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Forced Feminization Service

Welcome to my forced feminization service be transformed into the ultimate feminine form and possibly appear in my forced feminization service gallery. Many different people from all walks of life come and visit me and use my forced feminization service, all tastes are catered for. Of course we only publish your photographs with written approval. Don't be shy,  do come into my forced feminization boudoir and have a look around.

Let me help you with your transformation from male to female in my forced feminization service boudoir. A forced feminization service is offered to TV, TS, transvestites. Mistress will transform you into a beautiful bride on her very special day, or that naughty little tart you have always wanted to be. Possibly a transformation into my personal assistant/secretary, all prim and proper ready to take notes and dictation. Perhaps even a little French maid in uniform with the very important task of taking care of my vast wardrobe of clothes. Or maybe that little prissy sissy maid, all fluffy and pink wanting to have her ringlets re-set. The list goes on and on within my forced feminization service boudoir.

Dressing Service Mistress

Relax in luxurious, dedicated surroundings, especially for the full forced feminization service experience. Within my exclusive immaculate, modern apartment, with private parking you will be transformed from male to female. Take a latte or a glass of wine with me. Discuss your ideas with your very own personal stylist, in my sumptuous boudoir. Browse my exclusive ranges, selection of lingerie, dresses, co-ordinates, shoes, wigs etc. Then having made your choices, the experience will begin. You know we only live once, so what are you waiting for? A full colour co-ordinated make over, choice of colour and style of wigs, nail polish or false nails, then dressed top to toe. I provide a wide range of services to make your dreams come true form feminization hypnosis to  various beauty treatments and I am quite happy to show my certificates of qualifications. 

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Forced Feminization

All you have to do is just explain your idea, and I will tailor a visit to suit you personally. I offer simply make up lessons to fully escorted trips out to the theatre, restaurant. Imagine taking that shopping trip with me your mistress for those shoes or clothes you have always admired and craved. Perhaps you are  for more of a night owl experience and want to go to a night club to really show off your style and elegance? Well young lady you have certainly come along to the right place.  How long have you waited? There is no time like the present, so pick up the telephone and lets discuss your adventure with me on a road less travelled with my forced feminization service.

Forced Feminization Service Gallery 1

Cross Dresser Julie Anne

Cross Dressing Service

Transformation of Julie Anne

Beautiful cross dresser Stephanie

Cross dressing


 Three Hour Forced FeminizationService Appointment  

The 3 hour forced feminization service appointment includes a comprehensive make over, wig or hair styling. Nail polish applied to finger nails and toes nails. Deportment class and unlimited access to my wardrobe and luxurious pampering & advice. Photographs are optional. Please note that this pricing is purely for the crossdressing service only. Most of you girls never find this enough time, should you wish to extend your visit you are more then welcome to do so at an extra £80 per hour.


Two hour Make Up Lesson Forced Feminization Service

Well everyone has to start somewhere, and here you can see Samantha just after applying eye shadow and false eyelashes. The before and after are incredible, Samantha is beautiful.


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Male to Female Make over Cross Dressing Service

Photographs are an Optional Extra £20  Forced Feminization Service

Once your transformation has taken place, mistress will photograph you. You wish to purchase the photographs taken, there will be approximately 20-40 digital photographs. They can  either emailed to you or sent to you by post on a CD ROM. One photograph will be digitally enhanced should you require anymore they will be charged individually.

Forced Feminization Service Gallery 2

Cross dresser Caroline Cross Dresser Emma Cross dresser Alison
Cross dresser Katie Cross dresser Kimberley Anne Transexual Evelyn
Cross Dresser Cross Dressing Katie Cross Dressing

Beauty Treatments Available At The Forced Feminization Service

From waxing, to false nails, manicures and facials. Eyebrow shaping, eyelash and brow tinting all available at my crossdressing service. I am happy to show you my certificates of training. If there is any other treatments you require, please do just ask.

Full Set of False Nails £20
False Eyelashes £5
Eyebrow shaping £10
Eyelash tinting £12
Back or Chest Wax £50
Full Luxurious Facial £60

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Events - Outings - Theatres - Restaurants - Night Clubs

The desire to dress up is one thing, stepping out once crossdressed is quite another and for many of you, this facet can be quite daunting and yet exciting at the same time. Do you identify with any of the following?

