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Male Chastity Training

Mistress loves dominating men and women, and particularly enjoys male chastity training; she holds the key and also offers a chastity key holding service. Of course not forgetting distance training mistress has contractual slaves within her chastity key holding service that serve her from all of the country. The first photograph sees the mistress in a beautiful full length pose. Wearing a black satin and sequin corset. Stockings and suspenders complete the divine goddess stance.  Next shows, the mistress depicted as Goddess Of Victory by French fetish artist Nanshakh with all of her slaves in male chastity training.

As I am sure you are aware the greatest erotic photographer of all time in the whole wide world is Mr John Dietrich and throughout my wonderful website you will see the magnificent photographs he has taken of me on virtually every page. I am honoured to be photographed by him and to call him my friend even though sometimes he does go into the prima donna syndrome which makes him somewhat difficult but I just put that down to his artistic temperament and so give him plenty of poetic license. John I send you a hundred thousand kisses and say to all other mistresses of the world, should you want stunning photography then John Dietrich is the man for you.

Chastity Key Holding Service

As a service to all of you who deserve to be kept in chastity the mistress is thrilled to be able to offer her exclusive chastity key holding service for a fee. You will find more details on her male chastity training page.

Male Chastity Training Email

It was 2 weeks since first email contact with Madam Raison DíÍtre. In correspondence and from her personal website, Maid Nicola had been captivated by the mistress's mature beauty and dominance. Her elegant demeanour has struck a chord in the desire of the sissy maid. As instructed, maid Nicola had abstained from masturbation for the whole two weeks, and on Tuesday she received by post a small padlock with no keys and a small plastic KSD2 device for use with a CB3000 chastity device. The following morning, as instructed, maid Nicola prepared herself for her first meeting with the mistress and her male chastity training.

After her routine shower, shaving, and make up, Nicola dressed in a black basque with dark grey nylon stockings. Next Nicola fitted the ring of the CB3000 around the base of her sissy cock and balls inserting the locking pin into place. Next, using a spare nylon stocking she threaded her sissy cock first into the KSD2 device and then into the chastity cage. "Points of Intrigue" were then fitted before the whole ensemble was closed together and so began her male chastity training.

With trepidation and after a moment of hesitation, maid Nicola took the padlock she had been sent by mistress and placed it into position on her penis before locking it shut. An awful thought crossed her mind. She was now firmly in male chastity training and committed to the mercy of her new mistress. Hurriedly, Nicola finished dressing and when done looked at herself in the mirror. She looked good and very convincing with her androgynous bobbed hairstyle and slim build. The black basque looked suitable under her dark grey business jacket and her dark grey nylons accented her knee length matching skirt. 4" black court shoes finished the outfit off and gave her the confidence to step outside and go to her car, this was her first experience of male chastity training.

Male Chastity Training

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                                                                    Male Chastity Training Sissy

After setting off, the journey was fairly uneventful, except for the frustration and pain every time her sissy cock tried to erect in its cage. Unfortunately no erection could be gained with male chastity training. The "Points of Intrigue" were very effective in curbing her arousal and the inclusion of the KSD2 device meant there was absolutely no chance of pulling out. Her balls ached and her prostate felt full but she knew that the chastity key holding service was exactly what she needed and mistress was going to ensure the male chastity training was followed correctly.

At last Nicola arrived at their pre arranged meeting place, a restaurant near the mistressís residence in the North West. Mistress was already there and enjoying a glass of champagne at a quiet table. She offered Nicola her hand and asked the sissy if she had received the lock and carried out her instructions to use it. Nicola affirmed this and noticed mistress toying with a small key on the end of a chain around her neck. Mistress then allowed it to fall into her white blouse between her lovely breasts. She then instructed Nicola to follow her to the ladies toilet.

The mistress looked truly magnificent when she got up in her black business suit, seamed stockings and patent high heels. Once in the ladies, Mistress ordered the sissy to drop her skirt. Anyone could have come in but the sissy nevertheless did as she was instructed as all sissies should do while in male chastity training. Mistress was pleased with what she saw and she carefully inspected the chastity device and caged sissy cock. Reaching into her handbag, mistress took out a large black butt plug and prepared it with lubricant.

Nicola was ordered to bend over, allowing mistress to insert the plug. Nicola gasped as the widest part of the plug was pushed home and her sphincter gripped the narrow neck of the phallus nestled in her rear and her male chastity training was well under way. Maid Nicola groaned with the pleasure and the pain of her arousal in chastity, before she was ordered to pull her skirt back up. Both mistress and maid returned to their table where they enjoyed a light lunch and glass of champagne. Naturally the sissy maid paid for the pleasure. When the bill arrived, mistress explained to the waitress that Nicola was a TV maid hoping to enter into the service of mistress and was at that very moment in a chastity key holding service.

To make her point mistress ordered the sissy to curtsey, drop to her knees and kiss both of mistress's shoes. The waitress giggled and smiled at both customers before departing with the credit card machine. When she returned, the female owner and two other waitresses appeared from the kitchen area whispering to each other  no doubt about male chastity training. After paying, mistress made the sissy girl repeat her curtsey and kiss her shoes again drawing more giggles from the watching staff. Both mistress and maid then left for Madam Raison DíÍtre residence and the exciting prospect of maid training and servitude with the poor little sissy maid well and truly in male chastity training.

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