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Forced Feminization 

Forced feminization hypnosis is what I will do to you my little transvestite, simply transformed by the forced feminization mistress to wear lingerie like a slut. How many of you have looked in the mirror and longed to be forced into feminization and be that female you have always wanted to be. Forced feminization mistress will feminize you into her dirty little slut. Forced feminization hypnosis is something mistress excels at and she will force you into feminization, into the woman you must become. It will be time spent with me, your forced feminization mistress, with lots of preparation to achieve that little extra confidence to make you go that step further.

Even if you are crossdressing for yourself you still want to achieve the prettiest you. Forced feminization mistress will make you into that dirty little tart not only will your appearance change but also you mind will change too. Cross-dressers step inside my boudoir and feel the wonderful silk and satin all over your body not only your body but your mind with my forced feminization hypnosis. Lots of make-up and a wig will transform you into the beautiful girl you have always wanted to be.

I will force you with forced feminization hypnosis into a tight lacing style corset to really give you that hour glass figure. The pull of the satin suspenders feels divine on your newly waxed skin. Lots of pink frills, petticoats, silk panties, stockings and stilettos await you. A forced feminization mistress is what you know you want and desire, don’t wait any longer you know you have been desperately seeking this for a long time; email me immediately to arrange your appointment for  to see me the forced feminization mistress.

That naughty girl that's deep inside you can step into my world, into my boudoir and goodness only knows what will happen to you next. I may make you into one of my little slut bitches, or a sissy maid, even one of my ladies in waiting. You will be used and abused, and do exactly anything I tell you to do with my forced feminization hypnosis and a transvestite transformation.


Forced Feminization Mistress Clip 1

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I am your Forced Feminization Mistress Madam Raison Detre

 Madam Raison Detre   Forced Feminization Hypnosis   Madam in leather   Mistress in corset

        Totally Feminine   Lips   Forced Feminization Hypnosis Girl   Eyelashes

Forced Feminization Hypnosis Wife

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Forced Feminization Mistress some of My Girls

Fem in PVC Red satin blouse Black pleated mini skirt Purple satin blouse
Feminized Lipstick  Beautiful Lips Make Up  Nail Polish Lips 

I have been perfecting this look on my girls for some time, now I want to share my special secrets with you. It's within your reach and you can pass it on to your friends (but I were you I would just keep them guessing!) I may, if you are very good, invite you into my boudoir and in a step by step session into forced feminization with me, your forced feminization mistress. Not only the outer that the world see’s but the inner and most importantly the subconscious mind will change and you will become my forced feminization slut.

You will witness your transformation into that forced feminization girl you have longed to be with large bright eyes and eyelashes to die for. Transformed into a lingerie assistant or sexy secretary or even that uncontrollable slut, unrecognisable and designed by me, your forced feminization mistress. From mouse to minx, still a little bit submissive but one who feels so confident about her looks she is able to flirt with her forced feminization mistress, but of course she would never dare! Forced feminization mistress is for you so what are you waiting for and remember with the added feminization hypnosis I will control not only your body but mind as well?

You will be stunned by your transformation as I apply makeup, beautiful lingerie and corset. An alluring wig and a gorgeous dress or costume and all the accessories are a must. It is important to note that a male's early desires to try on his mother's or sister's clothes are closely linked to sexual stimulation and pleasure. Typically the male is aroused by his appearance in a bra and panties as well as the soft silky texture of the material.

This initial experience for many prompts them to explore all items of female clothing: there are key milestones in the journey: the use of make-up, the smell of perfume, the thrill of the first wig, pair of heels and the laced restriction of the corset. The male will stimulate himself sexually while dressed, generally in front of a mirror. Forced feminization will enhance this even more. After there is sense of shame - this replaces the high charged emotions experienced while being crossdressed but lets take it a step further by controlling your mind with forced feminization hypnosis.

Forced Feminization Mistress Clip 3

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It is yet to be fully understood but many submissive cross dressers also experiment with forced feminization bondage, the majority explain this is to feel that they cannot escape from their feminine desires and appearance and who would really want to? With forced feminization hypnosis this is enhanced even more. There is also the strong association with denial and frustration at not being free to play with themselves. Here therefore the first seeds of forced feminization are sewn - "forced to be a woman” is music to their ears and this is a chapter in itself. Forced feminization chastity is an experience many will not accept but for those that do - or are forced to - the experience can be life changing. You know forced feminization hypnosis is definitely for you.

Chastity devices are available in various designs and in my forced feminization hypnosis chastity training section, I have chosen two that I feel are exceptional devices. One may need to experiment with the different styles - prolonged training in chastisement is only practice if the forced feminization chastity subject can wear the device with a degree of comfort although occasional sharp pains may be inevitable. All devices are typically locked with a small padlock which is held by the Mistress or key holder. If correctly fitted the only means of escape is by unlocking the padlock and the submissive girl is therefore totally at the my mercy. Locked up, brainwashed by the forced feminization mistress and transformed with forced feminization training is a perfect combination.

While chastised the desire to cross-dress will still be there but in the absence of sexual release it will inevitably intensify as will the submissive nature of the girl under forced feminization. At all times she will feel controlled when both with me and also while not in my company. Her thoughts will inevitably become more feminine and her emotional desires more introspective. She will still try to stimulate herself by stroking her nipples for example - these will become more important as a focus for her just as a woman. I train my chastised property to provide pleasure although they will be denied any pleasure themselves. The slave girl can only accept the delicious torment of chastity and the acute frustration of her situation.

