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Maid Training

I am a strict mistress who will humiliate you into forced sissy maid training, just for you lovely sissy maids. Female domination is superior and discipline plus servitude is all you should know. If you are a French maid, or domestic sissy you will be cross dressed, and a sissy transformation will occur, you will love every moment of it. A dominant  strict mistress, is all a sissy maid should know. Sissy maids training and sissy French maids are in my sissy maid video, you just have to watch.

Maids outfits, maid dresses, tight lacing corsets, wigs, stockings are all order of the day. I also have a school for sissy maids; you will come along to my chambers and be forced to do anything I wish. Your life is to serve only me.

Not just 2 or 3 wigs my little sweet girls, but dozens. You will really be in stunning sissy maid heaven. Make up is COMPULSORY, so don’t even think you can go without. All my beautiful preened little pink poodles’ succumb to Me. I will apply your make up in such a way, you just won’t recognise yourself GIRL ! I will select exactly what I want you to wear from My many sissy maid outfits, dozens of exquisite fluffy, frilly, fantastic petticoats with yards and yards of luxurious frivolous crinoline. Text me now to receive your orders for the day, text MRD to 89077

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Madam Raison D'etre and Maids

Pink Sissy Sindy

Strict Mistress Forced Sissy

I use only the best boned corsetry, made by Vollers, I have at least 20 in various colours and sizes. And of course my little poodles bitches nothing else will do for my girls except the best silk and satin lingerie,  marabou mules, in of course baby pink, raven black and cerise. Five inch court shoes, so you may teeter around me, making sure your strict mistress is completely satisfied.

In addition, deportment training, curtsey, etiquette will prepare you for your duties as the Madam Raison D'ętre the strict mistress new little sissy. Oh sweetie, I hope you realize, I won’t take any prisoners so be prepared to come into the house of a busy Mistress. There are various maid sitting and standing positions, over time you will learn all of these to my SATISFACTION. There are 137 in total, therefore make sure your pencil is well sharpened and note book to the ready for me your strict mistress.

Maid in Yellow Petticoat Maid in Pink Petticoat Maid in Red Petticoat, Legs in Air
Maid Sitting in Black & White Uniform Maid Bound and Kneeling Maid in Pink, Bound in Bed
Marcia - Maid in Pink Maid Kneeling Madam Raison D'etre and Maid Caroline


Strict Mistress Female Domination

I may, if you prove yourself truly worthy let you help me dress, but only the French maid can do that.  Then of course to  prepare for the arrival of my other minions.  Oh girls, don’t think all of your time will be spent in the mirror, that’s just not realistic in  real life service. You will be a prissy sissy maid, a forced sissy and you know something? You will love every delicious second of it.  Obviously my chambers will be spotless, even if I have to make you clean the bathroom floors with your tongue.

Afternoon tea in my household is like a religion, therefore you will be required to wait upon me, and of course my guests. Preparing my favourite tea, Assam of course, black, and strained through the prettiest of silver tea strainers for your wonderful strict mistress.

You will be required to do any duties that are set for you, from household chores, dusting, general cleaning, scrubbing floors, like a good little bitch. Toilet cleaning, washing, ironing. Perhaps even some gardening, I always like fresh flowers. Perhaps one day when your training is up to scratch and you have proved yourself to my high standards, you may be sent on a shopping expedition for your strict mistress.

Maid in a Red Petticoat, Black Panties Three Naughty Sissy Maids in a Row Pink and Yellow Frillies
Maid Marigold Marcia in Black & White Petticoats Maids April and Caroline Gardening
Maids April and Caroline Pillow Fight Maid Caroline Goes Shopping Maid Caroline Doing the Ironing
  • Maids and Sissy maid Uniforms all sizes and bright colours, especially pink    

  • Silk & Satin panties in a wide variety of styles and colours

  • Dozens of  Pretty petticoats, pink being my favourite colour

  • Stockings, tights, hold ups, black white or flesh tone

  • Silicone breast forms in various sizes

  • Corsets (vollers) girdles, bra’s suspender belts

  • Dozens of wigs

  • Shoes, high heels and flats

Strict mistress was in one of her frilly moods and I was dressed accordingly. Underneath everything was a steel chastity belt to tuck things away, very frustrating but also as sexy as my strict mistress kept the key on a pink satin ribbon around her neck. The key dangled between her breasts, not that I needed an excuse to look there.

