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Maid Training

Standing before me, begging me to allow you into my service of maid training. Your eyes take in a vision of ultra-feminine beauty, a superior strict mistress. Totally overwhelmed, you cannot avert your gaze. As you look upon me, from the perfection of my immaculately coiffured hair and the impact of my bright red lipstick to the extravagantly high-heeled Christian Louboutin shoes on my feet and the silken black stockings encasing my magnificent legs, you are in breathless awe of all you see. My corseted, perfectly formed body compels you: I am beginning to command your every thought. As a mistress commands her maid. Your maid training is now about to begin.

You see before you an elegant mistress who overcomes all that you have been, dominates all that you are, and prepares you through maid training for all that you will become, utterly devoted to me. Will you take the step you know that you must now take? I sense that you are trembling. Not just fearful of the consequences of displeasing me, of being banished from my presence. You tremble because you are aroused by me. You cannot hide your arousal from me. All you desire is before you; and your most fervent wish is to serve me in maid training. I understand your desires and needs. I see deep into your innermost thoughts, into your psyche.

You want and need discipline so much. Discipline in service to me is all you desire, all you want to know throughout your maid training. You will be my maid, serving me and only me. I shall lead you step by step towards that service, as you give yourself to me entirely. You will treasure every moment of your maid training. You know that you are wholly within my power, and that thought, that understanding excites you, pushes you to the edge. I have presented you with the illusion of a decision. But, knowing you so well, in reality I have given you no choice at all. You will obey me at every point of your maid training.

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Maid training will never end: because I demand perfection and no maid will ever be perfect. You will be ready to serve me body and soul. Always. You will give all that you have, all that is within you to me throughout your maid training. There are many kinds of maid: a kitchen maid assisting the cook; a parlour maid with a host of menial tasks; a laundry maid washing and ironing; a chamber maid tending to the bedrooms. So how will I train you: what will your duties be? You are too dear to me for trivial duties. You - my pet, my bitch, my whore - you will be a very special maid. The most intimate maid of all: a lady's maid. My very own personal lady's maid. So you will have very special maid training with my personal attention.

I am a dominant strict mistress. I may decide to humiliate you into forced sissy maid training, designed personally by me just for you as a pretty sissy maid. You know you need so very much to be dominated by a beautiful, strong woman as your maid training progresses and shapes your mind as well as your body. You will be cross-dressed and a magical forced feminization transformation will occur. I shall dress you: you will wear the most feminine lingerie, the most attractive make up and wigs, the most delightful maids’ uniforms. Every one of my beautiful preened little pink poodles succumbs to me. I will apply your make up in such a way that you just won’t recognise yourself my little sissy maid.

You will not resist your maid training because you will love every blissful moment of it. Your maid training will allow you to see and experience for yourself the most feminine secrets of my boudoir. You will be close, so very close to me. I may allow you to help me choose my lingerie and lay them out ready for me. Holding in your hands so carefully the delicate satin and silk and lace, the deliciously seductive corsets, of which I own many. Panties and stockings which you know soon will touch so gently the most intimate arts of my body. You might be permitted to prepare my bath: ensuring that it is exactly the right temperature as you touch the water which will soon cover my naked body.

Oh dear I am sure you all know the infamous Sissy Maid Caroline, here she is during maid training

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You will become totally intoxicated with the power of my scent, breathing in deeply my perfume. However, you will never lose your head: always ready to do my bidding. Preparing my Assam tea, just as I like it. Complimenting me on my elegance and beauty, just as and when I wish. But always making sure that your appearance is just as your mistress demands of you. In my service, you may be an exquisitely uniformed French maid or a fluffy sissy lady’s maid, dressed in frills and satin. You will need my maid training if you are to understand and to fulfil your duties and responsibilities. And you will take that maid training very seriously.

I will not accept second best from any sissy maid in my service, or from my lady's maid. And I shall teach you in your maid training how to wear your uniform correctly, how to walk, how to talk. How to serve my tea, how to curtsy. And so much more. Oh yes, you will learn many private secrets of my boudoir. But woe betide the maid who betrays those secrets. When you please me in your maid training, you will be overjoyed, purring with pleasure. But if you displease me, then you know that you must face the consequences. Whatever punishment I decide is right for you will be deserved.

