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Sissy Maid Gallery

Take a look at my wonderful sissy maid gallery. Second row, centre photograph is one of the mistressís delightful sissy maids, extremely polite and a pleasure to teach. Here you see her dressed in her black and white satin, upstairs French maids uniform. You can hear the petticoats swish as this sissy maid moves gracefully throughout the chambers. The sissy maids black and white apron is immaculate and she is a good girl and makes sure all her chores are done to perfection. The sissy maids stockings are perfectly straight, and oh my goodness that seam at the back, she checks with a t-square to make certain they are straight. Shoes, well always black with a black and white maid costume, and so highly cleaned and maintained you can see your face in the patent leather.

Sissy maid Suzie has not a hair out of place, her pink lipstick is the most perfect shade of pink I have ever seen.  A true vision of loveliness, all frothy petticoats and smiles. Of course she is still in French maids training, totally submissive to her mistress and needs plenty of discipline with just enough BDSM humiliation to keep her in her place. An essential addition to any ladies household. Totally respectful, punctual, hardworking and obedient.  I am so proud of all my sissy maids. Of course only the best will do, and you do want to be your best, don't you?

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French Maids Training

A good French  maid in training is one who is always sissified from top to toe, in her French sissy maid uniform, obviously with sissy maid lingerie especially a fully boned tight fitting corset to give the prissy sissy maid an hour glass figure. All locked up in her chastity device, and plugged for BDSM humiliation.Always ready and willing to serve her mistress and looking her best for mistress and to take pride and honour in the fact that she is her mistressís property. A true and pure mistress slave relationship.

A good French maid will have a uniform for every type of task that could be asked of her. A good French maid will think only of how she can better her mistressís life, by taking care of mistressís every need. A well trained French maid will not think of any pleasure she may get from the way she is dressed or treated but instead should see it as the pleasure the mistress gets from having her sissy maid dressed ,treated or punished in this way. A French maid will take and love any punishment that is given to her as seen fit by her mistress weather the sissy maid feels she deserves it or not.

French maids in training must be capable of doing their chors that they have been given without the mistress having to stand over and watch the sissy maids performance. A true French maid in training will know all the basics of running the mistressís household including cooking and cleaning of the house as well as being able to prepare the mistress for her daily routines. This includes running mistressís bath, and towelling her dry. Manicuring and polishing her mistressís nails. Selecting which clothes her mistress has ordered to wear for the day. Helping to dress mistress and especially pulling in the laces to her corset. Preparing mistress for any social functions or dates she may have to attend.

French maids in training must know their places and never ever embarrass their mistress and should always be submissive in front of mistressís friends and family or anyone else she chooses to show her sissy too. French maids  in training should be proud to have such a wonderful mistress, and of course totally adore her. Call me to talk to me live on 0982 666 2200

BDSM Humiliation

BDSM humiliation is used to maintain the mistress slave relationship, and keeps the sissy maids well at heel. The French maids training are mistress's slaves to their domestic chores, and the mistress will never let them finish until all their work is done to perfection. Mistress has decided, that because her sissy maids have been very good girls, to put up a sissy maids gallery for all to see. Once the sweet little sissy maid has done all her housework she may be allowed to mix with the French maids in training, and go into the sissy maid gallery with a set of her own photographs with of course BDSM humiliation. Mistress may give you some free time, well occasionally anyway. Here you will find the other sissy maids getting into mischief, and generally cavorting.  Now prissy sissy maid I command you to immediately text Me, Text MRD to 89077

Maid Toilet Training

Naughty sissy maid Tania, didn't do a very good job of cleaning under the toilet rim, so her dominant mistress made her do it again with her tongue. A typical mistress slave relationship must be followed at all times.

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