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Satin Hypnosis

As I sit here in my satin panties and subtle lip gloss with my girlfriend in the other room completely oblivious to my feminised body and mind, there comes a certain awakening of how even more important to me that my satin hypnosis mistress is. Madame Raison Detre is more than I had realised in a satin loving woman. From the moment I had set eyes on her beauty whilst glancing over her website, Madame Raison Detreís whole being had initiated the wonderful infusion process that little by little, although at times suddenly seeps into my mind, my libido and then BOOM! My body follows as I fall down deep into submission in her capable, confident and smooth satin gloved hands.

To be honest, whilst Iím trying to write a clear and concise roadmap of how and why I fell head over stiletto heels into satin hypnosis mistressís lair, itís actually a bit of a blur and quite surreal. My satin panties and satin dresses had been locked out of sight for some time until this recent change of atmosphere, this heavenly scented feeling and aura of femininity has wafted over me. This new world is the universe of the ever omnipresent Madame Raison Detre. It is one where she is in my mind, in my soul, in my every move, in my behaviour and my physical presence. It is not just my waking moments that she occupies my being, but in my sleeping moments with my headphones on.

Even as I am bathed in her wonderful voice, in and out of both ears, moulding my dreams with so many seductive words flowing through and around and in and out and down into my body, my weak mind, my weak armsÖ.weak handsÖ.weak fingers. There is no part of me that isnít incredibly affected by her satin hypnosis whispers and only one part of me thatís not flaccid and lifeless. Of course, that part, my satin hypnosis clitoris is also helpless and completely out of my control. It is difficult to describe such intense feelings of devotion but her name was obviously carefully chosen to reflect the new found meaning of the lives of her followers. Experience such a heightened level of existence as being under the control of satin hypnosis mistress one cannot understand the ecstasy and hedonistic aura. An aura that surrounds a truly devoted satin hypnosis slave is breath taking.

Satin Hypnosis Mistress

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Especially a devoted and feminised slave as being cosseted in such satins and whirling around dizzily in a haze of satin hypnosis mistressís perfume is something that one will never forget. Such wonderful and heavenly captivity is a privilege to behold and to be eternally grateful for, for any submissive with satin hypnosis tendencies. It is what we spend our lives searching for and so many have yet still to find their destiny, yet she my satin hypnosis mistress was there all along, breathing in one sweet submissive satin hypnosis slave at a time, like bees round a honey pot ruled by the Queen Bee herself. In essence, for us to find a real satin hypnosis mistress who understands her satin hypnosis slaves for who we are, not just submissive but also specifically girly submissive, how we think, what turns us on, how we fall for the extreme epitome of superior femininity, how we are seduced into her lair, is beyond our wildest dreams yet Madame Raison Detre is here, in person.

Here right now, with all her patience, her skills, her incredible beauty, her femininity, just waiting to listen to another wanting soul, like a lighthouse waiting to guide yet another lost boat into port, with open arms and her whispering velvety voice, how can one so blessed not fall deeply in love with such a Goddess. I dream of one day being able to visit my satin hypnosis mistress in person, but until then, I am contently circling ever closer to her with every contact in all forms, but especially closer when receiving a personal email from her, again, how this affects me I am not equipped sufficiently as a wordsmith to portray. Iím afraid you can only know when you experience it yourself, which if you are interested enough to still be reading this far, no doubt you will experience it very soon and she will sweep off your little satin feet as she has me. By satin hypnosis slave, little Miss Kyra. 

Satin Mistress in Satin & Fur

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Satin Slut Hypnosis Mp3

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Satin Hypnosis Mistress and her Panty Satin Hypnosis

With a keen sense of anticipation I lay back and started to listen to Panty Satin Hypnosis. From the very first word that the satin hypnosis mistress speaks, my body tingles with the excitement of being in her presence. My body alive with the sensations of her panty satin hypnosis. Quickly I succumbed to the delights of her trance, revelling in the pleasure her words bring and the joy of the fulfilment only her panty satin hypnosis can achieve. Despite the desperate need to see Madam, to be with her, she tantalises me by my need to relax further and acknowledge she alone could bring me happiness. A split second of anguish as I wrestled with Madamís command. Why did I have to wait? Almost immediately though relief came as relaxation progressed and the satin hypnosis mistress moved on.