And you will accept that punishment willingly, freely – knowing that it pleases me to correct your faults. And, yes, my poor sweet maid, in your training you know that you will have many faults with which I shall need to deal. But there will also be moments of intense happiness such as you have never known. The moment for any indecision has already passed. You now are ready for maid training. So how will you take the next important step? Ask me for permission to serve me personally in my boudoir, in my chambers. You will find every feminine delight ready to transform you.

I have an incredible and gorgeous selection of maids’ outfits, maids’ dresses, dozens of exquisite fluffy, frilly, fantastic petticoats with yards and yards of luxurious frivolous crinoline, tight-lacing corsets, wigs, stockings are all the fabulous order of the day in my maid training. A special maid training school may be booked for those eager to learn how to please and serve me. However, as soon as you pass through my door, into my boudoir, into my chambers, you will no longer be allowed any choices. I will be in total control. You will obey me and I shall force you to wear whatever I decide is best for you.

Contact Madam Raison D’etre now to make your appointment. You may also wish to listen to my feminizing erotic hypnosis MP3s. Or watch my maid training video. Please note all the photographs on this website are of my sissy maids in maid training and I own all of the wonderful maid training uniforms. You may also stay in touch with me by maid training Skype or maid training Text so that not a moment passes without you remembering that in your maid training you are in service to me. Text me now to receive your orders for the day: text MRD to 89077.

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Strict Mistress  and her Pretty Maids all in a Row

Maids admitted to my boudoir and who serve their strict mistress in maid training will be tight-laced into corsets: my maids wear only the very best boned corsetry, made by Vollers. I have at more than twenty in various colours and sizes. Imagine now the feeling as those laces are drawn tighter and tighter giving you a feeling of delicious breathlessness. And of course, my little poodle maid training bitches, loving every second with their strict mistress, nothing else will do for my girls except the best silk and satin lingerie. Baby pink, raven black or cerise for maid training: such feminine colours. You will wear marabou mules or five-inch court shoes, so you may teeter around me, making sure your strict mistress is completely satisfied at every stage of your maid training. Mary-Jane shoes are of course another option.

You will be a prissy sissy maid, a forced sissy; and do you know something? You will love every fabulously feminine second of it. But, oh my pretty sweet girls, don’t think all of your time will be spent in front of the mirror: that’s just not realistic in real life maid training service to your strict mistress. You will have work to do for your strict mistress. I hope that you realize, I will not take any prisoners in my maid training. So be prepared to come into the house of a busy strict mistress. But be warned: do not let me down or you will feel the consequences. There are 137 maid sitting and standing positions and over time you will note and remember all of these to my complete satisfaction during your maid training.

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Red Petticoat  yello petticoat  Pink and pearls  Pink petticoat

Red petticoat  Pink petticoat  Red petticoat and panties  black petticoat

So make sure your pencil is well sharpened and note book to the ready for me your strict mistress. I will need you to prepare for the arrival of my other minions. Afternoon tea in my household is like a religion, therefore as part of your maid training duties you will be required to wait upon me and of course my guests. Preparing my favourite tea, Assam of course, black, and strained through the prettiest of silver tea strainers for your wonderful strict mistress. You will also need to do any maid training duties that I decide to set for you: dusting, general cleaning, and scrubbing floors, like a good little bitch. Obviously my chambers will be spotless, even if I have to make you clean the bathroom floors with your tongue.

Yes your strict mistress will expect from her maid training girls many household chores: possibly toilet cleaning, washing, and ironing. Perhaps even some gardening: I always like fresh flowers brought in and arranged in vases. Even the best lady's maid has to learn to make herself useful to her strict mistress. I may, if you prove yourself truly worthy, let you help me dress. And one day when your maid training is up to scratch and you have reached my highest standards, you may be sent on a shopping expedition for your strict mistress. You will have so much submissive fun. Life in my service will allow the sweet sissy maid within you to blossom.

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Strict Mistress and Maid Training for Caroline

My strict mistress is in one of her frilly moods and I am dressed accordingly. Underneath my feminine finery, perfect for maid training, is a steel chastity belt to tuck away my maleness. The belt has been my constant companion for the last two weeks: a perpetual reminder of my commitment to maid training and to my strict mistress. This is very frustrating but at this moment it is also incredibly sexy as my strict mistress keeps the maid training chastity belt key on a pink satin ribbon around her neck. The key dangles between her breasts, not that I need any excuse to look there.

