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Prissy Sissy Maid

Prissy Sissy Maid

For anyone who loves to be a sissy maid, Madam is a dream come true. Mistress, loves to dress and train sissy maids and She will have her way. Madam Raison D'Ítre has a wardrobe for cross dressing and has style to die for, a wonderful sense of protocol and a naturally dominant manner, though this is nuanced with gentle moments and frequently hilarious interplay. Every meeting is different as she is immensely inventive, intelligent and fun, and she does not allow the submissive to run the scene; indeed, quite the opposite!

However, mistress takes care to understand your fantasies in depth and her deep and varied experience means that she can adapt to any level of play that may be desired. Be very careful what you wish for!

Madam is a consummate professional, utterly reliable, discrete and, beneath her most perfect and desirable exterior, She has a heart of gold. She is also a perfectionist. This prissy sissy maid has been lucky enough to kneel before her for a photograph which took more than an hour to get right, though the pain in my arched neck and knees was relieved entirely by the opportunity to look into her sparkling eyes, to watch her divine lips pouting at me and to admire her exquisite figure clad in her trademark corset and nylons. Is a maid permitted to lust after its Mistress? More punishment awaits no doubt.

This maid is hopelessly smitten with Madam and would happily devote itself to her service forever.

You will not be disappointed.

Miss Prissy Sissy Maid Caroline

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