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Welcome to my stories and poem's page. Your goddess mistress is waiting for slaves, submissive and maids to entertain her. This is the place to find stories and poems both by me, and you. Your opportunity to impress Me with your words, lines and stories.  Does my beauty and persona motivate you to write a poem or story, of course it does puppy. Go ahead tell me a story with lots of delicious detail. Click on the link at the bottom of the page to submit your story or poetry to Me. Who knows, if it pleases me, you may just see it published here, for all to read.

Madam Raison D'etre - Stories & Poems 

Stories and Poems by Madam Raison D'Ítre

Madam Raison D'Ítre in Rome (Part 1) Goddess of the Night
Madam Raison D'Ítre in Rome (Part 2) A Day in the Life of Madam Raison D'Ítre (Part 1)
Madam Raison D'Ítre in Rome (Part 3) A Day in the Life of Madam Raison D'Ítre (Part 2)
Madam Raison D'Ítre in Rome (Part 4) A Day in the Life of Madam Raison D'Ítre (Part 3)
Bittersweet Existence A Day in the Life of Madam Raison D'Ítre (Part 4)
Madam Raison D'Ítre
by Madam Raison D'Ítre and Nanshakh

Stories and Poems by others about Madam Raison D'Ítre

Dinner at 8
by Prissy Sissy Maid Caroline
Sleepwalking into Her Service
by Alyson
Madam Raison D'Ítre makes holly Sparkle
by holly
Dressing for Madam Raison D'Ítre
by Caroline
Hypnotize Me
by Caroline
The Queen of the Renaissance
by Knobby
For Madam
by Stephanie
A New Maid for Madam
by Caroline
Stephanie the Toy
by Stephanie
You are my life
by Caroline
Katrina's Dream (Part 1)
by Katrina
Madam Raison D'Ítre Divine
by भारतीय लड़का विनम्र (mai tuhara gulam hu)
Katrina's Dream (Part 2)
by Katrina
Shackled Effectively
by knobby
Mistress' Naughty Maids Room
by Stephanie
Mistress and Her Submissive Slave
by Michael 6ft5 Nurse in London UK
by Chronic Manic
Submissive Slave for Mistress
by knobby
by Stephanie
Dressing Service - The Magical Mystery Tour NEW
by Julie-Ann
More stories and poems soon...  

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