My own ‘breasts’, high quality silicone forms, are in place; no girl in maid training would look right without her breast forms. One day my strict mistress had said that she would insist on me having a boob job of my own, but I wondered if she was just joking. But then my strict mistress rarely jokes about such things, especially concerning the maid training which she knows I love and need so much. A tingle of excitement mingled with just a touch of shame runs down my spine at the thought of implants. Oh, how I wish! Maid training can be so sublime at times, with my strict mistress offering such feminine promise.

Today my strict mistress decides that I will wear for my maid training the sheerest seamed nylon hold-ups covered with some really frilly and noisy white taffeta bloomers. The bloomers have multiple layers at the back and edges, from top and bottom, and they rustle at the slightest movement. The material is double-lined. Usually in maid training that feels so much better next to the skin: except that today the chastity belt prevents any feeling. Of course, if I had been bad or let her down in any way, my playful but strict mistress might make me insert an anal dildo which she would lock on to teach me a maid training lesson. But today, my strict mistress seems to be in a good mood: for the moment.

My strict mistress adds a camisole matching my bloomers over the swell of my silicone breasts. My maid training lingerie is very soft and sexy. It seems a pity to cover such beautiful garments, but in maid training naturally I have to wear a maid's uniform. But I am a full-time sissified slave just for my strict mistress. My whole existence is focused on my beloved strict mistress. My only reason for being is to serve her, Madam Raison D’etre, through the devotions of my maid training. Maid training is a demanding life but one which has its own rich satisfactions. I feel such intimate joy just being able to be in my strict mistress's presence and to bask in her beauty and refinement.

The maid's uniform is to die for: a concoction of frills that rustle so perfectly, creating the maid training frou-frou look so beloved by my strict mistress. The skirt is very full, pushed out by a lavish petticoat which itself is multi-layered with more frills at the edge of each layer. The maid training dress itself is a cascade of frills. The dress locks securely at my neck, so no escape was possible. Not that I would ever want to free myself from such fabulous femininity chosen by my strict mistress. At my neck is a maid training ruffle that stands out a full nine inches in all directions, forcing me to keep my head high and making it hard to see much below my neck.

My strict mistress has sewn little bells over the breasts of the dress so that any movement causes a jingle, as if the mischievous fairy Tinker Bell is in constant flight around me. At the top of my arms and along the fringe of the skirt: more maid training bells. It is almost impossible to avoid making a tinkling, jingling sound in my maid training dress. But I know that my strict mistress loves to make me stand still in the dress at times and, always attentive to my maid training, she will cane me if she hears the slightest noise.

It is exquisite torture when I also have to wear five-inch heels to serve her: my maid training shoes locked on at my ankles with sweetheart shaped padlocks. The bells also make it plain whether I am working or not and woe betide me if she hears the sound of silence when she has set me a maid training task to perform. My strict mistress loves to tease me mercilessly during my maid training. She tells me to make tea, serve it to her and then step back, waiting for her next order. Testing my mute submissiveness to her maid training. She expects me to stand absolutely still and not to fidget. But this dress makes it well-nigh impossible to be silent.

Today she waits a while, smiling inwardly at my state. My strict mistress approves of my feminine frilliness, of my submission as I look at the floor with my head bowed in supplication as she so elegantly sips her tea.

"Were you looking at my breasts, maid Caroline?” My strict mistress inquires.

‘Oh no, strict mistress, that would be most improper,’ I reply. Knowing that the code of maid training forbids this.

"You lying little prissy bitch, I know you: you are always sneaking a peak when you think I'm not looking."

It is true that my strict mistress is so desirable. She wears such magnificent corsets, having me lace her in as part of my maid training duties, creating such wonderful cleavage in which nestles the key to my chastity belt. Despite my maid training, I am weak and I naturally wish to look at her breasts; and even more so when I see the key resting on them so provocatively. I dream hopelessly that my strict mistress will relent and using the key to release me from the chastity recently demanded by my maid training. And my dreams rarely end at that point, not that a girl like me in maid training would dare admit that to her.

"You deserve a lesson, I won't have such impudence. Assume the position."

I am wrong about my strict mistress being in such a good mood. I bend over and put my forearms on a table, arching my back. A position I know all too well from previous lessons in my maid training. My strict mistress pushes my petticoats up and pulls down my bloomers, exposing my cheeks and then gently stroking them. Giving me just a little hope, but then dashing it immediately.

