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Chastity Training

Welcome to the world of chastity training. What is it exactly? It basically means you are giving up your power and control to me, how very wonderful. I am a chastity hypnosis mistress, and have complete control in your chastity training. A male in chastity is taught a lesson in humility and forbearance. To be forced into a chastity device can be an extremely arousing experience in a strange sort of a way. Forced to wear a CB3000 or CB6000 chastity device and knowing you have certain sexual desires, wants and needs which are denied. Unfortunately that part of you, your penis is all locked away and you just canít do a thing about it.

I wonder do you truly understand what chastity training means. You will be locked into a chastity device; it could be a CB3000, CB6000, or even possibly the Curve. You will give up all the keys to the chastity device to me, your chastity mistress and then you will feel a wave of fear and excitement never felt before, totally consume you. As the hours, days, possibly weeks go by, you will become more and more frustrated having being forced into a chastity training device. It will build and build until you are teetering on the edge of being broken and completely subservient and forced into chastity by me, your chastity mistress and of course you will be broken. A male in chastity will be constantly aware of the chastity mistress hold over you. Your CB6000 or CB3000 caged penis cannot escape and being incarcerated will remind you of who is in charge, your chastity mistress of course.

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Chastity hypnosis mistress offers a chastity key holding service for those naughty boys, forced feminization candidates and sissy maids, who have to be kept locked up and forced into chastity training. A contract will be written up and you will have to sign our agreement. If you don't have a chastity device you may purchase one from my online store. a CB3000 or CB6000 are always the most sensible for male chastity training. A male in chastity will not touch himself as I hold the key, and I will let you know exactly when you can release yourself. Of course that needs to be agreed and you will be given dates of exactly when that will be allowed to happen. You just cannot be trusted when in my presence; therefore a need to wear a chastity device and be forced into chastity once you have left my domain is a total necessity. The keys to your chastity device and sexual gratification will be kept on a ribbon that is kept secure on my presence at all times. Secured to your chastity hypnosis mistress for a life time of chastity training hypnosis is all you can contemplate should you cross me.

Chastity Training Mistress

Chastity Hypnosis Mistress

You may purchase your own chastity device from my online store or I can hire you one of my chastity devices, possibly the CB3000 or CB6000 chastity devices during a session for a nominal fee. I hold all the keys, so donít even dream of asking for a key safety box, it just wonít happen. Cheating will not be tolerated under my regime! The culprits that are caught will be dealt with severely and your chastity training hypnosis will just be elongated.

If you are not having a session with me, but wish to be a male in chastity dominated by beautiful chastity hypnosis mistress then you have come to the right place. A chastity training contract will be written up for you and you must sign it. There will be a small monthly fee for key holding of your chastity device. You will be allowed to relieve yourself only when I give permission and release dates have been set for you to remove your male chastity device.

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Introducing my choice of Chastity Training Devices CB6000 and CB3000

The CB6000 chastity device can be purchased from my online store, for £95.  I will also offer key holding then there is no escape.

CB6000 Chastity Training Device

This is the CB6000 male chastity training device which consists of three interlocking parts that fit together perfectly. There are two guide pins that hold the top pieces together with a locking pin connecting the cage and the ring. The chastity device rings for the CB6000 come in 5 sizes 1 1/2 inch, 1 5/8 inch, 1 3/4 inch, 1 7/8 inch and 2.0 inch inside diameter. The cage length is 3 1/4 inches with an inside diameter of 1 3/8 inches. Made of durable and light weight polycarbonate, it is easy to clear, should you ever be let out. The chastity device cage portion has vented slots.The CB3000 male chastity training device is also available to purchase from my online store for £95. I also offer a key holding service then there is definitely no escape.

