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Feet Worship

One of my foot video clips is featured on the other page. Watch as my feet are trampling all over my slave. Feet worship, the touch and smell of my feet and shoes is totally irresistible. You will be begging for the opportunity to lick the toes, the heels, the soles of my shoes. Imagine the feeling of ecstasy when I finally allow you to lick them clean. Foot worship massage. I, the Mistress enjoy resting on a chair or sofa with my boot or shoe fetish slave lying as my footstool or human rug on the floor. Resting my sharp high heels into their back or, if they're really lucky, their nipples.

Watching them squirm and wriggle is so amusing. If my slave has been obedient and has pleased me, I may reward him by allowing him to give me a relaxing foot massage. I love the feel of strong hands and talented fingers massaging my feet and toes. Shoe worship and boot worship, only the very best behaved boot fetish submissive slaves sometimes get the opportunity to put a mirror polish on my favourite pair of laced-up thigh highs. They put on the polish and buff my boots to a sheen, then lick and buff the entire boot until it glows with warmth only very good leather that has been polished many times can have!

Feet Trampling

There is nothing better than to have you, my slave, fall to your knees and beg to worship my feet. Trampling, I love to wear my highest, spikiest heels for my one of favourite activities. Imagine looking up at me, your  mistress as I step onto you, as I walk up and down your body, allowing you to view me from beneath as my heels dig into your flesh. Can you withstand my tallest heels? I adore obedient slaves who enjoy the strictest treatment. I will take time to examine your body and find areas of weakness that merit special attention. Will you beg for mercy or beg for more?

Foot Video Banner

Foot smothering, perhaps you are a slave who enjoys having my feet covering your nose and mouth, completely overwhelming your senses. Forcing you to smell my feet, perhaps even taking your breath away until I decide you may breath again, completely in the power of my nylon stocking feet. Imagine being in heaven as all you can feel and smell are my beautiful feet pressing on you, overwhelming your senses and fuelling your desire for me. Only when I am convinced that you are truly under power will you be allowed to deepen your breath. 

Foot Video

Of course, if you are of a nervous disposition, don't worry, sweetie. Madam always plays with safety in mind and you won't be too badly hurt, unless you want to be of course. Foot fetish mistress, worship this mistress's feet. Foot fetish worship is to show your true adoration. I may even let you paint my toes nails, intensely massage my feet, pamper them belong belief. My feet only deserve the best treatment, I may allow you to pay for my weekly pedicures, or buy me all the most expensive nail polishes. You will kneel before me, and I will do as I like to you.

Should fortune smile upon you, I may just let you sniff and taste my feet when I have had them in shoes all day. Even better, let you indulge yourself in a full raspberry meringue. Sinking my feet into the most desirable soft fluffy cream with raspberries and strawberries, totally irresistible. So you're a true foot slave? Prove it, take me shopping for all the fabulous shoes I adore, high heels, stilettos, stockings, and delicate creams and lotions to keep my feet in sensational condition. Mistress's crimson red toenails, bare beautiful feet, leg worship, foot phone domination, arched soles, and the softest of heels. You're just addicted to my feet, go ahead indulge yourself, you know you want to. It's hard to resist me, isn't it......... 

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