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I am your femdom hypnosis mistress and you are about to experience the incredible impact of my hypnotic control. Your femdom hypnosis mistress will push you to erotic heights you have never before experienced. You will reach a fantastic pitch of erotic intensity as I guide and dominate you in hypnosis. You have nothing to fear from your professionally trained femdom hypnosis mistress: but you do have everything to gain from her. As you hear my voice – cultured, sophisticated, and seductive – you will begin to relax and your cares and anxieties will melt away. Little by little you will allow me to take control of your subconscious, allowing your deepest needs and desires to emerge.

Your inhibitions disappearing as your femdom hypnosis mistress leads you towards utter bliss. As you relax and unwind and absorb the thoughts which now entice you, sensual feelings will grow and flourish in your mind and body with my form of sexual femdom hypnosis mistress therapy. Imagine me standing behind you and whispering all my powerfully seductive spells into your ear. Feel the hair on your neck stand on end as my voice lulls you. Your femdom hypnosis mistress is a beautiful dominant woman working her magic upon you, taking total control of you through the use of sexual erotic hypnosis.

Femdom Hypnosis Mistress in Leather and Lace

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The sound of my mesmerizing voice feels like silk to your ears as I caress your sleepy mind. It is so easy to just let go as you become weak and powerless as I look deep into your eyes, way down into your soul. You will become transfixed and entrapped in the web of hypnotic control of your femdom hypnosis mistress. With just a few words from me, you will instantly fall into a deep, intoxicating trance of submission where you have eagerly surrendered your will to me, your femdom hypnosis mistress. When your erotic femdom hypnosis mistress is in total hypnotic control of your body and mind all is well. You are totally safe. The hypnotic control I possess over you allows me to play with and dominate your mind, and compels you to obediently follow my every whim.

But you can do nothing against your will: all you do when under my hypnotic spell is what you truly desire most of all. I will hypnotize you into a BDSM, slave-mistress relationship. And you will not be able to resist the seductive power of my voice. Simply allowing you to absorb this thought is enough to trigger erotic chemical reactions. As you listen to your femdom hypnosis mistress, the sensual sensations will build in all the erogenous zones of your body. This is the world of a powerful femdom hypnosis mistress which until now you could only imagine in your dreams.

I am so skilled in the art of erotic hypnosis that I can make your fantasies become your new reality, the reality that I want you to have under my hypnotic control. The reality you now so much want for yourself. So how can this new world reveal itself to you? Listen to my femdom hypnosis mistress MP3s: the links are on this page. You will be transported to a realm in which you will satisfy all your desires and fulfil your deepest needs. You may also email me asking for a personal one-to-one femdom hypnosis mistress appointment.                

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Erotic Femdom Hypnosis Mistress

When finally the recording is over there is a sense of unreality, like awakening from a deep dream feeling stimulated with the femdom hypnosis mistress. Powerful in the sense that you know there is no going back and in her ability to seed within your mind the need to submit completely to the femdom hypnosis mistress. I felt the experience of being free, liberated in slavery as the femdom hypnosis mistress enfolded me in an erotic sexual hypnotic experience. One I long to return to again and again. As I am sure will you too.

My femdom hypnosis mistress has subtly shaped the way I think and what I say, moulding me, and breathing new life into my thoughts and actions. She opens you up, and turns you inside out, into the slave she wants you to be. My femdom hypnosis mistress knows what I need and will know what you need too. When in her MP3 recording she confronts you out of the mists, you would die for her in that moment just to be under her control.

Of course, even though this level of potency fades, you never completely escape the femdom hypnosis mistress. I find I always am drawn back to the femdom hypnosis mistress again and again. The final part of the recording is devastation itself. The desire becomes bittersweet suffering. A heady lust filled worship of the femdom hypnosis mistress: intoxication and addiction feeding and fuelling the need to simply obey. I love it, and when the femdom hypnosis mistress tells me that I want to prove myself to her, to please her, to give her everything that is me, this becomes my total truth.

The wanting to be hers never goes away, and the need to give to her never goes away with this erotic hypnosis MP3. It is quite maddeningly arousing and quite completely frustrating. How can this erotic hypnosis be resisted or for that matter how can the femdom hypnosis mistress be resisted? Quite simply she cannot be resisted. There is only one choice – to give in. To let Madam Raison D'être completely consume your being. To accept that now, you belong to her the one and only femdom hypnosis mistress, your true desire.