My breast forms were glued on. One day, strict mistress said that she would insist on me having a boob job of my own, but I wondered if she was just joking, but then mistress rarely joked about such things. A tingle of excitement and shame ran down my spine at the thought. I wore the sheerest seamed nylon hold-ups covered with some really frilly and noisy white taffeta bloomers which rustled at the slightest movement. They had multiple layers of frills at the back and of course at the edges, top and bottom. The material was double-lined as that felt so much better next to the skin, except of course that the belt prevented any feeling. If I had been bad, strict mistress would add an anal dildo which would lock on to teach me a lesson.

Strict mistress added a matching camisole over my forms, matching the bloomers, very soft and sexy. It seemed a shame to cover such beautiful garments, but I had naturally to wear a maid's uniform, for I was strict mistress's full-time sissified slave, whose whole existence was focused on my strict mistress, whose only reason for being was to serve her. It was a demanding life but one which had its own rich satisfaction in being able to be in my mistress's presence and to bask in her beauty and refinement. The maid's uniform was to die for, a concoction of frills that rustled also, creating the fro fro look so beloved of my strict mistress. The skirt was very full, pushed out by a lavish petticoat which itself was multi-layered and had frills at the edge of each layer. The dress had layer after layer of frills all the way down the dress, a cascade of frills even. Naturally, it locked on at my neck so no escape was possible. At my neck was a ruffle that stood out a full nine inches in all directions, forcing me to keep my head high and making it hard to see much below my neck. Strict mistress had sewn little bells over the breasts so any movement caused a jingle, and also at the top of my arms and along the fringe of the skirt. It was almost impossible to avoid making a jingle in the dress but mistress loved to make me stand still in the dress at times and would cane me if she heard a sound. It was exquisite torture when I had also to wear 5 inch heels to serve her, also locked on with sweet heart-shaped padlocks. The bells also made it plain whether I was working or not and woe betide me if she heard silence when she had set me a task.

Strict Mistress liked to tease me mercilessly. She would have me make tea, serve it to her and then stand back, waiting for orders. Naturally, she would expect me to stand still and not to fidget, and this dress made it hard to be silent of course. She would wait a while, smiling inwardly at my state, liking my frilliness, my submission that I had to look at the floor with my head bowed in supplication as she sipped her tea.

"Were you looking at my breasts, maid Caroline?” She might inquire.

"Oh no, strict mistress, that would be most improper," I would retort.

"You lying little prissy bitch, I know you, you are always sneaking a peak when you think I'm not looking."

It was true that my strict mistress was so desirable. Strict Mistress would wear such magnificent corsets, having me lace her in, creating such wonderful cleavage in which nestled the key to my belt. I would naturally wish to look at that area, and even more so when I could see the key there and dream of my mistress relenting and using it to free me.

"You deserve a lesson, I won't have such impudence. Assume the position."

I bent over and put my forearms on a table, arching my back. Strict mistress pushed my petticoats up and pulled down my bloomers, exposing my cheeks and stroking them.

"It's the cane for you, dear, you know it's what you deserve, isn't it?"

"Yes, strict mistress," I responded with a dry mouth, anticipating the punishment to come.

"I won't gag you as I want you to count, assuming you can count beyond ten I suppose, you stupid little bitch, and I want to hear you cry."

I gulped at the threat, the promise even, as she swished her dragon cane theatrically.

"It makes such a lovely sound, don't you think?” She asked rhetorically.

The preliminaries over, strict mistress commenced the punishment. I had to count each stroke and thank her, my tone allowing her to judge the pace of the punishment. I did not know how many strokes I had to endure, perhaps 30, perhaps more. Strict mistress might give me softer strokes if she was feeling kind, but often she liked to see the welts afterwards for a week and she enjoyed making me cry. I hated it with a vengeance, but the act of submission itself was immensely rewarding and exciting, to be helpless before her, to be totally reliant on her mercy.

After 20 strokes, she paused and walked in front of me, raising my chin with her cane and wiping away a tear.

"So, maid Caroline, do you like to look at my breasts with such abandon?” she asked, the position making it impossible for me to do otherwise. She relished the situation, knowing that she could, if she was feeling mean, double the punishment for me having the temerity to look where she was forcing me to look, but at the same time enjoying my obvious delight at the sight. She was so beautiful it melted my heart completely, and in truth she could do anything she wanted with me. I adored her completely, even as she delighted in torturing me beyond the point of endurance.

What could I say? If I said yes, then she could admonish me for being so forward and slutty, if I said no, she could punish me for not worshipping her as was appropriate. She liked to create such situations, to see how I would react, to see if I would take more punishment by being honest in my complete devotion to her. The more compliant and obedient I was under her training, the stricter she became, a virtuous circle that took me to ever greater depths of submission.

