May 26, 2022

Your Yorkshire terrier needs regular dental care just as you do. In fact, if your Yorkie has dental problems this can lead to other health problems as well. To find out more about taking care of your small dog’s teeth, follow these suggestions.

· Feed your Yorkshire terrier a healthy, balanced diet, which includes dry food that is small enough to chew easily. Wet food can get stuck between the teeth and cause tooth decay.

· Be careful about giving treats to your Yorkie. Table food will more than likely have a consistency that will lead to dental problems.

· Brush your dog’s teeth gently with a soft träning och hälsa toothbrush. If you get your dog used to this as a young puppy, they will actually look forward to that time with you. You can check with your veterinarian to see what type of tooth paste they recommend. There are also several reputable companies online that have dental rinse and toothpaste made specifically for dogs.

· Have your Yorkie’s teeth cleaned by your veterinarian about every two years. They will have to use a general anesthesia to perform the procedure properly, so make sure to have other procedures performed at the same time to save money and reduce the number of times you put your dog under.

· Make sure to consider dental care as important as any other aspect of your Yorkshire terrier’s health.

By following these tips your Yorkie will have the best chance for good overall health and will give you many years of love and companionship in exchange for this.


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