Femdom Hypnosis Mistress in Satin and Fur

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The Voice of the Femdom Hypnosis Mistress

Ass Worship Hypnosis is only the second recording I have listened to from the femdom hypnosis mistress, but the reality is that it only took one recording for me to realise that she is the real deal. There is just something so compellingly authoritative about the seductive femdom hypnosis mistress voice which radiates supreme confidence and unparalleled seduction that I am completely spellbound. I'm not sure if the hypnosis mistress has this effect on everyone, but there is something so tantalisingly teasing, so dominating about her that I just melt.

She calls me her puppy and that is exactly how I feel - eager to please, devoted, dependent and hopelessly in love. Listening to Madam Raison D’être’s voice has become my favourite activity, and giving up my control and becoming her perfect slave has become my goal. Ass Worship Hypnosis certainly aids in this goal. From the first sentence I was hooked. The femdom hypnosis mistress has a way of disarming me during her induction, relaxing me while also making completely aware of what is about happen. I cannot exactly explain why, but I find myself looking forward to my training.

The addition of a ticking clock during the recording is extremely effective, making it easy to follow the natural rhythm of the voice, the one and only voice of the hypnosis mistress. The production values are high quality, and the hypnosis mistress uses effects and music to devastating effect. By the end of this recording I was a puddle, practically grovelling on the floor. Since then Madam Raison D’être, and especially her ass, has been uppermost in my thoughts. It is incredible to think of how differently I view the femdom hypnosis mistress since I first heard her voice and saw her images.

I have enjoyed listening to other hypnotists, but my femdom hypnosis mistress was overwhelming in a way I had never experienced. There is something that just seems so real about her hypnosis, when she speaks to me it is irresistible. It wasn't necessarily what I expected before I listened for the first time, but I enjoy the feeling so much, I never want to stop falling under Madam Raison D’être’s spell. By the femdom hypnosis mistress slave, Rizzle Dizzle

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Slave Femdom Hypnosis Mistress

When the femdom hypnosis mistress appeared I just wanted to drop to my knees and bow my head in supplication. And that is where the recording takes you, straight down to your knees, and ready to worship the magnificent femdom hypnosis mistress. I long for her cruelty, her seduction, and her intensity; and of course for her unbelievable power over me. There is a sensation of sinking as the femdom hypnosis mistress tells you how you want to give yourself to her, and you do. Each time she says the word aroused, my body obediently responds. At this point I remember feeling no sense of my physical self beyond my obviously aroused state.

A tension wrought from need and desire building within even as the tension in all else faded. The femdom hypnosis mistress continues your journey then, taking you to a special, mystical place under hypnotic control. Anticipation is a keen enhancer of the senses and expands the attention for the desired moment. I finally had in my possession the erotic femdom mistress hypnosis domination recording Arousal. The hidden depths of the power of the femdom hypnosis mistress would undoubtedly be hidden within. The seductive voice of this earth bound hypnosis mistress captured on audio to be listened to over and over, drawing you in deeper with every repeated listen of this erotic hypnosis mp3. Could it be as good as it promised to be?

Hypnosis Mistress is Madam Raison Detre

Hypnosis Mistress

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Of course the femdom hypnosis mistress is far and way beyond anyone else with her hypnotic control. Anyone viewing the site of Madam Raison D'être would be a fool to doubt her class, sophistication, intelligence and magnetism. Anyone listening to this hypnotic control domination recording is opening up their inner self to her true weapons: her voice and her devious intellect both made for erotic hypnosis. As I settled down in eager anticipation for the first time I recall the silken tones of the voice of the femdom hypnosis mistress lowering me down into a hypnotic erotic trance, slowly massaging my mind into docile submission.

I wanted this, I was excited, driven to feel every single syllable uttered deep inside my psyche. That really strengthened the power of the femdom hypnosis mistress recording, the amount I already wanted to have this hypnotise me, put me in complete thrall of the power of this spellbinding enchantress. I desired it, as any one reading Madam Raison D'être’s site is warned they will. The steady, even, silken delivery of the induction relaxed me, in ways that on repeated listening removed all my stresses, made it so much easier to absorb the compelling words of the femdom hypnosis mistress at the exclusion of all else. I came to long for my down time each day – thinking only of the time I could get alone to listen to her voice again.