"It's the cane for you, dear. You know it's what you deserve, isn't it?"

‘Yes, strict mistress,’ I respond with a dry mouth, anticipating the punishment to come.

"I won't gag you as I want you to count, assuming you can count beyond ten I suppose, you stupid little bitch, and I want to hear you cry."

I gulp at the threat, the promise even, as she swishes her dragon cane theatrically.

"It makes such a lovely sound, don't you think?” She asks rhetorically. Even so, accepting my fate as I must in maid training, there is no answer I can make.

The preliminaries over, strict mistress commences the punishment. The etiquette of my maid training requires me to count each stroke and thank her, my tone allowing her to judge the pace of the punishment. I do not know how many strokes I had to endure, perhaps 30, perhaps more. My strict mistress might give me softer strokes if she is feeling kind, but often she likes to see the welts afterwards for a week and she enjoys making me cry. I hate this part of my maid training with a vengeance, but the act of maid training submission itself is immensely rewarding and exciting, to be helpless before her, to be totally reliant on her mercy. After 20 strokes, my strict mistress pauses and walks in front of me, raising my chin with her cane and wiping away a tear.

"So, maid Caroline, do you like to look at my breasts with such abandon?” she asks, her proximity to me making it impossible for me to do otherwise.

She relishes the situation, knowing that she could, if she is feeling mean, double the punishment for me having the temerity to look where she is forcing me to look. But at the same time she enjoys my obvious delight at the sight. She is so beautiful it melts my heart completely, and in truth she may do anything she wants with me in her maid training. I adore her completely, even as she revels in torturing me beyond the point of endurance.

What can I say? If I say yes, then she will admonish me for being so forward and slutty. If I say no, my strict mistress will punish me for not worshipping her as is appropriate.

She likes to create such situations, to see how I react, to see if I would take more punishment by being honest in my complete maid training devotion to my strict mistress. The more compliant and obedient I am under her maid training, she becomes even more a strict mistress: a virtuous circle that takes me to ever greater depths of submission.

‘Yes, strict mistress. You know that I adore you completely.’ But then, boldly and perhaps too boldly for someone in my position, I add, ‘I beg you humbly to be released from chastity.’

My strict mistress laughs at this forward request. Giving the clear impression that my maid training today is far from over.

"You can dream of release, bitch, but you have to earn that. You may be freed if you serve me to absolute perfection but not before."

Her eyes flash at my helplessness, at the crushing blow to my hopes of release. I am so frustrated after two weeks locked up in the chastity of maid training. She loves my situation, deliberately brushing against me, showing herself, arousing me as she knows the immense effect she has on me; and it delights her. She returns and continues with her cane. Tears are now running freely down my cheeks as the strokes of the cane impose the lessons of maid training: my bottom is on fire but I dutifully count and thank her for punishing me. I adore her for being such a strict mistress with me, even as I squirm in frustration and pain. She is such a joy to be with, to serve her in maid training. I love her completely, my wonderful strict mistress. 

Maid Training and Forced Feminization

Strict Mistress and Maid Caroline's New Maid Training Uniform

Forced sissy maid Caroline had had her new maid training outfit specially made. She wanted to wear it for her strict mistress. It was pure indulgence, going to a ladies' designer, choosing the luxurious satin and helping to design the creation. The outfit consisted of the maid's uniform, a petticoat attached to a bodice and frilly panties. Contrasting pink frills abounded on the panties and on the uniform, which was in pristine white satin. Her maid training uniform had two locks attached, behind the neck and in the middle of the back: it is hard to unlock yourself even if you have access to the key to the delicate little shiny heart shaped maid training padlocks.

The finished creation was wickedly expensive but looked fabulous and would be a surprise to her strict mistress. The strict mistress had dressed in a white satin blouse herself, with a tight black leather skirt and seamed stockings. She knew that Caroline loved her like this and she enjoyed teasing her by looking so wonderful. Caroline had dressed and knocked nervously on the door, before her strict mistress asked her to come in. Her strict mistress loved the new dress and exclaimed in surprise and appreciation. This specially designed maid training look was completely over the top, but wonderfully so, and her strict mistress admired the frills and the satin very much. She took the proffered locks and told her maid Caroline to kneel before her as she turned the key in each of the maid training locks. Her strict mistress had a surprise for her.