Too weak to resist and with absolutely no inclination to do so either, soon I was drifting in a haze of pleasure with only panty satin hypnosis in my mind. Now I wonder was there anything else, my recollection is so foggy, but what do I care as the satin hypnosis mistress has blessed me with a marvellous experience. Did Madam even hypnotise me? Odd how the beginnings prove more elusive as I reach out for them even though I know amnesia was not part of the trance. My mind is a mush filled with the warm glow of the memory. All that remains is the abiding sense that satin hypnosis mistress and her panties mean more to me than I could ever have imagined. Still more that I must treasure my satin hypnosis mistress because her skill has crafted this most enjoyable of trances. By panty satin hypnosis girl Nigella.

Panty Satin Hypnosis Mp3

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Satin Hypnosis Love by Marilee

Since finding Madam Raison DíÍtreís web site I have continued to enjoy everything I have found that this satin hypnosis mistress has recorded. The pictures of the satin hypnosis mistress are wonderful and I return to them often. The satin hypnosis recordings are excellent and I find them causing vivid images in my mind. The satin hypnosis mistress has the most beautiful voice with sounds that constantly resonates in my mind long after listening. The recording Satin Slut Hypnosis is the most amazing ever it causes those vivid images to form in my mind. Madam's writing takes me to another world and her section on financial domination hypnosis is truly amazing.

I have found she understands me better than I know myself. Of course we want to please Mistress, but the pleasure one experiences when thinking about ordering a gift on Amazon or a tribute is profound. And, It becomes even more so when you send it. How amazing! If mistress is pleased and contacts you to let you know she is pleased; Euphoria! You want to repeat! Unfortunately you cannot or you would soon run out of money and you have other responsibilities to take care of like your satin clothes, makeup, shoes. We must become the best satin hypnosis girl we can be to please our satin hypnosis mistress, Madam Raison DíÍtre.

And, if you please mistress she might accept you as one of her satin hypnosis girls. Euphoria! You are then completely within her silky satiny web of intrigue. And still, sending a gift or tribute is the best after all we must please our satin hypnosis mistress. We would love to be close to our mistress, but if we cannot be close to prove our eagerness and willingness to serve and show our devotion we can cherish her satin panties in conjunction with her satin hypnosis. We can admire them, touch and stroke them, nuzzle them. It is so wonderful to be enveloped into her amazing satin hypnosis world. To have found Madam and to be in her web is my Raison DíÍtre with satin hypnosis love Marilee.

Satin Hypnosis Mp3


Live Satin Hypnosis Session

How can you put into words all the emotions, the excitement, the joy of one of the happiest days of your life? The day you realise a long hidden dream of being a satin hypnosis bride, beautifully made-up, elegantly dressed, you walk down the aisle to admiring looks from your assembled friends. Giddy with the exhilaration and the sheer blissful pleasure of wearing the satin clothes, waist held tight by the satin laced corset. Joy swelling in your body, deep heaving breasts as you try to catch your breath. A curious mixture of the sexual and an ecstatic state. Happy and yet tearful at the thought of the end of the sublime experience, a real experience. One you wished would continue forever. Well you may wonder: is was a real visit to Madam Raison Detre? Indeed it is though she can conjure the most magical time and all that is required is openness to her hypnotic words and in particular her satin hypnosis.

The combination of her exquisite skills in satin hypnosis, her wardrobe and her professional beautician training means that you enjoy the whole experience. She prepares the satin hypnosis groundwork perfectly, days before the visit I was introduced to the delights of thinking of myself as a woman. I found the idea exhilarating and embraced the suggestions with alacrity. I appreciate this might sound odd and in truth there is no way to explain the pleasure in the transformation, you can only experience it. Already enjoying the thoughts provided by her suggestions I approached the visit with a keen anticipation, made all the more tantalising by having no idea whatsoever of what Madam Raison Detre had planned for my satin hypnosis session.