Chastity should vary in length and intensity: after a long period of chastity freedom is equally a tool to play with. The slave girl will want to behave to avoid being chastised again. For the novice it is advisable to start with short periods of time but many will submit to very long periods of confinement. They will become used to the lack of sensations between their legs - many will start to think of themselves as real girls. Those initial childhood experiences will be replaced by a permanent need to be feminine and with the forced feminization mistress there is no turning back. They will become more and more dependent and devoted to me the key holder and under my absolute control.

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Why Do Men Wear Panties

Why do men wear panties? Another question that comes up a lot, pardon the pun. Some men who wear panties are straight and a lot of them are married. Some women just cannot get the gist of it, they think their man is queer, gay, but this does not necessarily follow. They think that the man in question is less of a man. They think men shouldn’t do those things, as we have all been conditioned from society at a very early age that boys should play with cars, and girls should play with dolls. That of course all men should be macho and be one of the boys. What happens if a woman wears her man’s shirt around the house or even to go out in, does that automatically make her a lesbian? Or if he were to say to her “Get that shirt off it looks disgusting on you”. “You look like a man”. How would she feel?

Imagine what would happen if all women were told by their partners or husbands that society has decided that no women should wear a man’s shirt. Not only that but women would not be allowed out in public wearing trousers, shorts, trouser suits, or jogging pants. Can you imagine the complete utter pandemonium it would cause? Feminists would be up in arms; there would be marches to Downing Street, signed partitions given to local MP’s. Local and national government would be involved, it would be absolute ciaos. Instead from that moment on, all women must wear dresses and skirts only, and all dresses and skirts must be on the knee or above for the rest of their lives. Sadly men are supposed to simply accept that they are not allowed to wear anything that is lacy, soft to the touch like satin and of course gloriously pink. In fact women’s underclothes or lingerie is totally out to men. I think we have all lost the plot, what really is the problem? Why can’t men wear panties, knickers or a thong? Or for that matter be forced into feminization with forced feminization hypnosis.

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Forced Feminization Mistress and Sissy

After plucking up the courage I decided that another visit to Madam Raison D’être was needed. Although my previous two visits to be transformed with forced feminization hypnosis had been very special indeed, the forced feminization Mistress seems to surpass herself with each visit. I was very nervous as the day approached as I really didn't know what mistress would have in store.

As I knocked on the door my heart was pounding seemingly more than ever before in my life, and when the door was opened mistress was there looking every bit the beautiful, seductive glamour model that she is. Perfect make up, with gorgeous red lipstick, deep eyes that mesmerise, stunning film starlet figure and legs that wouldn't be out of place on a Wolfords stockings advert, dressed in a gorgeous outfit showing herself off to her delicious best. Perfection personified. I knew that I was with the best forced feminization mistress around and an expert at forced feminization hypnosis but this was only the start of a wonderful few hours.

Forced Feminization Call 

After a nice relaxing chat, the forced feminization mistress took me deeply into trance; her perfect English accent taking me deeper than I knew was possible, planting suggestions to bring out my inner sissy maid to life, placing my own day to day persona away for a little while. It was time for sissy maid Tricia to come out and play, and mistress certainly knows how to play, or was this real? After being dressed in a gorgeous sissy maids outfit, with plenty of frilly satin layers, satin lingerie, tightly laced corset, stockings and suspenders, mistress applied the perfect sissy make up. She is a total expert and soon sissy maid Tricia was alive, wanting and needing to serve and obey the forced feminization mistress in every way possible.

Mistress set sissy maid Tricia to carry out some household tasks for her, hanging up on individual hangers all of her pretty lingerie but unfortunately it wasn't to the forced feminization mistress's very high standards and sissy maid Tricia knew that there was a price to pay for her misdeeds. Punishment was protracted and exacted as a clear sign to sissy maid Tricia that she MUST do better in future. Even when mistress had exacted the punishment there was more to come. Sissy maid Tricia was paraded around in impossibly 6 inch high heels with bondage straps applied, with the  forced feminization mistress mocking at every faltering step.

       Sissy Maid Tricia    Sissy Maid On Knees    Forced Feminization Nail Polish   Sissy Maid Forced Feminization   

The forced feminization mistress has a very wicked sense of humour and it was shown to sissy maid Tricia in such a way that she knew that next time things would have to improve. Once sissy realised that mistress was being serious about her intentions, sissy showed the forced feminization mistress that she was truly sorry for her transgressions mistress relented and showed her lovely caring side again with even more forced feminization. Sissy maid Tricia knew that it was being exacted for her own good, to improve her life as a sissy maid. Mistress is a true expert at the art of sissy training with forced feminization hypnosis and sissy maid Tricia is highly honoured to be part of mistress's sissy training programme.

To round off the afternoon mistress took sissy maid Tricia back into deep trance and experimented with her latest file, soon to be released. It is a wonderful forced feminization hypnosis experience and anyone reading this would be urged to buy it and feel the power of Mistress's voice deep within their soul. Sissy maid Tricia was given a real treat being mistress's guinea pig for her new forced feminization hypnosis mp3 release but of course sissy maid Tricia was there in person to experience the wonderful effects of hypnosis face to face not just the recording. After being brought back to my old persona mistress took the time to make sure that I was feeling good, and then I saw the clock, I couldn't believe it, where had the time gone. The session had over run, and Mistress was kind enough to let it be so.