Chastity Training Hypnosis

CB3000 Chastity Device side view        CB3000 Chastity Device  

CB3000 Chastity Device Locks

The chastity training device CB3000 consists of 2 parts and comes with five rings, 1 Ĺ inches, 1 5/8 inches, 1 3/4inches, 1 7/8 inches and 2.0 inches. This allows the wearer to experiment to find his exact size. The chastity device rings swivel at the bottom making it easy to put on. Each ring consists of two guide pin holes and a recessed locking pin hole. Spacers are provided for an individual fit. These spacers go over the locking pin, between the cuff ring and the cage. The cage size inside length 3 inches and the inside diameter is 1 3/8 inches. 

Fitting a  Chastity Training CB3000

Find the right size cuff ring. Open the cuff ring and put it behind the ball sack. Find the smallest size possible for a comfortable, secure fit. Close the ring and insert the locking pin in the middle hole. If you experience any swelling or discoloration in the ball sack while wearing the CB3000 go to the next larger size. Cage portion, lubricate the head and top shaft of the penis with baby oil or baby gel. Insert the penis into the cage. Push the penis down in order to avoid pinching when inserting the guide pins for connection to the cuff ring.

Spacers, are provided for proper fitting. Spacers go between the cage portion and cuff rings on the locking pin. This insures security and comfort and avoids any pinching. The small spacer goes behind the lock and in front of the cage portion when needed. Guide pins, are the two white longer pins will be inserted into the cuff ring. Once you wear it for a few days and find the proper spacing, cut the ends of the guide pins off with a pair of side cutter pliers and smooth the edges with an nail file or emery board.

Brass or plastic locks are supplied with the CB3000.  Attach the brass lock through the hole at the end of the locking pin. Plastic locks are provided for passing through metal detectors. Cleaning, use a mild soap and soft type brush. Do not use household cleaning products, detergents or bleaches they could damage the product and you may have a  skin reaction to them. After showering, apply baby oil or baby gel to the head of the penis and spread with a cotton swab. This allows the penis to easily slide back down into the cage portion.

Sissy Maid in Chastity Training

Here is an insight of what it is like to be a male in chastity written by one of my lovely sissy maids, of course a chastity device is all part of your training. Madam Raison D'Ítre has total control over me and therefore she has decided to teach me a lesson. Mistress commanded me to obtain a chastity device from her online store for submissive humiliation to keep how she says, ďYou, in maid training with a beautiful sissy maid costume". I chose a CB3000 as this seemed to be comfortable for long-term use, although the CB6000 is apparently a newer and better model.

I was trembling as I put it on and presented myself to mistress to be locked. She smiled and looked deeply into my eyes as she clicked the padlock shut. In many ways, it is my wildest fantasy to be locked by a real and devastatingly sexy female key holder - the complete transfer of power over your most intimate parts to a chastity hypnosis mistress who is merciless and cruel has long fascinated me. The reality had me sweating at the realisation that I was helplessly captive with no chastity device release date set. It was an incredibly intense sensation. My love for my chastity hypnosis mistress knew no bounds and I could not help smiling at my chastity hypnosis mistress as she let me know that she knew what I was thinking.

We had agreed that I should be allowed an emergency key. I had obtained a key box in transparent plastic that had to be broken to be opened and the chastity mistress secured the key and wrote on the box: "Not to be opened by sissy pink poodles" in her best handwriting. I carefully took it and was happy that, if need be, I could release myself from the chastity device. The chastity device means you must sit down to pee of course, like a girl. This reminds me constantly of my sissy status and I must always be careful to remember I am wearing the chastity device to avoid discovery. Most activities are possible, even yoga and swimming with some care.

It is both wonderful and hateful to be locked into chastity training, such sweet torture. Madam, of course, enjoys my discomfort and the gradual build-up of an overwhelming desire for chastity device release. After a couple of days, my chastity mistress was really evil and demanded that I post back the emergency key. I was so reluctant to do this, as the emergency key was my lifeline, but my chastity mistress cannot be refused and so I complied. It felt like madness standing in the queue at the Post Office to give away my lifeline. She suggested I buy a hacksaw to cut the device off if absolutely necessary - mistress is so kind and thoughtful!