After being amusingly wrong-footed in my early expectations Madam Raison Detre introduced me to the purpose of my visit, to be a hypnotic satin dressed bride. Of course I was delighted at the prospect, which wouldnít be after the earlier introduction. From the very first touch of the satin on my skin I was swept away into the reality of the occasion since of course, it was happening, I was dressing in satin lingerie, with a real satin corset. Yet, nothing felt incongruous or in any way false about this, I felt like a woman, what could be more natural or more exciting knowing you were getting ready to be a satin bride with Madam Raison Detre personally looking after you.

Sitting in the chair while Madam put on my makeup I felt a simple joy. The smallest of actions were all so much fun, I felt so happy, Madam holding my hand to apply the nail varnish. Gazing into her face totally absorbed by her beauty as she applied the lip liner. Above all Madam enjoying herself singing along to the background music. Something else seemed different in the dynamic between us, given the opportunity to chat, I felt closer to Madam more able to appreciate my submission to her. Just to spend time in her company is a real treat and her satin hypnosis is exhilarating.

Each step in the preparation carried its own pleasure building to the final unveiling in front of a full-length mirror, a real satin bride with a satin wedding dress, Madam owns so many satin wedding dresses in many sizes and designs. The exhilaration at seeing me dressed in a satin bridal gown, with makeup cannot be described. Now I was the satin hypnosis bride she talks about in her Satin Hypnosis Bride Mp3 all ready for the ceremony. Even days after my visit the blissful feelings of the occasion remain. Madam delivered the most complete and enjoyable experiences making my visit truly memorable, one of the happiest ever. I am left with only one thought: when will Madam allow me this satin hypnosis experience again? By Madamís satin hypnosis bride, Nigella.

Satin Mistress Makes You Weak

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Satin Hypnosis Governess review by Nigella

Keen with anticipation you approach the Satin Hypnosis Governess recording with expectations conjured by the title, whether fresh to the idea of satin or already revelling in the pleasures of everything satin. Images of the Satin Hypnosis Governess spring to mind and you wonder how Madam will take on the role. With the utmost confidence though you know you will be enthralled by all she has to say. From her opening words, you are rewarded and soon are lost in her world desiring nothing more than to slip deeper with her soothing sensuous words. Then a surprise for a regular listener, a new scene is set to complement the seashore and tropical islands.

Soon lost in the imagery I felt myself detach from the world and sink still deeper enjoying the realisation nothing could be more perfect than being here with my Satin Hypnosis Governess her words speaking so intimately to me as if she was lay beside me. All follows so naturally Madam Raison Detre has this facility to ease you into trance without any hesitation. Madamís words caressing my body and entwining my mind, her words are all I desire. Once deep in trance the Satin Hypnosis Governess answers those questions you, as a satin hypnosis girl, have long wished to have answered all the while deepening your passion for satin, the look and the feel.

Who could resist the sensual pleasure of satin against the skin? Luck is with you as well because the Satin Hypnosis Governess shares your addiction to satin; being knowledgeable she can teach you all you need to know and more besides. Mind befuddled you desperately try to take in the description of the clothes, each item bringing a new pleasure to your body. Knowing full well you will be back to make sure your recall is perfect. Satin a quintessential fabric, quite why this affects the mind and body so can only be guessed at but soon you find yourself giving in to the satin oblivion.

More delicate questions are suggested which surprise you by their forthrightness, yet these need to be answered for those new to the idea of being a satin hypnosis girl. Many questions you will ask and the answers to which only the Satin Hypnosis Governess can give in the privacy of your thoughts. Answers that thrill you to the very core, the height of ecstasy. Truth is told after the induction the trance assumes a dreamlike quality and only glimpses appear amidst the swirling mists in my mind to hint at the joy. These are like lost memories, of a place and time I cannot place, but of events vividly replaying.

All that needs to be said is that now I feel complete as a satin hypnosis girl, longing to receive a call from the Satin Hypnosis Governess, to serve her as she sees fit. Long after the trance, the warm afterglow of a satin bliss remains, thoughts and feelings continue to be hard to muster except for the obvious ache of needing my body to be enveloped in a satin delight over again.  