"Today, forced sissy maid Caroline, we are going to the ballet, and you are going exactly like that!"

Her forced sissy maid Caroline was nervous and excited at the same time. Going out in public dressed in sissy finery during her maid training caused her much embarrassment but at the same time was a wonderful thrill. Everyone would naturally be drawn to look at the outrageous outfit and wonder at the height of the supposed lady. Being with her strict mistress diffused the situation but still it could be mortifying to experience the stares of those who would be curious about this overdressed lady in maid training. Her strict mistress had her driver take them to the theatre, where they both got out and climbed the few steps to the entrance.

Caroline had been forced to wear high heels, as always in her maid training, and found it hard to keep up with her mistress’s more certain steps. She was red with embarrassment already as they entered the bar and everyone turned to look at the strange sight. Forced sissy maid Caroline had to order two glasses of white wine from the smiling barmaid and tottered over to the seats that her strict mistress had reserved for them, and then she was told to go to buy a programme. People must have wondered if she was a member of the cast with the puffed out skirt and frills. But perhaps one or two secretly knew that she was in maid training. And envied her.

They took their seats in a box, set apart from but in full view of the audience. Her strict mistress looked fabulous in her blouse and severe skirt. Caroline was enjoying being dressed and out in public very much, luxuriating in the feel of the satin and the joy of maid training dressing. She also liked it that people would treat her like a lady, letting her go first. It was so unlike her usual life. Maid training was so much fun at times like this. Her strict mistress teased Caroline by telling her that she would soon have to take ballet lessons in a full tutu and join the cast. For a few minutes, she made Caroline kneel in maid training rather than sit on her chair to ensure her humility.

She warned her that she would be made to kneel throughout the performance if she was naughty in any way. At least Caroline did not have to curtsy in public as part of her maid training on this occasion. But her strict mistress could easily decide to change that if she wanted. The ballet was spectacular and the strict mistress asked if Caroline would like to be the principal ballerina. In truth, Caroline loved the elegance and grace of the lady. Her strict mistress knew that Caroline found dancing to be very humiliating and so had delighted as part of her maid training in forcing her to dance before her guests, even though she was hopeless.

Caroline hated this but also secretly was very excited at such a humiliation as well as at being forced to do in maid training whatever her strict mistress wanted. She felt free when she was dressed and locked in her sissy uniforms and she loved being with her strict mistress and being under her control. The ballet drew to a close. But a special moment of her maid training was still to come. Caroline was forced to present the bouquet they had bought for the principal ballerina – in person, on the stage for all to see. She nervously stepped, tiny step by step, into the spotlights and presented the bouquet to the prima ballerina. The crowd roared with laughter and applauded. The feeling of maid training humiliation was overwhelming but deliciously provocative at the same time. By Caroline, forced sissy maid in maid training for her strict mistress, Madam Raison D’etre.

Banished by the Maid Training Mistress

A lesson in forgotten maid training, it is more than two years since Maid Caroline has been admitted to Madam's presence. Naturally, Maid Caroline has been devastated to have been banished, thrown into the wilderness of despair. She had been very fortunate previously, seeing Madam quite frequently as part of her maid training. Maid Caroline enjoyed it so much, the opportunity to dress in all her sissy finery and to present herself for further maid training and service. Madam was always so inventive in her maid training, adept at keeping me on my toes. After preparing the evening meal, eating it with her and clearing away, I was often gagged and put in my yoke for the rest of the evening, an essential element of discipline in my maid training.

This left me nicely helpless and silent, though still able to cater to Madam in somewhat limited ways. For example keeping Madam's wine topped up. Should Madam require a greater degree of helplessness, she could put me in my fist mitts first to take away all use of my hands, and blindfold me too. We used to have a lot of fun together in various ways as part of my maid training. Maid Caroline often accompanied Madam to her chambers to serve drinks at the start of sessions and to clean up afterwards. A maid is always a handy accessory provided of course she remembers her maid training. Madam took pleasure from humiliating Maid Caroline with public exposure. It is wonderfully exciting and scary to go out as Maid Caroline.

