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Feminization Transformation

As a lasting memory of your complete feminization transformation why not treat yourself to a professional photographic shoot with the famous Mr John Dietrich. Not only has John Dietrich shot all the photographs of me on my site, unless otherwise stated. John Dietrich has photographed burlesque star and fetish icon, Dita Von Teese and many other celebrities from the fashion world. Below, we have a young man whose fantasy was to have a feminization transformation and  become transformed into the glamorous Dita Von Teese - here are the results from the session.

Transformation Feminisation

Feminization Transformation Package

Included within this feminization transformation package you will receive 3 hours of my valuable time being transformed with my feminization transformation service into that beautiful woman you have always wanted to be and a photographic session with top fashion and beauty photographer Mr John Dietrich. Your hair, clothes, make-up and styling will be done by me and you will be expertly photographed by one of the most widely emulated and respected photographers working today, whose work has been published by all the major fashion magazines including English Vogue.

Feminization Transformation Introductory Offer

As a feminization transformation introductory offer of £360 you too could have the unique opportunity of being given the ultimate make-over and photographic feminization transformation service too with myself and Mr John Dietrich.

At the end of the session, you will be allowed to make a selection of 10 images under the guidance of the feminization transformation photographer from approximately 100 images. One of these images will be retouched free of charge and included in the 10 images that will be supplied in high resolution format on disk. As an optional extra, if computerised manipulation is required on the remaining 9 images, this is charged at £10.00 per image for light enhancement. This is a separate operation and not done at the time of the session. You will receive your retouched images approximate one week later.

Feminization Transformation Model Portfolio

In addition, from the enhanced images, we can should you wish supply a model portfolio in the form of 10 A4 digital prints in a top quality zip case price on request from Mr John Dietrich.

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