Having no key and being locked with a real padlock was a completely new experience for me, so intense. I was far removed from any possibility of release, held chaste at the command of my chastity mistress. I felt very submissive in male chastity and thrilled at the situation, for I imagined that my chastity mistress might be obtaining pleasure from my discomfort and embarrassment. Days passed and the desire for my chastity device release also rose of course. There was no possibility of release, every day I could only clean myself and look helplessly at the padlock.

My desire built day by day and I had to hope that my chastity mistress would invite me to see her to have some hope of release. Being in forced chastity makes me very obedient to mistress's whims, for release is up to her and I will do literally anything for that after a while, and the worst thing is that she knows it! It is indeed a most lovely situation...that is unless you are the unfortunate sissy maid in male chastity, squirming at the prospect of another day of denial, another week perhaps...oh, mistress can't be that cruel, can she?As my mistress always says "Be very careful what you wish for", as my chastity mistress may make it come true! Now naughty bitch call me and I will give you further instructions 0982 666 2200

Chastity Hypnosis Mistress and my Chastity Training by Steve

Thursday 28th November 2013 - 4 days before chastity training

9:34: The chastity hypnosis mistress has decided that she wishes to set me a challenge, which I eagerly await, and have absolutely no power to refuse. I wonder what it may be, and what my chastity hypnosis mistress has in store for me.

11:00: I have now found out that the challenge is to spend some time in hypnotic chastity. I have a lot of documentation to read, and the contract clauses seem a little open-ended, and in favour of one of the parties (not me). However, after my last week of hypnotic training I cannot possibly refuse. Actually, if I am honest, I really feel that I donít want to, as deep down I feel very excited by the prospect of losing all control, and my addiction is growing so strong. Am I mad?

14:00: The file arrives in the email, and I cannot wait to get home to listen to it. I listened to it in the office, but this was probably not a good idea as ended up staring blankly at my screen, only to be snapped out of trance by a phone call. Luckily no-one else was around.

22:00: This evening I managed to listen a few times and eventually fall asleep with the recording on loop. Not sure if it has any effect while Iím asleep, I guess Iíll find out when the trigger is set by the chastity hypnosis mistress.

23:30: The chastity hypnosis mistress kindly allows me the weekend off before my trigger is set (at my request). Is this my last weekend of freedom? Iíve returned my signed contract, and received a countersigned copy. This is all happening so fast.

Friday 29th November - 3 days before chastity training

10:36: Having a few doubts if Iím doing the right thing. I feel so drawn in to completing this task, and I really do not want to disappoint Madam Raison Detre. However, the thought of being locked in chastity for a long time doesnít appeal all that much right now, and is playing on my mind. Will my new chastity slave personality be strong enough to dispel any doubts I have? Knowing the addictive power that the chastity hypnosis mistress has over me I know the choice will not be mine. As the chastity hypnosis mistress has said in her recordings, Iíve gone too far to turn back now. Iíll be listening again tonight and over the next few days, so will be well and truly induced into this, by the time the trigger is set.

19:05: I get home and cannot wait to play the chastity hypnosis recording. Itís only mid afternoon so a great time to lie down, relax, and obey. I focus on the chastity hypnosis mistress voice, and Iím walking through a wood. The next thing I know Iím back at the start of the recording, so really disappointed that Iíve missed the whole track. I make a cup of tea, and start to listen again. This time I get to the water, and suddenly Iím at the end again. At work I managed to get further than this, so must try again soon. I am so drawn back into wanting to listen over and over. Iím lucky that I have some free time today.

23:10: Last chance today before I go to sleep, feeling tired now, so I can imagine I wonít get to hear all of this again. I wake up two hours later having listened to two loops and still donít know the content. Switch off and drift into a contented bliss.