I highly recommend the forced feminization mistress to you, she is not only the most gorgeous, wonderful woman that you could wish to see, she is also just as lovely inside as a outside plus a wonderful person. Mistress is not only someone I serve but also I am honoured to call her my friend too. Thank you Madam Raison D’être for an amazing forced feminization hypnosis session in real life, it was hypnotic, erotic and of exotic fun afternoon.

        Sissy Maid Tricia    Forced Feminization Hypnosis Sissy    Forced Feminization Hypnosis Maid    Forced Feminization Stiletoos

Forced Feminization Mistress Transformation

Arriving at Madams door, I was full of nervous anticipation as I did not know what Madam had in store. Madam looked her usual perfect self, the perfect model looks and figure, but with a dominant air that had not been seen before. Previous visits had been very special indeed where I had been hypnotized with forced feminization hypnosis into being a sissy maid, the perfect hypnotized sissy maid but this time Madam sounded a little more serious and I knew that something was afoot and this visit was likely to be a much more serious affair.

After the usual lovely welcome from Madam, I slipped out of my shoes wondering what was in store this time. Madam demeanour had changed somewhat and I was a little un-nerved by this. As I stood there with more than a little fear in my heart, Madam produced a bin bag and I was told in no uncertain terms that my male attire was going to be disposed of. I dropped my shoes into the bin bag followed by my t-shirt. This visit was taking a different direction to the others. Jeans too had to follow the t-shirt and shoes, I was nearly naked and this was more than un-nerving now.

        Transformation Begins     Shoes off    Clothes into bin bag   Clothes to be disposed

Finally my boxer shorts went into the bag too; I was now completely naked and scared. Where was this all going I thought, but there again visits had always been full of surprises and this was certainly another. Oh no, madam has told me to tie the bag up now and is pointing at the rubbish shoot, surely not? Surely yes, as I was made to dispose of all my male attire. Now I was getting to understand when Madam had told me that I should be nervous, very nervous. Madam then passed me a pair of gorgeous pink satin panties with gorgeous black frills. I knew that becoming a sissy maid was on its way but would I ever be able to return to my former male self? I slipped them on and the feel of the satin sliding up my male legs was something quite gorgeous.

            All clothes in bin bag    Frilly Panties    Breasts Forms and Stockings

Next were the pink satin suspenders, and silky smooth black stockings, I felt such a thrill running through me as I slid them up my legs and fastened them to the suspenders. And then some gorgeous breast forms, they felt so real and firm against my skin, oh to have the real thing I thought. But the forced feminization mistress  still had the deadly serious look in her eyes. This visit was truly turning out to be something very special and very different.

       Nail Polish    Foundation Application    Lipstick, Blusher and eyeshadow    Sissy Miad Tricia

After being lead through to the forced feminization mistress boudoir, the sissy transformation continued. A lovely pink nail varnish was chosen by Madam and I had no choice now but to accept my fate. But it did feel quite delicious being transformed into a sissy maid by such a gorgeous dominant lady. It felt so real and so wonderful but so scary now, where had my male attire gone? Did I care? Not at this moment in time, sissy maid Tricia was appearing for real and forever.

Now the forced feminization mistress took her time and with great care foundation was applied to my face, all maleness was now disappearing, and disappearing for ever and it felt so good. What else had Madam got in store today, would I ever be allowed to return? My male persona was going and sissy maid Tricia was appearing and it felt so good, so right and Tricia knew that whatever Madam had got in store was for her own good.

       Different wig    Pretty Sissy    Satin Blouses    Making the tea

The forced feminization mistress led her newly transformed sissy maid through to her dressing room. Sissy maid Tricia eyes couldn't take in the wonderful array of sissy outfits from ballroom gowns and gorgeous satin blouses, to silky and feminine maids outfits. Madam was in a particularly mischievous mood and chose a gorgeous pink satin maids outfit. Now sissy maid Tricia was ready for whatever Madam chose next.

After all the forced feminization mistress hard work sissy maid Tricia is taken into the kitchen to prepare for afternoon tea. Maybe that wasn't an evil glint in Madam's eye after all; Tricia breathes a sign of relief and fills the teapot ready for Madam's afternoon tea. After strict instructions on the etiquette of afternoon tea, Tricia carries the tea tray into Madam's drawing room to serve her a cup of tea. Nervously she pours the milk hoping that she has adhered to Madam's strict instructions. Sissy maid Tricia serves tea to Madam knowing that she will now be able to sit down and join Madam for a nice cup of afternoon tea and a chat.

       Sissy Pouring the tea    Sissy Gives cup of tea to Mistress    Sissy thinks she is having tea cup    Sissy maid with dog bowl

Oh dear, it seems that Madam has other plans, sitting down to drink tea with Madam was not on the agenda, oh dear sissy maid Tricia is now feeling quite nervous again. There was an evil glint in Madam's eye after all, what is Madam thinking? Tricia shivers at the thought; this wasn't quite as easy as she first thought. Madam? Please, do I have to drink my tea out of a dog's bowl? Sissy maid Tricia is now beginning to realise that being a sissy maid requires much more than a makeover and dressing up. Madam is now starting to put sissy maid Tricia in her place and teach her the basics of sissy maid training.

