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North West Mistress

With your North West mistress your experiences will be so intense than you have ever imagined. Trepidation, excitement and seduction are the order of the day. Training: humiliation: forced feminization; captivity; chastity; sissy maid training; canes and riding crops; restraints; BDSM games. And so much more than these. With your North West mistress, your encounters will be so much more rewarding that you have ever dreamed.

So what do you want from me, your North West mistress, to become my slave, my puppy or even my toy? My whole world or just part of it? You have been waiting so long for this moment. Your senses are near to overload as you imagine the pleasure and the pain that lies before you now with your mistress. If I am to fulfill your most secret dreams and your most incredible fantasies, you will need to submit to me unconditionally. To be enslaved by me completely. To trust your North West mistress totally if you dare.

Every minute of every day: you will feel your North West mistress deep, so very deep within your mind. I will touch every part of your psyche; and every nerve in your body, every fibre of your being will be unable to resist my power over you. Your submission will be complete. Your North West mistress demands no less than your total surrender to her: the most beautiful, seductive, perceptive and elegant mistress you will ever encounter. There will be no escape. For you will never want to escape from your North West mistress. And, oh yes, through your utter submission to her, you will literally explode with pleasure.

Madam Raison D'Ítre 

Five easy steps to meeting your Heavenly North West Mistress

Contact me by telephone: your North West mistress, call 0982 666 2200 or leave your contact details: name, phone number; and give me an idea of what it is you are looking for from your North West mistress: but do not even think of insulting me or embarrassing yourself by asking for sexual services: I am a professional lifestyle dominatrix.If I allow you to contact me by text message, send MRD to 89077 please be aware that you should never withhold your number. And that you should call me between 10 am Monday to Saturday. Otherwise your call might not gain my full attention. Which will be disappointing for you.

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