Have you secretly been crossdressing and have reached a time where you wish to explore the real world as your feminine self? Do you lack the self confidence or are too embarrassed to venture out on your own once you have crossdressed? Do you wish to share this special experience with someone who understands you and accepts you for who you are without fear of repercussion? Of course you do, then contact me and my forced feminization service.

Whatever your disposition, I encourage you to experience the world from your female perspective whether this is from a transgender point of view or a submissive one. I will assist with your preparation and transformation before stepping out together and you may opt for a brief experience or a more lasting one. Your ‘en femme’ outing will be individually tailored to your requirement and level of confidence and you can be assured that your experience will be a memorable one. Escorted trips can be anything from lunch to afternoon tea or perhaps that girly shopping trip you have always promised yourself. An evening out perhaps to the theatre or a restaurant. Prices for these services are on application and all out of pocket expenses must be met by the client.

Forced Feminization Service Gallery   

Miss Peacock Miss Alsion Miss Evelyn
Cross Dresser at Dressing service Cross Dressing Denise Cross Dresser Sophia 
Transvestite Miss Julie Anne Cross Dressing

Why Do Men Crossdress ? Forced Feminization Service

No one really knows why some men have the desire to crossdress. Most men who crossdress describe it as an outlet for stress, and they tend to want to crossdress more during times of tension at work or at home. Many crossdressers are very successful men, who by day run businesses, or may command a company that has hundreds of employees. They have to be all male and totally in control. They assert their dominance in a clear concise way, and their masculine behaviour is never questioned. These men are normally in a role of power and privilege, they are high achievers and true traditional males. Their thoughts or feelings may have been nurtured during childhood, with experimenting wearing their sister’s or mother’s clothes.

Some men get remarkable relief from tension simply by wearing women’s lingerie, including silk and satin fabric; it’s generally the feel, the touch under the exterior male clothing. A lot of men want to go no further than that with cross dressing. But as time goes on, step by step they want to experiment more and more.

Most transvestites, however, want to appear as female as possible in their outer garments, and most want to wear make-up. Men who crossdress are not mentally ill, far from it, they are just men expressing their feminine side, which is my opinion is a fantastic asset. Crossdressers they are able to see the male point of view, and the female rationalising behind most points or problems in their business and personal lives. From my own experience cross dressers and transvestites are kind generous people, and I am proud to say that a lot of my friends are cross dressers and/or transvestites. 

Crossdressers and transvestites have a problem dealing with the guilt, and feel they are letting down their families and friends. There is nothing to feel guilty about, inevitably they would be letting themselves down by suppressing such a powerful emotion, and in so doing have a detrimental effect on them personally.

Crossdressing is freedom to express you, becoming feminized. The journey can be subtle transformations, starting with back waxing but will overtime progress to eyebrow shaping and in the extreme, full breast implants. Male or female rationalising goes completely out of the window, as the crossdressing gathers momentum, and the craving can develop to extreme proportions. One thing is certainly true, if you are not happy and this is your release in life do not suppress it, we only live once.

How many times have I heard the word ‘Purge’, where the crossdresser has gone out and spent on fortune on clothes, make-up, shoes, only to feel that heavy burden of guilt, and then to throw them away. Please do not do it, because afterwards the loss of all your very precious belongings just makes you feel worse. If you wish to rid yourself of these items and want to know they will going to a good home, then please send them to me and my crossdressing service as I can make great use of them.


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What exactly is a transvestite? Forced Feminization Service

The word ‘transvestite’ means a person who likes to wear clothes of the opposite sex. Some dictionaries however add the words ‘for sexual pleasure’, but this is not always the case. Many crossdressers just feel comfortable rather than sexually aroused when they wear the clothes of the opposite sex. They want to experience the same admiration and praise that women appreciate from men for their beauty and elegance. Of course many do experience sexual pleasure from crossdressing and wish to indulge more by dressing as maids, and combining dressing with submissive activities.

Many transvestites often feel the need not just to dress up as women but also behave as a woman. Most male transvestites like being men. They do not feel they are women trapped in male bodies and they have no desire at all to become female by taking hormones or having surgery to remove their male genitals.