It is the perfect way to lose the worries of the world and become encapsulated in something far better, far beyond, anything the mundane world around me could provide. Some days I find I get irritable if I fail to listen. I am charged with desperation to lose myself again in her words, the power and spell of the femdom hypnosis mistress. The femdom hypnosis mistress informs you of how on an unconscious level you will hear these words said over again in your mind repeating, and this is true. The femdom hypnosis mistress invades the mind, and I admit to wanting her to do that.

Wanting to please her and give myself to her, with an insurmountable erotic hypnosis and mental desire to just surrender my being to her. I wasn’t concerned for the danger. The danger was exciting to me. It still is, as I listen over and over and realise how many of the triggers work and how many of her phrases and statements have become my own desires and thoughts. Key words conquered me then and sometimes when a person uses one of those words in conversation I think instantly of the femdom hypnosis mistress and it’s awfully hard to get her out of your head once she takes hold. The words she uses like delicious, deeper, relaxation, seductive and others. I’m responding to this recording every day in new ways. It is more powerful with every day.

Her erotic hypnosis MP3s are a kind of poetry at work in the journey that all of her hypnotic recordings take you on. There is a dreamy peacefulness that envelops you, into a trance like state with this beautiful femdom hypnosis mistress. I remember thinking how unusually lucky I was to be experiencing a genuinely mesmeric quality recording from such an elegant lady. The excellent clarity of the recording, and the tones used in tandem with the perfect voice of the tantalising femdom hypnosis mistress engulfed me with an eroticism not ever imagined before. The mind is open then, so receptive at this point, each word becomes like a surgeons instrument, reshaping the mind, creating just the right ‘disfigurements’.

Disfigurements that you desire, you want, you must have without question. Wanting to give, to fall, and be under her hypnotic control, to submit to please this femdom hypnosis mistress. So that she may ever remain sky clad, dominant above all. I was aware of this as it happened; I knew what the effect was of these words and the epic poetic descriptions of the flesh and the temptress herself. Knowing that I was being consumed and that with more listens I’d be unable to resist coming back again and again. Knowing that the hold this glorious hypnosis mistress will attain over me shall be all the greater for it. Unable to stop myself not wanting to stop, after all, this is everything I want. The femdom hypnosis mistress knows she is everything you want and more with her hypnotic control and penchant for erotic hypnosis.

Femdom Hypnosis Mistress Free MP3

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Femdom Hypnosis Mistress New Subject Steve

It has been three weeks since I first emailed the femdom hypnosis mistress, Madam Raison D’être, and asked for a meeting in person. At first I didn’t think I’d have any success with my request, as I believe the femdom hypnosis mistress chooses if she will see you or not, but luckily for me, Madam responded. Over the following few days there was a thorough exchange of emails where Madam probed into my psyche, in order to have enough information for our first erotic femdom hypnosis mistress appointment. The days that led up to the appointment were full of expectation mixed with some mild trepidation.

Having listened to a few of Madam’s powerful erotic hypnosis MP3s, I so strongly desired a meeting in person with Madam that the wait was full of anxiety. The thought of meeting this extraordinary femdom hypnosis mistress was just so tantalising. The meeting itself exceeded my wildest dreams, as Madam is stunning in every way possible. To be gently led through my first hypnotic induction was just so easy and relaxing, and my trepidation was entirely unwarranted. The surroundings were elegant, almost mysterious, which befitted the femdom hypnosis mistress, Madam Raison D’être completely. She really is so elegant and mysterious and meeting her was a pleasure beyond belief. I left that day feeling invigorated, totally refreshed and wanting more. Two days after my first appointment, I knew that I wanted to continue along this path, and to see my hypnosis mistress again, as soon as possible: the urge to return was burning deep.

I therefore booked my second appointment, which I am now impatiently waiting for. Madam has given me some preparation erotic hypnosis, which feels so much stronger than the previous MP3s. This one gives me the usual sensation of relaxing, but the content is giving me a huge desire every time I listen to it, that in just a few days the desire has grown out of all proportion. I’m sure, without any doubt, that whatever desire you crave, Madam Raison D’être will be able to deliver in her own femdom hypnosis mistress way. The erotic hypnosis which Madam provides so eloquently as well as so professionally releases your inhibitions and allows you to see your inner self so clearly. All you need to do is to trust Madam, and your wishes could be a reality. I feel my addiction is now impossible to break, and I wonder where the path will lead, only my femdom hypnosis mistress knows that and I am willing to take this road less travelled.