"Yes, strict mistress, You know that I adore you completely, that I also beg humbly to be released from chastity."

Strict mistress laughed at my forward request.

"You can dream of release, bitch, but you have to earn that. You may be freed if you serve me absolutely perfectly but not before."

Her eyes flashed at my helplessness, at the crushing blow to my hopes of release, even though I was so frustrated after two weeks locked up. She loved my condition, deliberately brushing against me, showing herself, arousing me as she knew the effect she had on me and it delighted her.

She returned to cane me some more. Tears ran freely down my cheeks as she continued, my bottom was on fire but I dutifully counted and thanked her for punishing me. I adored her for being so strict with me, even as I squirmed in frustration and pain. She was such a joy to be with, to serve, I loved her completely my wonderful strict mistress.

Strict Mistress - Forced Sissy Maid Caroline

Forced sissy maid Caroline had had her new maid's outfit specially made. It was pure indulgence, going to a ladies' designer, choosing the luxurious satin and designing the creation with the lady's help. The outfit consisted of the maid's uniform, a petticoat attached to a bodice and frilly bloomers. Contrasting pink frills abounded on the bloomers and the uniform, which was in pristine white satin. Of course, the uniform locked on at the back, at the neck and in the middle of the back, where it is hard to unlock yourself even if you have access to the key to the delicate little shiny heart shaped padlocks. The finished creation was wickedly expensive but looked fabulous and would be a surprise to her strict mistress.

The strict mistress had dressed in a white satin blouse herself, with a tight black leather skirt and seamed stockings. She knew that forced sissy maid Caroline loved her like this and she enjoyed teasing her by looking so wonderful. Forced sissy maid Caroline had dressed and knocked nervously on the door, before her strict mistress asked her in. She loved the new dress and exclaimed in surprise and appreciation. The look was completely over the top, but wonderfully so, and her strict mistress enjoyed the frills and the satin very much. She took the proffered locks and had forced sissy maid Caroline kneel as she locked her in.

"Today, forced sissy maid Caroline, we are going to the ballet, and you are going exactly like that!"

Forced sissy maid Caroline was nervous and excited at the same time. Going out in public dressed in sissy finery caused her much embarrassment but also was a wonderful thrill. Everyone would naturally be drawn to look at the outrageous outfit and wonder at the height of the supposed lady. Being with her strict mistress diffused the situation but still it could be mortifying to experience the stares of the many that would be curious about this overdressed lady.

Strict mistress had her driver take them to the theatre, where they both got out and climbed the few steps to the entrance. Forced sissy maid Caroline had been forced to wear high heels and found it hard to keep up with her strict mistress’s more certain steps. She was red with embarrassment already as they entered the bar and everyone turned to look at the strange sight. Forced sissy maid Caroline had to order two glasses of white wine from the smiling barmaid and tottered over to the seats that Madam had obtained, and then was forced to go to buy a programme. People must have wondered if she was a weird member of the cast with the puffed out skirt and frills.

They took their seats in a box, secluded from the masses but in full view of the audience. Her strict mistress looked splendid in her blouse and severe skirt. Forced sissy maid Caroline was enjoying being dressed and out in public very much, luxuriating in the feel of the satin and the joy of dressing. She also liked it that people would treat her like a lady, letting her go first. It was so unlike usual life.

Strict Mistress teased forced sissy maid Caroline by telling her that she would soon have to take ballet lessons in a full tutu and join the cast. For a few minutes, she made forced sissy maid Caroline kneel rather than sit on her chair to ensure her humility, and told her that she would be made to kneel throughout if she was naughty in any way. At least forced sissy maid Caroline did not have to curtsey in public, but her strict mistress could easily decide to change that if she wanted. The ballet was spectacular and the strict mistress asked if forced sissy maid Caroline would like to be the principal ballerina. In truth, forced sissy maid Caroline loved the elegance and grace of the lady.

Strict mistress knew that forced sissy maid Caroline found dancing to be very humiliating and so delighted in forcing her to dance before her guests, even though she was hopeless. Forced sissy maid Caroline hated this but also secretly was very excited at that humiliation as well as being forced to do whatever her strict mistress wanted. She felt free when she was dressed and locked in her sissy uniforms and she loved being with her strict mistress and being under her control.

The ballet drew to a close and forced sissy maid Caroline was grateful that she had been forced to present the bouquet they had bought for the principal ballerina in person, on the stage for all to see the forced sissy nervously stepped, tiny step by step into the spotlights and presented the bouquet to the prima ballerina. The crowd roared with laughter and applauded, the humiliation was overbearing but deliciously provocative at the same time. By Forced sissy maid Caroline

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