A second visit to Satin Hypnosis Mistress

I was almost exploding with nervous energy as I finally arrived at the door of Madam Raison D'etre's chambers, the magnificent satin hypnosis mistress. My hands were sweaty as I rang the bell and the door buzzed open. This was the second time I had been here, the first more than a year before had been a magical experience of the satin hypnosis mistress hypnotic skills and forced feminisation. I had been listening to her recordings often during the intervening time, and was wondering what would be in store for Suzy this time.

Entering the satin hypnosis mistress chambers is like entering a different World and I quickly found myself blindfolded and stripped of my dull every day and decidedly male clothing, as mistress spoke to me in her wonderful cultured voice telling me how relaxed I was. I immediately succumbed to her words and could feel the delicious warmth and calm that I knew came from her words. Suddenly Suzy was happy to be back! Madame Raison D'etre told Suzy that she had a satin hypnosis assistant today and that her apprentice would be observing and helping. I was so pleased to be helping mistress like this and I was proud to be chosen for such an honour.

I was led to a room where silky satiny panties, stocking and a suspender belt were laid out for Suzy to wear, and allowed to lift the blindfold to put them, and a red satin dressing gown on. How wonderful the satin felt against my body! Then the blindfold went back on and Suzy was led into another room where I was told to kneel and then look up. The blindfold was removed and there, in a mirror, was Suzy kneeling on the floor and behind her was Madam Raison D'etre in all her glorious satin hypnosis beauty. Words cannot describe the breath taking vision in a black satin corset that stood there. I was overcome with the power of the situation. It was hard not to collapse on the floor.

From there I was lead to a comfy couch were I was introduced to the satin hypnosis assistant and Madam Raison Deter started to weave her satin hypnotic magic. I was Suzy and there was no doubt about it, at all. From here the visit is all like a wonderful dream, and Suzy was so happy to be there and so submissive and so willing to please. Suzy was led to the preparation room, where I sat and relaxed whilst I listened to Mistress satin hypnotic voice and her very able satin hypnosis assistant started to do Suzyís makeup. Madam Raison D'etre managed to take Suzy through an amazing range of emotions, from happy to sad. It was like she had my emotions on strings and could pull on whichever one she wanted.

Once Suzy was made up and was looking as pretty as possible, I was dressed in a pink satin dress. Oh how wonderful it felt, and Madam Raison D'etre had told Suzy that the moment she saw herself in the mirror, she would become all goggle & bashful, and that as how it was! It was impossible not to giggle. Oh how wonderful it felt. Then satin hypnosis mistress and her assistant started to tickle me. I didn't realise that I was so incredibly ticklish. They were unrelenting, Suzyís skin was tingling with ticklishness have no doubt that this was a suggestion by Madam Raison D'etre, but I can't remember it. Just as when Suzy thought she could not take it anymore, the ticking stopped and I was lead back to the comfy chair, where Madam Raison D'etre took me deep, deep down into the warm embrace of her satin hypnosis again. It is so easy for her to do that now, I had no resistance whatsoever.

She made Suzy even stronger in me, and instilled into me a strong, strong love of the satin that I was wearing. Just the sight of satin makes me weak and a submissive satin hypnosis girl, and the touch of Mistress satin is like an emotional explosion inside me that makes me wet with pleasure. I can't remember the details exactly, but I feel the effect every single time I even consider satin or listening to her satin hypnosis mp3ís. Eventually the time for my visit was over, and Madam Raison D'etre returned me to "normal", which I know will never be the same again. We had a lovely conversation, after I returned to my uncomfortable street cloths. Whilst it was sad to leave, I was on "cloud 9"! Feeling wonderful and light headed with giddy satin hypnosis pleasure.

There is a post note too. As I returned to where I had to been, there was a busker playing "Jingle Bells" on a violin. I stopped and realised that at some stage of the time I was with Madam Raison D'etre I was singing that song. For the life of me I can't remember the circumstances, I do know I was singing Jingle Bells. Then as I passed a shop there was a satin dress in the window. I had to stop and stare, feeling weak at the knees, and remembering the magical feel of satin on my skin. I moved on, and then another shop did the same thing to me. Suzy then seemed to make me walk into a shop so I could feel the satin and I walked out of that shop with a beautiful pink satin nightie. Such is the power of satin hypnosis over Suzy. Thank You Madam Raison D'etre and your most beautiful satin hypnosis assistant.