                                                  Sissy drinks tea     Sissy massages Madam feet

Oh the humiliation of drinking tea like a sissy doggy for the forced feminization mistress , kneeling on the floor and lapping up cold tea like a dog is not quite what sissy maid Tricia was expecting. She can hear Madam chuckling as the humiliation is exacted, but somehow it feels quite rewarding and a small price to pay for being allowed into Madam's presence. Sissy maid Tricia’s training has started and she now knows that Madam's has high standards that have to be achieved and maintained and sissy maid Tricia must know her place if she wishes to continue to serve Madam.

Afternoon tea service is over and sissy maid Tricia is relieved, it appears to have gone well. Now Madam calls sissy maid Tricia over to sit at her gorgeous feet. Kneeling up now and sitting there feels so wonderful and a gorgeous wonderful feeling runs through sissy maid Tricia as though something has dropped into place in her mind. Being sissy maid is no longer just a fantasy, Madam is bringing the fantasy to life and a huge smile appears on sissy maid Tricia face as she realises this. A huge rush of submissive sissy adrenalin is running through sissy maid Tricia’s veins now as she feels that whatever Madam asks of her would be carried out without question or thought.

Sissy maid Tricia tried hard to think back to earlier in the day when she arrived at Madam's apartment, but there was only a fuzzy memory of a male entering through the door and a bin bag with some clothes in being disposed of. It didn't really seem to matter anymore because the forced feminization mistress had obviously worked her charms. Whoever came in through the door earlier had been seduced, hypnotized and transformed by the forced feminization mistress into sissy maid Tricia and there was no going back. Sissy maid Tricia now belongs to Madam Raison D’être and it felt so good to be owned by such a wonderfully hypnotic and seductive woman. Sissy maid Tricia was the forced feminization mistress sissy forever.

Forced Feminization Mistress want you for her satin slut with Satin Slut Hypnosis


Forced Feminisation by the Forced Feminization Mistress

Nylons, panties, bra, suspender belt, corset, satin slip, high heeled shoes, make-up, jewellry, wig, a sumptuous gown. Each night, each day you may dream of caressing your body with ultimate femininity. You may rehearse in your mind just how you will prepare yourself as a woman. Just how, item by delicious item, you will clothe yourself as a woman. You seek the forced feminization mistress. Your dreams may be vivid and frequent. Or they may lie hidden deep within you. At some point every man asks himself what it is like to like to be a woman, perhaps even trying on in secrecy or mock bravado an intimate garment.

Many men however will demand far more than this: they are compelled by a very natural part of the person they really are to perhaps seek out the forced feminization mistress. Within them there is a need to express their essential femininity, to experience life as a woman, to think, to feel, to act like a girl. This is nothing to be ashamed of, nothing to regret, nothing to avoid. This is just a normal part of what it is to be a real person as we all are, with both feminine and masculine qualities. You may even have the strongest desire to be forced to be feminine with forced feminisation.

Someone to demand of you that you obey her commands to wear delicate lingerie, to adorn yourself in the most beautiful clothes, to prepare yourself with powder and perfume, with lipstick and wig and jewellry, with nylon stockings and stiletto heels. The forced feminization mistress becomes an urgent need for you. As you read this, you know that your desire is growing within you. You see in your mind’s eye your oh-so-feminine image in the mirror. You feel the softness and silkiness of lingerie against your skin, the gentle touch of long hair upon your shoulders knowing that your thirst cannot be quenched by thoughts alone, actions are required in the form of the forced feminization mistress.

And you are aroused by these images: again, this is entirely natural, for your mind and body are simply responding to your inner subconscious self. Madam Raison D’etre, the forced feminization mistress understands these dreams, these feelings and desires. As she weaves her spell around you, removing your cares, anxieties and inhibitions, you will come to understand far more about the person you really are. You will find a wonderful calmness within her presence, a calmness that just carries you away. And you will rejoice in the utter fulfilment and total contentment which the forced feminization mistress will bring to you. She will enable you to experience forced feminisation and she will also allow you to submit yourself to the exquisite joys of feminisation, guided by her own femininity, an expert, intelligent, and professional on every step of your journey.

You will be the woman the forced feminization mistress decides that you must be, as she sees into your innermost self far more clearly than will ever do yourself. Madam Raison D’etre the forced feminization mistress will liberate you. What are the main differences between feminisation and forced feminisation? A cross-dresser may dress simply for themselves: there is no ‘force’ involved, except that which arises from their own subconscious. The decision is their own: to wear this or that bra, to pull on these or those panties, to be demure or provocative. But this can be and often is an isolated and lonely existence. It is so often a private and secret world.

We all need friends to admire and to guide us in our choices as a woman. The forced feminization mistress revels in her forced feminisation of you. It is so very easy to make mistakes, especially when you have spent years under the yoke of male stereotyping and prejudices. Madam Raison D’etre is beautiful, elegant and seductive, she will be at your side, accentuating the positive feminine and eliminating the negative masculine. Guiding those important decisions that only the forced feminization mistress can make for you. The feelings within you may have begun when you were young, trying on your mother’s or your sister’s underwear. Even now you may open your partner’s lingerie drawer and 'borrow' her satins and silks.