People are generally highly amused at seeing such a prissy sissy, bemused as well. Madam thought it would be fun way to enliven her maid training, for Maid Caroline to serve at a local café and the proprietors entered into the spirit gamely. Indeed, one of the serving ladies took quite a liking to Maid Caroline and thought it was hilarious. It was very humbling aspect of maid training to be made to serve the general public. Madam also wondered if she could dislodge my wig by driving fast with the roof down - that was rather worrying but luckily the wig stayed firmly on my pretty little head! Madam liked to have parties on occasion and Maid Caroline was expected to cater to the guests' needs, along with her other maids.

 An essential part of maid training is of course serving at parties. Preparations would start early and mostly everyone would dress up. Sometimes murder mystery evenings would be organised but the plots were infrequently solved as there was too much laughter and chatter going on, as well as too much alcohol! Never mind, everyone enjoyed them. Sometimes, Madam organised entertainment in the drawing room, including singing and dancing. Maid Caroline's efforts at being a ballerina were certainly comical but not elegant, I'm afraid, but it is exquisitely humiliating to perform in a pink Lycra tutu and tights. Definitely a case for more maid training I think. Madam also had a wonderful punishment cell in her home for those who lapsed in their maid training.

It incorporated a stock for your head and hands to keep you kneeling as you were caged, and I enjoyed being incarcerated very much. It could get a bit cold though which was less fun but all for my benefit as part of maid training. Madam could use it in various ways to punish as she desired. It felt quite relaxing actually to be locked away for the night. Most of all though, the pleasure lay in just being with Madam. I looked forward to seeing her when I went for maid training and, although she lived a long way away, it was wonderful to drive up to see her. I enjoyed watching her put on her make-up, especially as she applied her lipstick. Madam is naturally a very feminine and pretty lady, exceptionally beautiful. She knows it of course but you can never tire of seeing such beauty.

Unfortunately, Madam banished me two years ago because I neglected my maid training. We have had our disagreements. Something which maid training seeks to eliminate because Madam is always right, so the outcome was hardly surprising. One was quite funny in retrospect when I took some padlocks that were Madam's but the same as mine after I'd lent her my yoke. I genuinely thought they were mine but they were not and it caused some ructions until I realised my mistake! Another time I kept a bottle of wine that I'd taken to a party as it was not that good, opening one of Madam's instead - also a faux pas. But I think I was banished for not having manners in general, quite ignoring my maid training. Madam is a very particular person and it does not pay to cross her.

Whether I can live up to her expectations I don't know, but I certainly miss her very much. Most important though, I need to absorb and act on properly on all her maid training. I suppose Madam is like any lady. She wants you to put her first in your life and to be treated with respect and love, a crucial requirement in maid training. She has the pick of maids and many would like to serve her, so I am very lucky to have had the experiences I have had, and I hope very much that Madam might relent and have me back. I think she had a soft spot for such a prissy maid as Maid Caroline so I can only hope that she might miss Maid Caroline too, if only a little bit despite my ignoring my maid training, and promise to do my best to be good to her.

I remember that Madam enjoys caning her recalcitrant maids who have forgotten their maid training and is very good at it too! I wonder if she could forgive me despite my disregard for my maid training, inflict a good spanking and then we could all be better. I'm a bit of a wimp but enjoy very much the power transfer, and Madam is very sensitive to me too in truth. Apart from Madam, Maid Caroline has had a few outings but little maid training. I went to Brighton Pride with a friend, and it was great fun to walk around in the sunshine in my maid's dress, albeit that my heels were killing me after a while! Next time, I shall have to be less vain and walk in flatter shoes!

The lady I was with went in trainers, which I thought wasn't very fair, madam would never wear trainers on an outing. That reminds me of the time I was walking in Venice with Madam late at night during my maid training and we got a bit lost (my fault) and we ended up almost walking into a canal at a dead end! I thought it was hilarious at the time but I think Madam's heels were hurting a bit and she wanted to be back at the hotel so she was not amused. Again I was careless with my maid training not putting Madam first. Other than that, I was invited to Pedestal by another Mistress but I failed to find her in the pub beforehand.

So I went anyway and took part in the "Select a Slave" event, like speed dating for Mistresses and Slaves in groups. She was one of the Mistresses but again we failed to recognise each other, so that night was a bit of a write-off. In fairness, she did invite me to her home for a party the next week-end so all was well and I could show off my maid training, but the whole episode was quite strange. Finally, I saw some mutual friends from Italy when they were in England. So Maid Caroline wishes very much to meet Madam again and begs for another opportunity to serve her and thoroughly demonstrate her maid training. This time she is not, under any circumstances fail her. Two years of banishment is an awful long time and I have been lost without her.

