July 2, 2022

When it comes to really getting rid of fleas from your home you need to treat your yard too otherwise the infestation will occur over and over again.

Most people aren’t aware of this and blissfully go about treating their homes for fleas. Unbeknown to them, no matter how much effort they invest into getting rid of fleas from their home, the problems keeps persisting.

It’s not until they realize that part of the problem comes from outside in the yard and that the only way to truly be flea free is to treat the yard as well.

There are natural remedies you can use when getting rid of fleas from your yard and you don’t need to resort to harmful pesticides or chemicals to do it.

“Diatomaceous earth” is a great way to rid your yard of fleas.

Before you run and grab the stuff for swimming pools, think again. This is industrial strength quality and will be too toxic for your poor yard.

The kind you want is the food grade/agricultural quality kind.

It’s created from microscopic particles derived from fossilized shells. The ingredients are all natural so you know that it’s safe and gentle enough to use in your yard.

If ingested, Diatomaceous earth is non-toxic naturnära kursgård however, it must not be inhaled, in order to apply it to your yard, take the safety precaution of wearing a dust mask and don’t apply it during especially windy weather.

Sprinkle the Diatomaceous earth around your yard taking special note to get thorough coverage everywhere.

The science behind why Diatomaceous earth works so well is that its microscopic particles are little sharp fragments which kill tiny insects yet are harmless to earth worms but deadly to fleas.

The Diatomaceous earth will naturally be washed away after rainfall so if you need to, you can re-apply each time until the amount of fleas you notice in your yard reduces.

Now that we’ve tackled the yard, the next step is to treat the home.

If you have a young family or pets you should opt for the most natural remedies possible so after research and a little trial and error, here are some the most effective methods that really work.

Despite what you might read or what anyone says, avoid the use of mothballs to combat fleas.

It contains napthelene and is an active ingredient. Not only is it toxic to moths but to humans too and is especially a concern if you have pets and young children particularly if it comes into contact with the skin.

Living with fleas can be a chore. Not only can they disrupt your life but they can be downright stressful, painful and even life threatening.

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