Russian Hypnosis Mistress

Russian Hypnosis Mistress

Miss Kitty and her Femdom Hypnosis Mistress

A line from Carl Orff's Carmina Burana grips my imagination: Rosa rubicundior lilio candidior omnibus formosior semper in te glorior: Redder than roses, whiter than lilies, fairer than all others, I delight in you. My imperatrix mundi, my empress of all is my femdom hypnosis mistress.

Carmina Burana is a truly magical musical sequence encapsulating in rhythmic waves erotic and romantic Medieval Latin poetry. And when I reflect upon my first personal hypnosis encounter with my femdom hypnosis mistress I feel those rhythms, the almost musical pulses of her presence and of her voice. Madam Raison D’être is unashamedly erotic, but also incredibly feminine as well as formidably intelligent. She strips away the protective veneers with which we so often surround ourselves, challenging us to reveal the truth about ourselves to ourselves. Truths we so often prefer to avoid. Truths which, I now understand can and do hurt.

The femdom hypnosis mistress has an insight into the depths of our being which are sharp and accurate. There is always a danger of course, as numerous testimonials on her website reveal that one truth we face is the extent to which the femdom hypnosis mistress is not simply a domina, a mistress guiding each of us through the storms of our lives, but someone with whom we fall in love. So easily as she slips inside your mind and before you know it she is under your skin, an integral part of you and we give ourselves so willingly. She sees through me and into me and I am transparent, she has a way of making you feel so delicate, so precious, so adored.

But for me this is far, far deeper than some sexual frisson that comes from a little passing pleasure. I have been taken and shaken to the core of my being. This is beyond any affair of the heart that I have ever experienced and I know this is just the start. For me, in meeting Madam, my femdom hypnosis mistress, my universe has been unravelled and I am now preparing for my second encounter. My female persona, Miss Kitty, is already besotted. She would do anything for her femdom hypnosis mistress. My male persona, however, can be a bit of an embarrassment, a pain in the proverbial butt. He is more resistant, less malleable, and less susceptible.

The grey typical male with a big ego and thorny shield of doubt, no surprises there. But Miss Kitty, with a little help from her new friends, is beginning to accept her responsibilities to her femdom hypnosis mistress as well as to herself. And she is learning fast, if sometimes the hard way that Madam Raison D’être knows what is best for her and she should listen and learn like any good student. Again, this second time, I do not know, cannot anticipate what might happen. I know that for some visitors, discussions may take place about expectations and boundaries. But I had already revealed enough about myself to my femdom hypnosis mistress to allow her to take control fully without any such preliminaries.

So that I do not have to make any decisions, do not have to express any wishes or desires, she knows all and she will decide for me. For this is what she saw so clearly that I need. To be freed from the burden of decision making, and it is such a burden. Of course, I have fantasies of what might happen. Of how the different aspects of my femininity might be emphasised, of what my femdom hypnosis mistress might say and do. Of how, by giving in wholly to the seductive power of obedience, and through my attempts to fulfil whatever my mistress requires of me, accepting without complaint whatever punishment might lie before me but also rejoicing in the radiant smile which will be my reward.

But what will happen is for her to decide, and her decision is final. So my domina, the empress of my world, my imperatrix, awaits me as I await her. This silly, troubled but now truly happy girl, inspired by music and by memory, compares her with roses and lilies, with all that is beauty and grace. But knowing that the most fragrant rose may have a thorn capable of inflicting as I now realise just a little honest pain ... a small price to pay for the joy of approaching truth and beauty, a completeness that I have been searching for within a darkened part of my true self that now has light and fresh crisp air breathing in new life.

Postscript: I have now visited my erotic femdom hypnosis mistress many more times and listened to her femdom hypnosis mistress MP3s on countless occasions. With each encounter I become paradoxically both stronger and weaker: my weakness derives from my recognition of my total submission to her - I need that to experience that feminine weakness which lies within me more and more - giving all control, all decision making to my femdom hypnosis mistress; my strength arises from the power she has given me to understand myself and my needs as a male and as a female - feeling the arousal she produces within me as a man and as a woman, experiencing the calm and peace she brings into my life. Even Zeus would have made it no other way for this slave (with apologies to Homer). By Miss Kitty, utterly devoted to her femdom hypnosis mistress. 