Maid Training for Sissy Maid Debby

I so much wanted to be a sissy maid in maid training with a strict mistress. Not a day … no, not an hour passed without me thinking just how fantastic it would be to find the perfect strict mistress for my maid training. I imagined myself in a fabulously feminine sissy maid training outfit. Tottering about on high heels at the beck and call of my strict mistress as she made sure that my maid training taught me how to obey her every whim. In my mind’s eye I saw her as incredibly beautiful. She would have to be of course. I had seen a number of websites where the strict mistress cut a rather frightening figure. What I wanted was someone much more feminine as my strict mistress. Of course, it was not that I minded being frightened a little.

But I was not searching for a stereotypical strict mistress, whip in hand, ready to mete out punishment to any sissy maid who did not get everything perfectly right during her strict maid training. Again, I was not worried about being punished … after all, if I got things wrong, as I knew I might, I would deserve all I got. But I was a little fussy (as any sissy maid should be) about who was going to punish me for any maid training misdemeanors’. I saw towering over me a strict mistress goddess, a fantastically feminine maid training goddess. Treating me with contempt as I crouched at her feet after yet another foolish error on my part. But also smiling with pleasure when I did her bidding during maid training. Praising me and sending a thrill through every fiber of my sissy maid being.

Then, I found the answer to my prayers: the perfect strict mistress, Madam Raison D’etre. But would this strict mistress accept me as one of her sissy maids in maid training? Would I be acceptable to what were clearly her very high standards of maid training? Fear of rejection made me hold back. But I kept returning to her website and to her pictures. Reading the words about maid training over and over. I was a moth caught in her flame. And then I finely plucked up the courage to contact the most beautiful strict Mistress I had ever seen on any maid training website, Madam Raison D’etre. I did not really expect her to be quite as wonderful in real life as her pictures show. But she is even more so: she is a total perfection. What more can any sissy maid ask for before entering the service of a strict mistress?

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I entered her apartment not really knowing what to expect. I was quite anxious, but she picked up on the fact that my nerves were showing and she soon helped me to relax. I was told to put on a satin and lace bra and panties, with hold-up stockings, with a frilly gown, and then report back to her where she led me to be made up. Oh my goodness, how feminine I felt: I was in sissy maid heaven at this first stage of my maid training: and things could only get better with my strict mistress in charge. We chatted as she applied my sissy maid make-up again putting me at my ease. Then she picked out for me a gorgeous blonde wig, with curls falling down and over my shoulders. Finally she helped me into a frilly blue maid training dress. With fabulous petticoats.

Topped or should I say footed with pink heels. My strict mistress had transformed me in to the most girly sissy maid and I loved it. I’ll say that again: I loved every second of that maid training transformation with my strict mistress! But then my maid training was about to begin in earnest. Again, I was not sure what to expect. But I was so bewitched by my strict mistress that had she ordered this little sissy maid to run through the streets singing ‘I did it my way’ I would happily have done so. But before you can run, I had to learn to walk like a sissy maid in maid training. So my beautiful strict mistress had me walking up and down like a girl, curtseying in a very sissy maid manner. I had to do this several times until she approved.

Yes, I was quite awkward at first but did not want to disappoint her. When I passed this first sissy maid test, I was then given a few sissy maid tasks to do: mostly light household duties. But my strict mistress watched me with a careful eye, making sure that I did not take short cuts: and the stern look in her eye was a clear warning to me should I become slapdash in my maid training. My strict mistress took pictures of me and you can see by the examples here that I was in paradise every sissy maid minute of my maid training. So if you are thinking of visiting a strict mistress as a sissy maid, I can’t recommend her any higher. You won’t be disappointed. If you are worried about anything like will she punish you too severely, then just tell her and she would break you in slowly as her sissy maid. Just remember whatever you tell her she has heard it all before [and far, far more]. You are not the first person to visit her and you won’t be the last, so give being her sissy maid a go. I dare you! You know you want to. Love Debby xxx

Maid Training Contact

My initial maid training contact with Madam Raison D’être came by the way of emails, as the strict mistress does not advertise her telephone number as she is extremely fussy on whom she sees. I started with an email to introduce myself and asked if I may serve her. She asked me many questions over a few weeks before she even agreed to see me as you have to fit into her criteria and if you don’t fit she simply will not see you. From the very start I could sense that Madam was in control from her first reply emails.

