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Manchester Mistress

Manchester Mistress, Madam Raison Detre offers sessions to you the submissive for one hour or longer, most slaves never want to leave her dominant embrace. Manchester Mistress will need to sit with you and discuss your preferences, boundaries and limits. However, I do feel on your first visit you should really book a session for one and a half hours, as I do not like to rush people or be rushed. Females are welcome as well as males, and couples at the mistress of Manchester chambers.

The sessionís scenarios can be anything that I enjoy from crossdressing and forced feminization. There is an initiation ritual into my world of slave training, dog and humiliation training perhaps even sissy maid training. Foot shoe and leg worship, to name but a few. Manchester Mistress welcomes you to her realm of foot fetish fantasies. Manchester Mistressís feet with her compelling methods of bondage and discipline. This lady desires you to explore her delicious feet in her chambers near Manchester, now do not disappoint Madam Raison Detre the mistress in Manchester otherwise you will certainly pay for it.

                                      Manchester Mistress and Slave Hypnosis


This Manchester Mistress is the kind of dominant lady you thought only existed in your dreams. Classy, sophisticated, intelligent and creative. Manchester mistress has an exquisite womanly figure with a silky soft body and an extremely sharp adventurous mind. This Manchester Mistress, Madam Raison Detre is powerful and always in control.

The Manchester Mistress in all her glory

 Manchester Mistress   Mistress in Manchester   Mistress in leather   Mistress of Manchester

  Totally Feminine   Lips   Forced Feminization Hypnosis Girl   Eyelashes

Whether you are a novice or experienced the Manchester Mistress will ensure you a fulfilling experience. Initial boundaries are always honoured and respected but these can be pushed and explored further over time. Please remember the fetish scene is driven by psychological play and mind control, erotic hypnosis can also be part of the game plan. If there is a certain outfit you have seen in the Manchester Mistresses galleries or you have a suggestion, donít be shy ask for it, to enhance the outcome of our time together. One never knows I may just wear it on your visit to my chambers. Extend to me, your  Manchester Mistress the courtesy of familiarizing yourself with all the information I have provided within my website. I am your  Manchester Mistress I am your darkest desire, your secret fantasy, and your wildest dream come true. I derive extreme pleasure from pushing your limits and I believe the greatest gift a woman can possess is of course femininity.


"The only way to get rid of temptation is to yield to it 
........ I can resist everything but temptation" 
(Oscar Wilde) 

Madam Raison Detre knows all about you, Manchester Mistress senses youíre inner secrets and fantasies, desires and exactly what makes you tick. The Manchester Mistress, is in a position of ultimate trust,  mistress is able to torment you exquisitely with a whisper, a suggestion, a look, with her knowledge of your mind and everything about you. Your BDSM mistress is with you always, in your thoughts, as you always wish to see more of her and to submit once more. You revel in cruel torment by her and in imagining future sessions. Your life revolves around your BDSM mistress and even if you have other responsibilities, your mistress will allow you to do what is necessary of course before taking control of you and consuming you.

The Manchester Mistress has absolute power over you that she exercises responsibly; mistress is intelligent and knows just how far she can go, as you teeter on the edge. With the mistress there is always a hint that she might just push you over that edge into oblivion, deep down into the abyss. The mistress holds you by a strong golden thread as fine as an angel's whisper and you must trust her, even if you are very afraid that it may snap. If you fail her, you will pay with whatever consequences she decides, and a suitable punishment will surely ensue, you will suffer.

Manchester Mistress in fur and leather

     Mistress in mink     Serious Mistress     Mistress and Maid     Phone Mistress

Sometimes the Manchester Mistress will just punish you because she wants to, other times, she will have a full written list of grievances against you. In her chambers your crimes will be read. As she is your judge and jury, there won't be one single thing you can do about it as your sentence is passed and you writhe in a bittersweet existence. Whilst you may even fear for your life, you know she holds you like a moth attracted to a bright light, but venture too close to the flame, and the siren will extinguish your light. Wishing to preserve you from real harm she will tease and goad you in order to provoke a reaction, only for you to become her play thing once more.

The ultimate relationship is one where she is your goddess, and you, her devoted slave. You will refuse her nothing. Manchester Mistress knows what you can give and will take accordingly, leaving you excited and energised, full of life, full of desire and love for her. Mistress is your unquenchable thirst. You cannot escape her power, her scent, her smell, her aura, nor do you want to. You delight in her pleasure, submitting freely to what she determines. You have no voice unless the Manchester mistress allows you to speak, no presence unless mistress notices you, and even then you know that mistress knows best. Who knows where the path of submission leads? Every fibre of your being wants to pursue that path. It is the only way. 

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