing myself to indulge the fantasy. However, throughout this time I kept thinking about you as the real deal should I ever stop fighting and want to give in. Well I guess that time must have arrived as I could resist no longer. Your erotic hypnosis is like no other. I find myself so easily letting go and trusting in you. I have no designs on where this leads as for now I am simply enjoying and figure you can decide where it leads. By the way, you are astonishingly beautiful and with a voice to match.

Hypnosis Mistress – Response to James

Could you be my knight in shining armour, who would come to whisk me away on his sturdy stead? I hear a true romantic in your words but a man who feels he needs to hide this part of his persona as he believes people see this as weakness, I find it bold, sexy and endearing. I can imagine you are ruled by lists, data and schedules' a very analytical man who is always in control? I do not need to intimidate anyone, my work is not about intimidation. I am glad you have re-discovered me and returned as we both know you have been to many places and left again disappointed as they insulted your intelligence and quipped at your manhood.

I am a real woman James, a real hypnosis mistress not a silly girl play acting. I am more than just a still photograph, a voice. I am your guilty pleasure, a bright light, a beacon guiding you home. A woman that doesn't need to raise her voice to be heard because when I speak I have something to say that's worth listening to. I am extremely positive person and want to leave my mark and leave you with only positive feel good thoughts as any good hypnosis mistress should not crass innuendo or empty threats. My hypnotic world is waiting for you James, the door is open, dare you step over the threshold into this the world of the sensual hypnosis mistress?

Be careful what you wish for James, remember these are just words. Should you ever meet me in the flesh so to speak then that is a whole different ball game, will you be ready to play with this hypnosis mistress in real time? Have a wonderful day James and think of me. 

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