July 2, 2022

Let’s face it, games for the elderly need to be taken up a notch. Seniors can only play so much bingo or participate in sing along songs before they become completely bored with what has become routine. Even though they may be older, seniors still need variety and want to be challenged. If you are looking for games for the elderly that they will really enjoy, you will learn here why the Nintendo Wii is such a great choice.

I have a grandmother that lives in a senior home and I see the games and activities they play. And I am here to tell you there is no other activity, aside from family visiting, that gets them so excited as playing with Nintendo’s Wii game.

Sure they play bingo and all the other traditional games, but I see people fall asleep playing these games. I can say for a fact, I have never seen a senior fall asleep playing Wii or even waiting for their turn, for that matter.

What makes the Wii so fun for seniors is that it gets them involved in the game. They physically have to engage in movements with their hands or arms, or even whole body (if they can or want) to play the game. Plus, it is very easy to play.

Physical therapists at senior homes have found this Nintendo Wii game is also a great form of exercise for the elderly.

The Wii game system has been out for a number of years lekar för familjen now and why every senior home does not have one I am not sure. It beats every other game hands down.

When purchased new the Wii console comes with a game that features very traditional sports games: tennis, golf, baseball, bowling and boxing.

The game comes with sensor that sits on top of a television. The players hold hand controls. As the hand controllers are moved and waved around the sensor detects that movement. When a game is played the participant simply has to move the controller in a similar motion as if they were really playing the game. These hand movements can be done very simply even by a person in a wheel chair. Or if a person wants they can actually be standing and go completely through the required motion.

The Wii game seniors seem to get the biggest kick out of is bowling. They have their own character that is at a simulated bowling alley. They make the bowling ball throwing motion and watch their ball travel down the lane and knock over pins. The game keeps score, so there are no calculations or math involved. There is a cheering crowd and sounds just like at a real bowling alley.

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