May 26, 2022

Those who are called experts share some of their revelations about gossip in the workplace in the next four paragraphs and after that follows the judgment of the spiritual master. A professor of communication says “lets foster an ethical environment that encourages positive forms of gossip not how to eliminate it.” When employees share humorous gossip with institutional insights while relaying stories of mischief and poking fun at each other, it can help employees and new hires learn a lot about their organization and its co-workers in a useful way. The professor is saying not whether to gossip, but how to ethically and skillfully do so avoiding the label of being a “gossiper” which can more likely stick to women than to men.

They say men and women gossip equally and some research says it as more nuanced and can sometimes be useful and not something typically negative but an informal conduit for receiving judicious tidbits of information that can change opinions of co-workers and their jobs. There are several types of gossip. One with positive views of the workplace and the people in it and one that’s negative. The negative second type of behavioral gossip, the experts say, usually obstructs the effectiveness of the association and hurts the reputations of its workers, such as when some women talk about the juicy romances of co-workers or who is sleeping with who, her wardrobe and the height of her heels and so on.

Frequent gossipers showed to be more skvaller powerful and have dominant, masculine and aggressive behavior and less submissive or soft-spoken qualities. So for the woman who gossip they may seem to hold more power in the place of work. They are also shown as being not well-liked and emotionally distant. Men may gossip about someone’s raise and how much money they make, with more emphasis on personal skills and competition, while focusing on co-workers who have more privileges than themselves. Gossip, the experts say, can be positive or negative depending on the motive of the person gossiping, the context and the probable outcome.

In contrast, a spiritual master from India says there is no such thing as positive gossip. These opinions and others were presented about gossip and these are the answers from the teachings of a great spiritual master from India. The master says, “even among well-meaning associates or co-workers gossip can not have a favorable result for the person being talked about; it makes the person feel ashamed, angered, depressed and strengthens his obstinate behavior. ” The master was very emphatic when he said “When anyone confidentially approached me with any so-called disgraceful or shocking discovery, I made it very clear if it cannot be repeated to everyone, I am not interested in hearing it.” If anyone knows a secret about someone or has a grievance about another, he should keep silent or confront the person directly instead of maligning the suspected wrongdoer for the joy of gossip or be driven by an uncontrollable obsession of impulsive talkativeness.


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