Then as now you may have been desperate to avoid discovery, free yourself of your manhood for a few simple yet revealing hours in the presence of the forced feminization mistress, then bask in the silkiest satin of all, your one true self. But within you there may have been also an underlying need to be discovered, to find that your mother or sister understood your needs and helped you on your journey. It would have been such fun. And that need for discovery is probably still within you. Madam Raison D’etre the forced feminization mistress will discover the real ‘you’: what has been hidden will be revealed but very discretely, as the forced feminization mistress is the epitome of discretion.

You may have fantasized about being dressed by another woman by ‘force’ so that you had no choice. Madam Raison D’etre, the forced feminization mistress will fulfill that fantasy for you, as often as you desire, either through her forced feminisation hypnosis mp3’s or even through one-to-one personalized appointment. An appointment with the forced feminization mistress is difficult to attain as she only see’s whom she wishes. You can’t telephone her as she is very selective you have to email her and she chooses you, you don’t choose her. The forced feminization mistress is extremely fussy on whom she sees and has high standards therefore make sure when writing to her to tell her all about yourself and perhaps if you are one of the lucky ones you may be chosen to be forced into forced feminisation by a beautiful woman and how lucky you would be. Being forced to submit to the will of another is essentially an erotic experience: you will be aroused, and that is normal with the forced feminization mistress.

Your inhibitions may be very strong indeed. The thought of entering a lingerie store and buying a bra and panties may fill you with terror. Even buying online may totally intimidate you, as you fear discovery, no matter how discrete the package. But you are reading this because you must, because your desire is just as strong as your inhibitions. You may not be able to take that step alone, into the world of feminisation: you need Madam Raison D’etre to take your hand and become a student of the forced feminization mistress. The forced feminization mistress is there for you: she will make the decisions for you, she will lift the burdens from you, so that forced feminisation will bring you relief and an end to what may be an intolerable inner tension.

For some, the need for forced feminisation with a forced feminization mistress may lie in a more general desire for BDSM experiences, in which the act of submission itself may appear to be the dominating influence. Yet even here, because of our male-female nature, what might seem to be one BDSM experience amongst many is actually an essential need. There are apparent differences between feminisation and forced feminisation. But these differences are superficial. When you are ‘simply’ feminized there will be the appearance of choice on your part: you will think that the decisions are yours alone. In a sense this is true. Yet you know in your heart that all you do arises from deep within your nature. Fight it as you may it won’t go away, those feelings burst all over you in waves.

So the compulsion is there nevertheless. Your subconscious is forcing you towards thinking, feeling, dressing, acting like a woman. Because this feminine world is likely to be unfamiliar and strange, difficult so often to comprehend, you will need a guide, a teacher and the forced feminization mistress is perfect for you. With forced feminisation what may have been hidden within is now revealed openly to you. You are being forced to be free, and genuine freedom comes from the act of free submission, of giving yourself to another but also knowing you are safe and secure in the world of the forced feminization mistress. Madam Raison D’etre is your guide and instructress, the perfect forced feminization mistress she is waiting for you to free you from your everyday grey world of suits and decisions.

The Train Journey and my Forced Feminization Mistress

Little Stephanie got on board the train and nervously made her way to the first-class compartment and sat next to the window. Still clutching her matching handbag she took out her Mont Blanc pen and pink notebook to record the events of the journey for her forced feminization mistress. All feelings and observations must be noted.

Before the Beginning

“He felt uneasy as his forced feminization mistress drove him along the familiar roads to the station. The woman within him had grown stronger and he had grown weaker since the operation. His mind was confused by lack of sleep, the constant brainwashing and the strong hormones she had insisted he now take on a daily basis. He had spent the night heavily sedated and chained in a cage, his bottom pink from the caning. His forced feminization mistress had bathed him in the morning and dressed him in the prettiest clothes. He felt very feminine as he looked down at his soft smooth legs. His false nails so highly polished. His mind so totally controlled by his forced feminization mistress.”

“The car stopped outside the station and the pretty woman opened the door and stood nervously on the pavement. He knew he had no choice. His forced feminization mistress had told him he had no choice. Before he knew it the car drove away and he was left to walk slowly to the platform to wait for the train."

"He felt the wind lifting his skirt, his breasts bouncing inside his bra, heart pounding and the sound of his heels as he walked. Would he or wouldn't he get on the train? ‘You will,’ the voice of the forced feminization mistress told him. ‘You have no choice,’ the voice reminded him. ‘You are my girl and you will obey me,’ his forced feminization mistress repeated again and again.”

“He found his seat, removed his coat and smoothed his skirt. He sensed the feminizing presence of the silky dress on his body, his long curls, the familiar smell of his perfume and the bracelet on his wrist. He must obey his forced feminization mistress and he will obey her. Total surrender."

Prologue for the Forced Feminization Mistress

My forced feminization mistress has changed me over time: her methods are ruthless and demanding at times but also subtle and profound. So the early experiences of feminisation become the norm. Now conditioned to want to give in to my forced feminization mistress as a submissive I regularly book appointments at the beauty salon. I hate any sign of masculine hair on my body. My eyelashes first tinted brown are now black. My eyebrows are constantly shaped and thinned. I cannot remember the last time my toenails were not painted and will always prefer that my fingernails are too. I wear lingerie every day, the most delicate and lacy of panties I can find. My forced feminization mistress had originally approved of my choice of clothes and has continued to guide me on the appropriate styles that will best suit her little Princess. She insists that her girls look the best at all times and is selective about who served within the inner circle of forced feminization mistress submissives. I am one of the lucky ones.