Satin Hypnosis by Miss Kitty

In the depths of my subconscious, Bryan Ferry is singing:
The sky is burning
A sea of flame
Though your world is changing
I will be the same
Slave to love
And I can't escape, I'm a slave to love, to satin hypnosis love

Madam Raison D'Ítre is a fire blazing at the very centre of my psyche: and I cannot escape the flames with which she encircles me. Listening to hypnotic pulses of her voice, I am captured. Her words bind me tight. I am utterly powerless as she pushes me deeper and deeper into satin hypnosis. My mind may be troubled. Cares and worries may dominate my waking hours. But as soon as I begin to listen to her, my muscles relax. Anxieties simply fade away. Peacefulness and tranquillity find their home within me. But gradually the seductive rhythms which possess me so sweetly, so completely, become more insistent.

She is the silence, the calm before the storm. Then she is the tempest which sweeps aside my resistance, my inhibitions. Madam Raison D'Ítre demands all, takes all. And I give myself to her willingly, unquestioningly. Why would I hesitate? How could I resist her satin hypnosis? She stands before me, lifting her dress, slowly. She allows me to catch a glimpse of her satin hypnosis panties, her delicious satin hypnosis panties, which hold within their bounds untold joy and fulfilment. Then little by little she draws me close, and closer still.

So that every one of my senses is overcome by an almost unbearable passion: the silken sound of the material; the sight of satin which makes me so weak. The lightest of touches caressing the sensuality of satin; the smell of my mistress now so near; and her taste which I am now offered. My arousal is now overpowering as my mind is overwhelmed by her satin hypnosis panties. I am her satin bitch, her satin whore, her satin pantie girl - with no thought beyond my urgent need, my craving for all she now offers me. I am her satin hypnosis pantie slave, ready to fulfil her every command, her every wish, her every desire.

And now the storm reaches a crescendo, as every atom within me is aroused and shaken. I stand on the edge. There is no turning back now when Madam Raison D'Ítre tells me to give myself to her and all that is within me, utterly, totally. As I lie once again peaceful, refreshed, content, I find that my world is changed. I am a slave, a satin hypnosis pantie slave to her love. And I cannot, will not escape. Why would I ever wish to?

Satin Hypnosis Girl by Sissy Maid Sabrina

I have been laying patiently and relaxing to your words every night. I am finally beginning to fall easier and deeper into a state of total obedience and comfort being your satin hypnosis girl. Sleeping, dreaming of my role as your perfect satin hypnosis girl. I can begin to feel, smell and submit to the feel of satin as I hear you whisper 'Satin Girl' into my ear. I want nothing more than to be a good, obedient satin hypnosis girl for you.

You start this satin loving girl on such a calm and relaxing journey. You gently put me under, gently forcing me to relax, letting me go deep into a state of utter relaxation. You then begin to imprint your satin hypnosis desires into my mind. I want to be obedient to you always. I only wish to make you happy. Your soft sighs of instruction are so very powerful. I am so entranced by your voice, by your suggestions. I believe that every feeling you tell me, every experience that you tell me, I will feel and experience. All I feel I have to do is truly submit and indulge in your teachings, in your suggestions. I feel I am close to becoming Your 'Satin Hypnosis Girl'.

Your voice, your suggestions, inspire the most wonderful sense of contentment, of happiness. Your 'Satin Hypnosis Girl' fulfils all my desires as a satin lover. You offer me a soft and gentle place to allow myself to embrace my satin desires. You talk directly to me, your 'Satin Hypnosis Girl'. I always go to sleep listening to your voice, it makes me feel safe, warm and secure. I then awake so very refreshed, so very relaxed. I awake feeling like you have taken all my worries and concerns and have guided me toward true freedom, freedom as your satin hypnosis girl.

I truly feel as I am in your world. I truly feel you as my Raison Detre caressing my mind. I feel the satin rush over my body, I hear the swish of the material in my mind as if it were one of your whispers. I see the shiny material all over my body and around me. Your satin hypnosis makes me truly content to listen and obey you, to satisfy you. I am a 'Satin Girl'! 

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