Saturday 30th November - 2 days before chastity training with chastity hypnosis mistress

07:35: Iím now thinking about the preparation for this, and must make sure I follow all the instructions to the letter. Thereís quite a lot to think about, and as well as the recording I so want to see the chastity hypnosis mistress again, even though itís only been a few days since my last visit.

08:10: I listen to the chastity hypnosis recording again, refreshed from a good night sleep and this time Iím in a trance, but get to the end. I think I recognise possible trigger words, but now writing this a couple of hours later I have no recollection. Itís amazingly like a dream, when you wake up you can recall quite a lot, but it quickly fades. After a few hours I always find it so hard to remember my dreams, or even the context. The hypnosis recordings are just so like that, vivid when they complete, but just flashes later. Undoubtedly my subconscious is slowly being programmed, to draw out my inner self.

10:12: I have a lot to do today, but will be thinking of the chastity hypnosis mistress all day. At the moment all I can do is eat, sleep, think and dream of that wonderful seductive voice, and her amazing elegant beauty, so it will be a day encased in thought while I go about my travels.

23:27: Time for bed, but first I must listen again to the chastity recording. Out like a light soon after listening only to wake up two hours later, with the mp3 looping for the 3rd time. I managed to trance to the whole recoding this time before falling back into a deep sleep.

Sunday 1st December Ė The day before chastity training with chastity hypnosis mistress

08:35: Possibly my last day of freedom for a while, but first I have all the preparation to do before I get my command tomorrow. Had to listen to the chastity hypnosis recording once more, and then took well over an hour with the preparation that I had been set.

12:00 Iím out for the day, but key phases keep reverberating; I must obey; I have no resistance; My Mistressí commands are my thoughts.

Monday 2nd December Ė ďEĒ day for chastity training with chastity hypnosis mistress

05:45: I woke up really early wanting to send the chastity hypnosis mistress confirmation of my acceptance. After a bath, I listened to the chastity hypnosis mp3 one last time before going to work. At one point I noticed that I was physically trembling when the chastity hypnosis mistress entered the room, actually before she said I would feel like that. This is just confirmation that the chastity hypnosis mp3 is having a deep effect.

08:10: Sent an email confirming my acceptance and now I just have the expectation of what is to come and how I will feel. Iím just so much on edge that I cannot concentrate waiting for my command, and spent the next few hours checking my email every few minutes. The expectation is building.

11:00: Received the command to unbelievable feelings of subservience, actual physical pins and needles in my cock, with a reaction of restrained arousal. After a few minutes Iím just starting to feel numb and my arousal has gone. Iím a little worried of the effect, what have I done?

14:42: I am becoming addicted to checking my email just in case I get a command. This isnít helping my productivity at work. Will try and not check again until this evening, when I get home.

20.00: Arrived home and thinking that I must check my emails. Nothing from the chastity hypnosis mistress, but I wasnít expecting anything. Somehow I am now drawn to frequently checking my emails just in case I get a command. I so want to obey, that it almost hurts. However, I now realise that I am ďjust a slaveĒ, so I must wait patiently for a command from my chastity hypnosis mistress, whenever that may be and whatever it may be.

22:35: Went to bed early to listen to the chastity hypnosis. I have noticed today that I still get aroused, but the vision of my mistress in her leather is always there. The arousal is now only semi-hard, and as I know I can no longer touch myself I have no way to get harder. This is a frustration that is starting to build in just under a day. Fell under quite quickly after listening and woke about an hour later, back at the start of the mp3. Itís quite amazing that I always wake when the mp3 starts. At first I thought I was just asleep as I was tired, but this is just too much of a coincidence. I wonder what effect this is having on me, what effect the chastity hypnosis mistress is having on me.