 Chapter One and the Forced Feminization Mistress

The day in question had been discussed many times and as it was her choice and I had to agree it was always inevitable it would take place. Preparation was key for the forced feminization mistress and the submissive who failed to prepare properly would soon be discovered and demoted or worse still banished. That fact was known very well by the select few forced feminization mistress special girls. At this stage in their journey they could not survive without her. Therefore their preparation was perfected over time and their personality changed as a result. They became more willing, less strong and obedient to the will of their forced feminization mistress.

She did not need to tell me what was required for it was now conditioned within me to constantly please my forced feminization mistress and live for the occasional complement she may pass. So yesterday I had run a warm perfumed bath to make sure there was no unwanted hair after my recent waxing. I gazed proudly at the result, my smooth feminine arms were a clear example of how far I had come on my journey of femininity. I had experimented with a new colour of nail polish the day before. Although the shade was pretty and feminine the quality was poor. I knew my forced feminization mistress would not accept my fingernails in their current state. I removed the old polish and applied two coats if the most expensive polish I could find - fuchsia pink, with a topcoat from Dior. They looked and shone beautifully. Later I chose my favourite nightie and slept surprisingly peacefully despite my excitement and nervousness at the day ahead of me.

Here I am, Miss Stephanie Pink in all my glory

           Forced Feminization Mistress Train   Miss Stephanie Pink   Reading The Scotsman Newspaper   Newspaper and Receipt

I knew exactly how long I had to get ready for my forced feminization mistress. I showered with rose pink soap and perfumed my body with Miss Dior perfume. I t was a bright summer day and I took my time with my make-up. Gold eye shadow surrounded by light brown and chocolate tones, brown eyeliner and thick black mascara. Pink cheeks and lips. All for my forced feminization mistress. I chose my best pale pink lingerie and a summer neutral tone for my stockings. My forced feminization mistress wanted to see me in my dress with and without the stiff lace petticoat. Her decision was clear my forced feminization mistress said the petticoat would be worn as it showed off the skirt of the dress to its fullest extent and swished deliciously as I moved. She zipped me into my pink dress and fastened the hook and eye at the top of the zip.

My forced feminization mistress looked at me, ‘There pretty girl now let me brush out your curls. You must look your best for the journey.’ Finally I slipped on my sliver strapped sandals and summer jacket to match my dress. My handbag was packed with make-up and perfume and a small amount of money. I was not allowed to have any form of communication and my phone was confiscated. ‘Do you have your train tickets?’ my forced feminization mistress asked. "Yes," I replied nervously.

Chapter Two and the Forced Feminization Mistress

I sat in the passenger seat on the way to the station with my nerves and emotions bundling inside me. The traffic was quite heavy and we arrived at the station with very little time to spare. ‘Quickly now or you will miss your train,’ my forced feminization mistress said. I opened the door and timidly stepped out of the car. My forced feminization mistress drove off and left me. It was now or never and I felt I was already drawing curious looks from many of the people outside the station. I walked through the busy station entrance, my heart bounding sensing my dress blowing in the wind and balancing delicately on my heels I moved slowly and carefully. Just as my forced feminization mistress had taught me.

A policeman stood at the top of the stairs to the platform but I did not hesitate and walked towards him passing as closely as I could so he could smell my gorgeous perfume. He said and did nothing. In my mind the image of my forced feminization mistress continued to encourage me onwards. The staircase down to the platform was long and the steps were narrow, with each step the skirt of the dress flounced in front of me and I the light breeze caught my blond curls.
Arriving at Platform 11, I drew a deep breath. People looked at me and I felt very self-conscious in my pretty clothes. Although they looked no one said anything to the tall, well-dressed passenger waiting for her train which finally arrived a little later than scheduled. My forced feminization mistress had booked a window seat for me in the ‘quiet’ carriage H. I thankfully quickly found my seat and sat down feeling a lot more secure than standing on a platform full of people. Just as my forced feminization mistress knew I would.

“Why did I agree to do this?” I asked myself again and again. ‘Because you have no choice " I heard my forced feminization mistress say. The train began to move and I was on my way to Edinburgh.

The three other seats around the table were empty but one of them had been reserved. I smoothed down my dress carefully arranging the petticoat underneath so the skirt of the dress spilled on to the seat next to me: my stomach ached with anxiety and anticipation. My forced feminization mistress had said that I would feel an intense thrill of expectation at my appearance and the journey ahead of me. My jewellery was simple and not overstated. The necklace and bracelet were gifts from my forced feminization mistress and I wore a cluster of rings on the wedding finger of my left hand.

The two large stones glistened and sparkled in the sunlight. I began to experience how a woman must feel as the petticoat rustled on my silken legs and the long blond curls cascaded and flowed around my pretty face. I could feel the straps of the sandals gripping my feet and ankles and the delicate straps of the bra around my shoulders. There was no turning back. My forced feminization mistress had ordered me to travel to Edinburgh fully dressed for the world to see and then to return. This, my forced feminization mistress had said, was the first of many such adventures and journeys she would make me complete. My life was no longer my own. I was no longer male but a submissive female. My servitude to my forced feminization mistress was complete and non-negotiable. I was and would always be her bitch forever.