Crossdressing or offering a crossdressing service is not an offence in this country, or many western countries, you are not doing anything wrong; if it makes you happy and you have the opportunity to express your true self, then go for it, as life is far too short to be miserable.

Relationships Forced Feminization Service

Now here is a subject and a half, and I could talk about this forever. Many women feel threatened, and under attack by their male partner and their desire to crossdress. It undermines their own perception of their own sexually potency and desirability. It also questions entrenched gender roles, furthermore, most women gain little or no sexual pleasure from having their partners dress up and behave in this manner. Generally I believe it’s best to tread very gently and make certain you have a very strong relationship before disclosing this part of you. Women need to feel valued in the relationship and not undermined by this desire. Communication is vitally important and it may take some considerable time before your partner can except and begin to feel comfortable with crossdressing.

I have a love of crossdressers, and totally understand all aspects without being judgmental. Genuinely they are my one of favourite type of clients, and it’s wonderful to see them dressed at the end of a session with my forced feminization service.

Julie Cross Dresser Cross dresser in black  Cross dressing Julie 

Dressed From Top To Toe With My Forced Feminization Service

Here is just a small selection of what's actually available in my crossdressing service boudoir. Skirts and blouses, summer dresses, evening and cocktail dresses. Lots of pretty multi coloured petticoats with yards of fabulous frills. Silky slips, satin panties and bras, lots of lingerie. An abundance of corsetry, most I have are made by Vollers, old fashioned girdles reminiscent of the 1950's. Suspender belts, stockings, tights and hold ups. Shoes, mules and slippers.

Of course costume jewellery, necklaces, earrings, even tiaras to go with a wedding dress on your special day, sizes between 10 up to 24. Dozens of wigs, be that blond you have always wanted to be, or the sultry brunette. Fabulous hats, perhaps for a day at the races. Feathers boas and wraps to go with an all important evening gown.

Corsets Dressing Service Shoes Corsets
Corset Dressing Service Hats Dressing Service Corset
Lingerie Frilly Petticoats Lingerie

Male to Female Transformation With A Forced FeminizationService - Stephanie's Story

A crossdressers dream comes true to be given a transformation by a mistress and feminized from a male to a female at a forced feminization service boudoir. In the crossdressing boudoir, my transformation and forced feminization into the woman I deeply wanted to be is about to be realised. Transvestites’ dreams come true which is revealed in a makeover. With a wonderful wide selection of clothes, shoes and wigs that are available.

I must admit I loved the tightness of the designer Victorian tight lacing corset. It really showed off my wonderful hour glass figure. The pull of the satin suspenders felt divine on my newly waxed skin. The five inch lace welt, at the top of my stockings was tickling the very top of my thighs making me feel even more of a naughty girl, and into the minx I had always wanted to be. I tiptoed across the room to a velvet covered chair. I could see high heeled stilettos, and rows and rows of dresses, uniforms and frilly petticoats, ready for me to use. 

Firstly the make-up needed to be applied to my clean skin. I sat gingerly, very aware of the corset laces and the feel of the breast forms against my skin giving me the ultimate cleavage and bounce. My mouth was dry and I was aware of the sensual sensation of the silk panties on my bottom, truly divine. I sipped on Evian water as my crossdressing transformation was truly in progress now, and there was no turning back. I discussed with mistress certain colours of foundations that would suite me and my skin tone. Mistress and I both agreed and settled for pale beige cream that would really make my crystal blue eyes stand out.

‘Wait ‘said mistress ‘There is something extremely important I must share with you’. ‘Every girl knows that your skin has to be shaven, smooth and perfect for the base colour to be applied’. ‘Therefore cleanse tone and moisturise is one of the secrets to a great base to your make up’.

‘It certainly must be done before applying any make up darling’ explained mistress.

Taking a new slightly damp make up sponge, mistress smoothed the foundation cream onto my face. I felt a tingling sensation go down my spine, how very excited I was.

Mistress added ‘Make sure you always use upward strokes so not to pull the skin in the wrong direction'.

Mistress joked ‘We don’t want everything going south until it absolutely necessary, now do we?’