Of course she would be! For she was to going to be my strict mistress as I submitted to her totally in maid training. After several emails and my pleading once she had finally agreed to see me, she then requested I phoned her so we could discuss what I wanted to gain from the experience and to book an appointment for. My eager anticipation of being allowed to serve my strict mistress grew day by day. So after waiting several weeks I was near to bursting with excitement. During time leading up to seeing my strict mistress we exchanged a several more emails in which I asked her if there was anything I need to do in preparation for my maid training.

I suggested shaving my legs fully which I have never done before for anybody, but I felt it was the right thing to do after my strict mistress allowed me the honour to serve her in maid training. No maid should have an excess of male body hair and, oh my, removing that outward part of my masculinity did feel so good. I wanted to feel those smooth, lovely, feminine legs. It was the night before the appointment with my strict mistress for maid training and my mind was racing with what might happen tomorrow ... I had to be very careful with the razor!

Cassie Sissy  Sisy Maid Cassie  Sissy Maid Cassie  Sissy Maid Contact

When I arrived at the residence of my strict mistress, I knocked at the door and it seemed to take a long time for her to answer. This only added to the excitement. The door opened slightly and a hand appeared from behind it with a blindfold in it and the voice of my strict mistress (so wonderful) told me to put it on which I did. Then I was taken into the realm of my strict mistress ready to begin my maid training appointment. She then asked me, no actually she ordered me to remove all of my ugly male clothes: item by item she gave her orders. It was quite intimidating standing their naked but also incredibly exciting. What a prelude to my maid training!

My strict mistress then guided me to another room while I was still blindfolded. I moved clumsily as she pushed and prodded me in the right direction. She told me to lift the blindfold. OMG! I can honestly say that I have never been so speechless and amazed at the beauty that Madam Raison D'être holds. She was all that is desirable in a woman. Yet so untouchable. Quite definitely off limits to anyone submitting to her in maid training. At that moment I would have done anything my strict mistress asked without hesitation. I was then shown in to the bathroom where my strict mistress had prepared some very femme items for me to wear.

 This was the lingerie I would be wearing under my maid training uniform. After I put them on we had a little chat and then it was time for my strict mistress to apply my maid training make up and start the transformation to a beautiful sissy maid complete with one of her fabulously frilly and pretty maid’s uniforms: perfectly pink satin, so feminine. For how can any maid training be right without the correct uniform? I hadn’t been allowed to see myself in a mirror until then. But now my strict mistress told me to look at myself in a full-length mirror. I was absolutely taken aback at how amazing she had made me look. And, on my, the pretty little pink flower in my long blonde hair. I can say with no word of a lie that I have never, ever looked better.

I was so glad that I had shaved my legs. A male to female transformation into a fabulously pretty sissy maid by a wonderful strict mistress ready for the final word in maid training. I felt so feminine and I think my strict mistress could see how pleased I was. It was time for the maid training to begin in earnest, starting from the basics of how a sissy maid should enter and exit a room in her presence. I was then instructed to walk back and forth in front of the mirror, at first a little uncertainly on my fluffy pink Marabou mule heels, curtsey and repeat a sentence that my strict mistress had given to me. When I was able to walk and curtsey and speak respectfully with confidence the next stage of my maid training began.

I was given maid training cleaning duties which I was told would be inspected to make sure I did a good job, which I think I did. I certainly did not want to let my strict mistress down on my first visit. But as my mistress says there is always room for improvement in regards to sissy maids and their maid training. So of course I was then told of areas of improvement and corrected appropriately. There is just no room for error when in maid training: everything must be perfect. Time flew by and all too soon sissy maid Cassie had to be put back into her pretty sissy box..

Then a little chat about how the maid training appointment had gone and how I felt about it all. I can honestly say that my new strict mistress is the very best person that I have ever been trained by: it felt like it was the first time that my maid training was being given by somebody who knew exactly what they were doing and what a sissy needs. I also have to say it was the most amazing experience I have ever had and I cannot wait to continue my maid training with my new strict mistress at the earliest opportunity. Your very obedient new servant sissy maid Cassie. 

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