Chapter Three and the Forced Feminization Mistress

The first hour of the journey away from my forced feminization mistress was uneventful and I started to relax as we arrived at a number of stations where passengers joined and left the train. I sat prettily in my window seat but no one joined me. Oh how I longed for my forced feminization mistress to be with me. The guard checked my ticket and then coffee was served. The two ladies serving were polite and considerate which made me feel more comfortable again. I regularly check my make-up, applied lipstick and sprayed perfume on my neck and wrists. Just as I knew that my forced feminization mistress would wish me to do.

I began to feel like the woman my forced feminization mistress insisted I become. I was pleased I had made an effort to look as smartly dressed as I could. No one seemed to take much notice of me and I became more and more relaxed as the woman I longed to be. It would however be nice to receive some attention. I imagined my forced feminization mistress sitting opposite me: two beautiful ladies together on their journey to Scotland. My forced feminization mistress would draw inevitable admiration form those around her and I dreamt of the day we would travel together to Edinburgh. Dressed to kill.

I thought about the pretty clothes I was wearing. The clothes which my Forced feminization mistress had so carefully approved. The Janet Reger designer lingerie with the bras decorated with lace and bows and the panties to match. Stockings from Jasper Conran: more expensive than the standard from M&S and I could feel and see the difference. My open toed sandals with two straps across the front and fastened with a strap around the ankle. They were silver in colour with jewels on the straps and a modest but clearly feminine heel. My dress in my favourite of colours: pink which I know my forced feminization mistress so likes me to wear. With a floral design from Jacques Vert with straps of ribbon and a matching belt my forced feminization mistress had tied in a bow around the waist.

My short-sleeved summer jacket framed bodice of the dress in a tailored well-co-ordinated fashion. My forced feminization mistress had brought out my true femininity with blonde hair, shade of make-up and perfume chosen to match my delicate personality.  Almost the finished article. But perhaps not quite as confident as I should be.  I felt ‘his’ eyes looking closely at me and my nerves returned with a huge rush. I felt flustered and self-conscious and it was still a whole hour before Edinburgh when I would again have to leave the relative quiet comfort of the train carriage. I ordered a gin and tonic in a futile attempt to calm my nerves.

I thought about the short amount of time between trains and how I must spend it. I had not been to Edinburgh station before and I was unfamiliar with the layout or the shops available. It would be good to find a phone box to call my forced feminization mistress if I could. If there was a champagne bar I might order a glass and enjoy the looks I would undoubtedly receive. I needed to buy a paper to prove to my forced feminization mistress that I had obeyed her. Perhaps next time she would make me stay longer and go shopping in the city or even to stay overnight, now to leave the train and get my bearings.

Fifteen minutes to browse and six minutes to find the platform and get back on board for the journey homewards to my forced feminization mistress. And what if I missed the train ... part of me wanted this and to be trapped in the station for another two hours. The serving staff are cleaning up the tables. They are friendly and happy to talk. They treat me as any other passenger. It feels nice to be accepted and considered as a woman. Non-judgemental. No curiously or prying stares from them. Women are so much more appreciative and understanding than men. My forced feminization mistress is now very strongly within every thought.

Chapter Four and the Forced Feminization Mistress

The train arrives a few minutes late and I find myself amongst a group of Japanese tourists who by the look of their luggage have brought half of Japan with them. I wait patiently as the gentlemen offload half a dozen large suitcases while a ladies voice chivvies them along in their native tongue. They apologise for making me wait but it gives me the chance to compose myself seeing the platform so busy with people coming and going. I climb a long flight of stairs as gracefully as I can, as gracefully as my forced feminization mistress would ask me to be, and choose the exit on the left. I am aware of the looks I am given but it appears they are just in recognition of this well-dressed passenger who must be attending a formal engagement of some description given her pretty summer dress and ensemble. My forced feminization mistress will be proud of me, I hope.

The first exit simply leads to a main road so I return inside the station, carefully taking the escalator in my heels to the lower level to a limited number of stores. I browse in W.H. Smith buying a newspaper and small gift from Scotland for my forced feminization mistress. I ignore the self-service option and wait in line to be served by a young man who provides me with a bag and I place the purchases inside methodically as a woman would. You see I have to prove I went all the way to Edinburgh by purchasing the newspaper and getting a receipt. Back outside I look for the cocktail bar I hoped might be there but there is only a drinking bar full of men and I wouldn't be seen dead in there for all the right reasons. Again, I just know my forced feminization mistress will approve. I enter a small off-licence.

"Hello," the assistant says brightly “can I help you “ The assistant is Eastern European by her accent and I ask her if they sell small bottles of champagne. She checks with the manager but they do not so I thank her politely and leave the store.

Suddenly a wave of nervousness overcomes me as I realise where I am and how I am dressed. The dress swishes about me and I can only take the smallest steps in my heels so I decide to simply stand in the middle of the concourse as if I have no cares at all. My forced feminization mistress is with me every moment, encouraging me, praising me. I stand coquettishly on one heel flicking back my curls behind my shoulder, smoothing my skirt and fumble in my handbag for some imaginary missing item. I can imagine my forced feminization mistress smiling.