Tuesday 3rd December Ė The day after ďEĒ day chastity training

5:10: Woke early as usual and had an incredible urge to listen to the chastity mp3 again, as I consciously missed most of it last night, but I guess my subconscious got the whole treatment. This time I trance, but do not go completely under. Itís still almost impossible to recall the triggers, unless I think really hard. Iím starting to know this recording off by heart, but only as it plays. Again I wonder if I should send mistress my diary to date, but I have a feeling Iím supposed to just wait. I am really starting to feel like a slave with no resistance, and who is compelled to obey, with no free will as far as mistress is concerned. I guess it is so easy just to relax about life and wait for a command. It is really a total change in me though, that Iím really starting to feel.

13:04: Just having some lunch and just cannot stop checking for emails. Really busy, but the chastity hypnosis mistress is always on my mind. Perhaps thatís because I will have my commands to obey, and it will be much easier once Iíve reverted to my normal personality.

17:35: Iím home and still have quite a lot of work to do. However, itís so hard to concentrate right now. The feeling is strange. I have no real desire to masturbate at the moment, which is quite unusual after a couple of days. I feel on edge, wanting a command from the hypnotic mistress, but I know none will be coming soon, and I donít know why I check every 10 minutes. In fact I know that none will be coming as Iím sure this mental torture is all part of her wonderful game. Iíll have to wait until the 3 days is up and then send my begging note. I thought 3 days would be simple. Itís not the lack of orgasm thatís getting to me (which I originally thought would be the case), as I think Iíve simply accepted that itís not going to happen for at least the next 3 days. The huge and overpowering desire to serve the chastity hypnosis mistress is the dominant factor and this is just getting exponentially stronger and stronger. This is in turn giving my ďslaveĒ personality dominance over my normal self. In fact right now I feel my inner slave is well and truly awake. I am losing all control.

18:45 Iím still working Ė or trying to. I now understand what 3 days intense chastity actually means. How can 3 days without an orgasm be intense? Now I understand. I so want to send this diary to the hypnotic mistress, but, at the same time Iím compelled to serve, which means waiting for a command, or for my 3 days to be up when I can beg to be released. Itís getting tough. Looking forward to listening to my chastity hypnosis mistress mp3s later, and will try and listen to the chastity hypnosis, followed by forced feminisation, as both are chastity related. I think about what Iíll be doing at 11:00 on Thursday, which is sending my begging note as soon as possible.

20:03: Iím really starting to admire (and desire) the chastity hypnosis mistress more and more as every minute goes by. Itís wonderful, just reflecting on what artistic perfection the chastity hypnosis programme is. In fact the total experience to date has been so ďmind blowingĒ and incredible. Every step has a meaning and every step is a link in a chain. There is no way to see the whole picture until you are engrossed and captivated, with no escape, and with absolutely no desire to resist. The experience is beautiful. The chastity hypnosis mistress is a beauty beyond description.

22:40: I went to bed and started to listen to the chastity hypnosis recording. Strangely, Iím now getting really aroused by the chastity hypnosis mistress when she describes herself at the start of the recording. Again I enter the same pattern of falling asleep and then waking an hour later. I decide to get some sleep as have to be away by 6am tomorrow, and a very long day.

Wednesday 4th December Ė Two days after ďEĒ day chastity training with my chastity hypnosis mistress

05:35 Woke up and checked my email. Still nothing, but I donít expect anything until tomorrow.

11:30 Notice that Iím starting to get a shoe fetish. Well, perhaps fetish is a little strong, but Iíve been noticing shoes, which is something I havenít done before. This must be something to do with the recording.

16:55 Iíve just got onto the train. No chance to check emails all afternoon, and Iím totally gutted to find that Iím released and the command was sent hours ago. The train is packed, and itís just so frustrating, mind blowing in fact that if I was to obey right now I think I would be arrested; no, I would definitely be arrested. All the worrying about having to beg has disappeared, until she sets the trigger again. So just over two days in hypnotic chastity, and it seemed like a month. It has been a delicious experience and no doubt one I will be experiencing again. Thank you so much to the chastity hypnosis mistress from your chastity training slave Steve.

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