Leather Hypnosis Mistress

Leather Hypnosis Mistress

My Erotic Hypnosis Mistress

A woman possessed of the most immaculate charms and indefinable grace; this is my Erotic Hypnosis Mistress. Skilled at inflicting her imperious will upon those unfortunate, or perhaps most lucky, to fall under her gaze. She brooks no dissent. One need not comprehend, and may not even realise, the machinations the Erotic Hypnosis Mistress may employ to compel compliance. Service brings pleasure and compliance is oft rewarded, if not its own reward. My Erotic Hypnosis Mistress is always a vision to behold and be beholden to.

Her visage announcing to the world that this is a woman of unparalleled beauty and intelligence, wielding her great feminine power with infinite subtlety. She is perfection given form and she knows it. Her eyes sparkle with delight when I try to resist. And wrapped within this, her physical Goddess form, is the most devilishly devious and wantonly wicked mind. The mind of a master hypnotist, perfectly capable and eminently willing to prod and poke at a subjects mind until she finds the leverage, the fears and fetishes, she needs to seduce, beguile or outright command obedience.

My Erotic Hypnosis Mistress effortlessly engenders intense and honest feelings of love and devotion in all whom partake of her sessions. She can weave a web of such comfortable bliss, a story of such detail, charm and pleasure, that to wake from her trance can, for the unprepared, feel like the breaking of one’s heart. She is unequalled and irreplaceable. She is my Erotic Hypnosis Mistress. By slave g

Erotic Hypnosis Mistress

Erotic Hypnosis Mistress

My Hypnosis Mistress by Stuart

Again I feel alive, energetic and mesmerised. It is indeed an erotic and also frustrating experience… Why? Because of a deep need within me. A need to be controlled and denied, of taken to new heights of thrill and anticipation. I have a hypnosis mistress in Madam Raison D’etre. And believe me when I tell you that this is not some mere fantasy any more. A while back I took the liberty of ordering one of hypnosis mistress mp3 files and as I had previous experience with other ‘mistresses’ that offer files, I was unsure what to expect. From the first listening to the hypnosis mistress file, I knew that this was an entirely different level. In fact, this is real. I won’t go into fantasy or tell you that I am writing this from my heart etc. etc., except to say that I am writing this as the truth and how it happened.

My experience with the hypnosis mistress file ‘Hypnotic Chastity’ is amazing. The file itself relaxes, conditions and draws you in, all willingly on your part of course, and the hypnosis mistress tells you that you want to obey her, she is right. The sound of her voice is exciting and sensual and ultimately teasing. I wish I could be there in front of her like the file suggests, and in that moment locked within my mind, I am. The visuals that the hypnosis mistress creates within your consciousness are beautiful and crystal clear. But, this file is so much more. Like with all things new, I was sceptical at first, but I signed the contract, made the preparations as commanded by my hypnosis mistress and then just let go. Now, many months later I find myself in need of her power and feeling lost again.

I had no hesitation in contacting the hypnosis mistress and sending her a chastity tribute for her key holding so I can again feel her magic. Her power. Some are mistresses, some are called goddess. Madam Raison D’etre is a Goddess. She has the power, believe me. Look at her fabulous pictures on her website. Magnificence, beauty and class. Now combine that aura of superior femininity with her voice commanding you. I guarantee you will be giddy and longing to submit. Every time I play one the hypnosis mistress files, I truly ache inside wishing I could be present at her feet. I feel as though I would submit to serving in any manner she alone chooses. And the best part is that this is exactly the way it should be.

I have never met madam in person, but I feel as if I would be ready to submit to living, no- existing as her slave forever. Such is her power of suggestion and her command of male psyche. I do not understand fully how Madam manages to captivate so much power into her recordings and to be honest, I do not really need to understand or care. All I need is to strive to make my hypnosis mistress happy and hope to be worthy of existing in her world, always. So in a very public manner for all to see, all I can think of saying is a plea. A plea to my hypnosis mistress. Please, mistress. Please lock me away and enslave me… always.

The Hypnosis Mistress in her blond persona

Hypnosis Mistress Blond

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