 My train is to leave from the same platform at which it arrived; and when the departure is confirmed people rush for their seats and I am caught in the middle of this group of passengers. I feel strangely alone as there is no one to talk to and no one to tell her how gorgeous I look: just a mass of folk catching a train. Thinking of my forced feminization mistress, I put this sadness behind me and find my seat for the return journey. The train departs and very quickly the guard arrives to check my ticket. Thank goodness she is female! I know that someday, I hope soon, my forced feminization mistress will help me to gain the confidence I need to deal with all and any situations.

I carefully arrange my dress and sit quietly feeling a little mysterious behind my sunglasses. Next stop Carlisle. The gin had made me thirsty and it would be some time before the refreshments were served but I know there is a small fridge in the middle of the carriage so I make my way carefully down the centre aisle to get a bottle of water. One passenger starts to stare and, just as my forced feminization mistress would do, I return his glance defiantly and he turns his eyes away. I begin to enjoy myself and my appearance. My clothes comfort and to some extent protect me and I love the feminine emotions rushing inside of me.

Chapter Five and the Forced Feminization Mistress

The miles were slipping by and I do not want the journey to end. Even though I am speeding towards my forced feminization mistress. I need a comfort break so I walk the length of the carriage to find the loo. Enjoying all the looks. It was quite an exercise lifting up my dress and petticoats while on the loo but I wanted to experience all a girl would have to in such circumstances. Finally checking myself in the mirror I the return to my seat. A girl arrives with the drinks trolley and I order a red wine. "There you go, my love," she says and I melt inside. I only had a sandwich for lunch and I feel sure that the wine will go right to my head …, which it does. I know my forced feminization mistress prefers white wine, and perhaps in time so will I.

"Now arriving at Penrith," the announcement informs us: "Please take all of your belongings and report any strange behaviour to staff or the police.” None in Carriage H of course! Just a girl sipping her red wine and smiling quietly to herself as she thinks of her forced feminization mistress. How pretty she is.....

I was so pleased that ‘he’ had not shown up. What a pain and a bore he can be at times. I did hope forced feminization mistress would continue to reduce him to a small part of my existence. I know I am getting stronger - my voice and character often now take control and ‘he’ has to take a back seat. Today was a good example. He was nowhere to be seen. My forced feminization mistress had judged the time for such an adventure to perfection. The more I am dressed and forced to discover my true self the better it will be for everyone. I feel alive. I feel good. I was such a lucky girl.

A huge submissive rush overwhelms me. I am overwhelmed by all my forced feminization mistress has done for me. I love the clothes I am wearing. I feel in a dream of relentless feminine thoughts and emotions. I am prepared to do anything for my forced feminization mistress and will obey all her wishes and instructions. To remain her special girl for all to see.

Chapter Six and the Forced Feminization Mistress

Outside the hills and valleys of the Lake District are a spectrum of greens. I wonder if I would look good in green. Pink of course would always be my favourite but I should experiment more with my wardrobe. I will ask my forced feminization mistress as she will know. I definitely need more dresses like this one. Perhaps my forced feminization mistress would take me shopping. We could have lunch in Harrods or at Selfridges. We would hire a pink limousine and giggle in the back surrounded by all our purchases. Then one further step as the artist lifts up my pretty dress and pulls down my panties while my forced feminization mistress chooses a flower to be tattooed that will indicate quite clearly her possession, her ownership. Of me. At present I have a platinum chain around my neck with a platinum heart attached which simple says, my name and 'I am the sole property of Madam Raison Detre'. I find this such a comfort knowing my forced feminization mistress is with me always.

Some who read this may find my story to be quite strange, a little odd. However there may be some of you who can begin to understand how I feel. As my forced feminization mistress says, life is too short. And why should it be straightforward and understandable. How dull! If you have emotions and feelings you are not sure of, do not bury them. How fortunate I am to have found my forced feminization mistress who encourages me to live life to the full. If you are as lucky as I have been you may learn to express them openly. Express the inner you inside. Over time we are conditioned by the norms around us but they do not always bring out the best we can be. So if you find yourself wondering about the girl within you. Live a little. Buy that dress and those shoes. One day you may find yourself on the same journey as myself. A return trip to Edinburgh organised by my fabulous friend, my forced feminization mistress. Love and kisses Your girlfriend Stephanie. 

Notes on Forced Feminization

If you asked a class of University undergraduates what they understood about forced feminization it is unlikely their response would be helpful unless of course it was based on their own specific experience. Most literature on the subject is poor typically supported by some unlikely graphics of males helplessly bound in trashy lingerie. The subject of forced feminization however is far more complicated than one might imagine and those skilful and knowledgeable of the art would tell you so. It is a fact that many women prefer women but there are a surprising number of women who prefer their men to be women and fortunately enough men who are prepared to try on a bra and panties. That may indeed be their first step to being forced into feminization and if so they are unlikely to experience a journey of complete forced feminization for frankly that have started way too late.

A strong woman will quickly recognise the submissive and feminine side of any man and many of them choose to exploit that knowledge. What does that mean? Contrary to many commentaries it does not mean the submissive is beaten senseless on a continuous basis until they give in: true forced feminization is much more sophisticated although the occasional beating will inevitably be employed just to keep the forced feminization girl in her place.Physical submission momentary and short lived, what is far more powerful is emotional and psychological control. Indeed for a forced feminization process to truly be complete a man must live a female and a male existence but the female psychology will ultimately take over from the male. The process does not happen overnight and does not take months but years. The signs and evidence of the transition will be many and next to follow here are a few for the record on your journey of forced feminization.

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