A golden pen like YSL blemish cover applicator appeared just to cover any blemishes or darkness around my eyes. Next came the translucent powder with a huge powder brush, lightly applied and I was already starting to see the difference. Luscious black eyeliner followed, both above and below my eyes somehow making them look larger, giving them a kind of kitten like look, very sexy, sultry the look I just adore. A deep bronze eye shadow was applied which really set off my blue eyes. Mistress expertly blended it in, with a very soft eye shadow brush. With a skilled hand mistress gently applied the black mascara, again YSL, no less, only the very best products for her girls.

Mistress outlined my lips with a luscious red liner and in filled it with a lip liner brush, daubed in a deep cherry passion shade. The lipstick and lip liner gave me a full feminine delicious kissable mouth. Mistress had earlier applied long false nail extensions expertly to each finger, and then with brush stokes applying the cherry passion matching nail varnish. A touch of colour to the apple area of my cheeks and it was finished, a true master piece.  

The corset was making me sit quite upright and straight my posture was that of a prim and proper school teacher, the transformation was truly in motion  and I really wanted to be that little minx inside me just waiting to get out. Mistress finally finished my make up the experience seemed to last forever it was wonderful.

'Dare I look’? Do I want to now? or shall I wait for the transformation to be complete’. I decided to have a quick peek.'

The reflection that looked back was astounding, the transformation was magnificent I hardly recognised myself. I felt my eyes well up with tears, but had to be strong, as mistress would be upset if the mascara ran, that she had just applied. The reflection in the mirror mimicked my every movement.

‘Could that really be me’? I turned away for a split second, and mistress was spraying me with Christian Dior perfume.

I stood there in the boudoir, savouring every single second. The feminine surroundings cream gold and black, with lashings of pink this and pink that. The textures and smells were overwhelming for me. Lace, satin in bright bold colours surrounded me, frilly sissy maid’s uniforms, with layered petticoats. Bridal gowns, to be that bride you always wanted to be on your special day. The bridal gowns were covered in sequins and pearls, bugle beads, and finest of silk embroidery. Ostrich feathers adorned all the beautiful hats. Mistress had a wide selection of ball gowns and lots of fabulous designer dresses. The shoes, always my favourite, rows upon rows of sexy stiletto heels and boots were to die for. 

I had a flush of excitement and had to hold myself up against the dressing table, as mistress brought forward a floor length black multi tiered taffeta, satin skirt. This was fastened neatly around my shapely waist. I just adore the feel of taffeta, the rustle, the swish it makes as you move, and the wonderful smooth texture against my skin.

Mistress sat me back down at the dressing table whilst fixing around my neck a large glamorous crystal choker. Mistress then proceeded to clip on the matching earrings gently in to place. How I wished my ears were pierced, but that’s just not practical, but maybe one day, I know mistress would want me to get my ears pierced.

Next the gloves, full length over the elbow, black satin opera gloves, stretched effortlessly over my fingers, pulled up the wrists and rolled gently to my forearms, and onto my upper arms. A wide crystal bracelet was added to my left wrist over the satin gloves. 

Now to the shoes, this had been the hardest choice to make, stilettos definitely, black to match the fabulous outfit, but should I wear sandals, open top, or a classic court shoe. I considered the thigh length PVC black boots, but maybe with this outfit, a little too tart, even though I wanted to be tart at times. Eventually I settled on a pair of 5inch heeled court shoes with a splendid silver spiked heel. The shoes were embellished at the front just above the toe with a crystal brooch like rose. I pivoted on the spot and placed one foot and then the other into the shoes, and like Cinderella going to the ball a perfect fit, just right.

Next my crowning glory, mistress made me sit again, even though I was giddy with excitement mistress began to place upon my head the wig that would be the final step in my cross dressing transformation. The wig was a long blond mane of never ending cascade of curls and ringlets, oh so very perfect. I took a deep breath in, and stood up. Mistress told me to close my eyes; mistress then took my satin clad hand and led me to a large ornate full length mirror on the dressing room wall. Where I was to see, the new me, the girl I had always wanted to be.

At last the photo shoot could begin lights, camera and action. This was included in my special to treat to myself. The beautiful woman hidden inside me was to be revealed with a photography session. To hold the memories for ever of this moment in time when I had made that first step on the transformation from male to female in a crossdressing service boudoir. 

Crossdressing Service Corset

By Stephanie, now a beautiful forced feminization woman, transformed from male to female with a fabulous forced feminization service.

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